How to Write a Federal Job Application Narrative


Securing a federal job can be an extremely challenging affair, which can be even harder if the job application is mediocre. To make a great application, you should ensure that you present all the necessary documentation, including a résumé and a job application narrative. The following tips should help you produce a winning application description that may just guarantee you the federal job that you crave.

Review Job Announcements

To ascertain that your skills, knowledge and abilities are relevant to the primary duties of each position, you should consider each job announcement thoroughly. You could check the relevance by finding common keywords. When you read the announcement, it is a good idea to highlight or circle specific factors that match yours. Doing so will increase the competitive advantage of your narrative and give it more focus.

Gather Supporting Information

The information you gather could help you to add credence to your knowledge, skills and abilities. In your narrative, you may include KSA information such as relevant courses, professional experience, certifications, volunteer work and hobbies. Ensure that the outline of the story is clearly categorized into separate sections for skills, knowledge and abilities.

Highlight Proactive Experience

When you compose paragraphs, you should highlight each section that demonstrates your proactive experience. Each paragraph may show an element of context, challenge, action or outcome.

Be Concise and Precise

Practice economic usage of words by using minimal words to describe your attributes. In this way, you would be able to capture the hiring manager’s attention.

Check for Typos and Grammatical Mistakes

The grammar of your narrative should be impeccable to ensure your experience and facts are correctly represented. Moreover, a narrative devoid of typos and grammatical errors demonstrates a professional approach to the application. Note that such errors ordinarily distract the reader from the main point you are trying to convey.


According to the new regulations regarding the writing of a federal job application narrative, you must include a questionnaire that contains self-assessment questions. The questions should address issues raised in the old KSAs. You should describe examples of training and work accomplishments. In the questionnaire, take the chance to demonstrate your knowledge or skills.

Work Experience

In your work experience section, you should input the job title, starting and ending dates, salary, employer’s name and address, supervisor’s name and phone number, hours worked, your duties and accomplishments, and your objection or permission to contact your current supervisor.

Additional Information

You should attach all the additional information to the application. Each page should have your name, social security number and announcement number. You may also include the name of your high school, colleges or universities, their location and the courses you took. If you have no degree, you should indicate the total credits you earned, and show whether you took them in quarter hours or a semester. Ensure you attach a copy of the college transcript if requested.

Remember your success in the initial stages depends on how much you plan and include in the narrative.




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