How to Write a Customer Service Resume

Working in a customer service career can be rewarding and difficult all in one shot. But when it comes to getting a job, you must be able to write a resume that shows your true value. Why? Customer service jobs are highly desired by a large number of candidates because they can be professionally and financially rewarding. So, get out there and show them what you can do by writing an outstanding customer service resume! 

Resumes are the lifeline between you and earning an offer of employment. If your resume is not up to par, it will be sent to the bottom of the pile almost immediately. If the resume is written correctly for a customer service professional, then you will surely receive a call about a job interview.

Here’s where to start:

Include a Professional Profile

Your customer service resume should include a profile near the top. Think of this like an introduction that quickly shares your value to the hiring manager. The very top of the resume should have your name and contact information on it, minus an email address from your current job. Below this, your profile needs to be included on the resume. The profile should include some of your best skills and traits that you use while on the job now.

Your resume profile could look like this:

Mr. Jon Jones

Contact Information

Summary of Expertise and Skills

  • Leader in Customer Satisfaction Survey for 3 years in a row
  • Highly Developed Problem Solving Skills
  • Above Average Ability to Help Difficult Clients
  • Trained Seasonal Team on CMS 

Be Honest on Your Resume

The next tip here is that you need to be as honest as possible on your customer service resume. When you work as a customer service employee you are holding a job that clients view as trustworthy. If you lie on your resume, how can the employer expect you to be honest with their customers or clients?

Be Neat and Make Use of White Spaces

The margins of the resume need to be equal. The space between paragraphs must be consistent. You should never have single words by themselves on a new line on the resume. These stand-alone words should never, ever occur on a resume because it gives the impression that you slapped the resume together last-minute.

Focus on Your Previous Employers

An excellent way to write a customer service resume is by focusing on your previous employers. Let the company for which you are applying know what you accomplished for your previous employers. This will help them get a feel for what you can bring to the table for them if you are hired. Never include personal information from previous jobs unless it has a focus on what you did for the employer.

Always be Accurate

No matter how many customer service jobs you have worked in your career, it is important to be as accurate as possible. Never exaggerate the experience you have in your career or your educational background. Those interviewing you will be able to figure out when you are bluffing in the answers being provided, so always be accurate.

Combine with a Cover Letter

Another excellent tip for writing a great customer service resume is that it should always be accompanied with a cover letter. The cover letter is supplemental documentation that says a little bit more about you as a professional. Make it personal, highlight your best customer service skills and achievements. End with a call to action sentence to invite the hiring manager to contact you for an interview. 

The next time you sit down to write a customer service resume, take some of these tips into account so you can write a spectacular resume that gets you noticed.

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