How to Write a Cover Letter for a Receptionist Job

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Receptionist Job iStock

Working as a receptionist is an EXCELLENT way to earn a living as you work through college. It’s also a good option for people who haven’t finished their degrees, or who are just returning to the workforce after an extended absence.

If you’re going to apply for a receptionist job, here’s how to write an awesome cover letter:



1. Review the Job Ad

Find out exactly what the position entails, what the employers are looking for, and what skills they value most. The majority of want ads will give you an idea of what kind of receptionist will be needed for the job.


2. Call and Find out the Hiring Manager’s Name

This is an important step, as it will allow you to direct the letter to the right person. It may take a few minute, but being able to write "Dear Mr. (Name)" instead of "Dear Sir or Madam" will give you that edge over the others competing for the job.


3. Open the Cover Letter Strong

Start with "Dear Mr/Mrs (Name)". It will immediately arrest the hiring manager’s attention. Continue with "I’m writing to apply for the receptionist position available at (company name). I am confident that I am the correct person for the job, as my skills and friendly personality make me a wonderful receptionist." Show the confidence.


4. Give Your Experience

Detail the receptionist-type work you have done in the past, or list all of the actual receptionist work experience you have had. Talk about the skills that will come in handy (such as computer literacy, minute taking and customer service skills) While work experience isn’t always necessary for a receptionist job, it can’t hurt to talk about how you’re an excellent receptionist!



5. Talk about Your Skills and Traits

Are you a friendly, organized, punctual and outgoing person with good attention to detail? Talk about those things, as they are what will make you a top-notch receptionist. This is the paragraph to list all of the skills and character traits that qualify you for the job.


6. Ask for an Interview

After telling them why you’re the ideal match for the job, prove your confidence by saying something to the effect of "I believe that once you interview me in person, you’ll realize that I am the ideal candidate to be the face of (company name)."


7. Enclose Your CV

You need to point out that your CV is enclosed to entice further investigation. Finish with something along the lines of "Please find my CV enclosed for your consideration. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me."



Follow these steps, and you’ll have a cover letter that can help you to land any receptionist job!