How to Write a Resume as a Project Manager

When you are applying for a job, it is important to have a resume that uses a template that is specifically formatted to include content pertinent to your field of study. A project manager is an individual who manages projects for a company and ensures that all parties involved in the project work together to ensure maximum productivity and goal achievement. There are several factors to consider when crafting your resume as a project manager.

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1. Main Objective

A successful project manager knows how to effectively bridge the gaps between the various teams, such as the developers, administrators, organizers and team members. The project manager ensures that the project is completed within the deadlines, while maintaining the integrity of the goals and mission. When you are crafting your resume as a project manager, you need to demonstrate your effective skills as a manager. You will stand out from the competition when you can create a resume that is concise and focuses on how productive you are as an actual manager. It is important to create a resume that is tailored to showcase your specific skills and workplace experience.

2. Organize Your Resume

Once you understand the main objective, you need to organize your resume by focusing on the formatting for your content. You can divide your content into the following sections.

  • Main Objective – Use a heading such as Project Manager: Specializing in (your field). The content should demonstrate your purpose as a project manager, such as being the liaison between all team members to ensure effective project completion.
  • Education & Credentials – List your college or university and the degree completion, along with the year and your specific concentration of study. Include any certifications, or honors received or internships you completed.
  • Professional Experience – In this section of the resume, you have a chance to shine by demonstrating your specific project management skills. Provide the employment information, along with your title and then the details of your professional experience.
  • Workplace Skillset – Additionally, you can demonstrate your effectiveness as a project manager by including your skillsets such as system migrations, quality assurance, team building & leadership development.

3. Refine Your Content

Once you have your resume organized and the information added, it is important to refine your content with regard to the information that you want to share and highlight. Remember that your main goal is to demonstrate your expertise as a project manager. Consider the following three factors that will play an important role in getting you the job that you want.

  • Skillset & Abilities – Demonstrate your skills as a project manager with regard to project planning, team management and communication skills  
  • Accountability – Show your leadership ability and the fact that you continually maintained the integrity of all project goals and have proven to be accountable.
  • Accomplishments – Provide examples of completing projects, while improving the efficiency of the team dynamics and meeting all goals within deadlines and budget.

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Writing a resume as a project manager begins with understanding your own skillset, abilities and professional workplace experience. You need to comprehend the main objective of writing a field specific resume. Additionally, you should demonstrate your skills, successes and project completions by correctly listing your content in the four basic sections.




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