How to Write a Résumé as a Sales Director


If you are a sales director, you know how important results are in your profession. If you don’t achieve results and accomplish goals, you won’t be successful in your job. There are several factors to consider when crafting your résumé. In today’s current employment climate, creating a résumé template that is specific to your career field can cultivate interest in you as a viable candidate for the job. This article will discuss how you can write a résumé as a sales director.

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1. Get down to the basics

The process should begin by getting down to the basics and fully comprehending what a sales director’s job is and how well you’re accomplishing these tasks in the workplace. Remember to focus on the basic responsibilities of a sales director, and then customize your résumé and its content with regard to your specific experience. Sales directors need to operate each day with a specific strategy in place in order to bring their teams together to accomplish monthly sales goals. That strategy should translate into achieving results such as increased sales, finding new leads, and increasing your customer base. These basics—and how well you perform in the workplace—should be implemented into your résumé template if you want to stand out from the competition and catch the hiring manager’s attention.

2. What content to include

Once you understand the basics of someone in your profession, you need to figure out what specific content to include in your template and how to customize it. Every field has unique factors and this is true in the world of sales. You need to ensure that you have addressed those unique factors in a manner that is effective toward securing yourself an interview. Focus on including content that demonstrates your aptitude in the following areas of expertise.

  • Results Driven – Results are a recurring theme in this article because they are basically the most important aspect of a sales director’s aptitude as a professional in the field. You need to treat your content as a quantifiable entity that will translate well with the hiring manager and demonstrate your success as a professional in the sales field. Provide context for your facts and figures so that the hiring manager can quickly ascertain the circumstances for your success regarding sales and completing goals.
  • Accomplishments – What you have achieved as a sales director is vital toward demonstrating your capability to succeed in this new position. Simply stating your education and tasks that you completed each day won’t suffice. You need to elaborate on the specific type of accomplishments that matter in the sales world. For example, showcasing your ability to effectively manage the sales team is an important fact to include. Managing the team so that they became more productive is vital content.
  • Endorsements/Awards – In the sales world, any type of endorsements or awards that you have received demonstrate your genuine viability as a time-tested sales director. Awards are commonly given out in the sales field to top sellers and achievers. Don’t be shy about tooting your own horn and including content regarding any such awards or endorsements that you’ve received. That will showcase your abilities in a positive light.

3. Customizing your résumé template

Once you have figured out what content to include, you need to ascertain the most effective way to customize your résumé template. Consider the following factors when crafting your sales director résumé.

  • Profile – Your contact information should be included at the top, with the title of Sales Director underneath. Then you need to create a concise but detailed profile or summary of your experience. Remember that your achievements (results) are the most important aspect of your résumé, so you don’t need to go overboard on your profile. Keep the profile section to one to three sentences. Anything longer detracts from the end goal.
  • Results – The achievements section should come next where you have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how results-driven you are in your professional career. One main factor to include is your accomplishments with regard to exceeding sales goals and increasing the company profit margin. Additionally, you should focus on how you improved customer and client relations with the company and specifically with the customer service department. If you designed any training programs that were beneficial to increasing the development of your sales team, include those details.
  • Awards – Don’t be shy about including all your awards and endorsements. Any awards or endorsements show that you’re serious about your career and want to work diligently to continue to excel as a professional. This will impress the hiring manager.
  • Responsibilities – It is important to include details regarding your daily job tasks such as how you needed to manage your sales team. Include content that details your accountability as a director with regard to analyzing statistics and tracking sales data. As a sales director, you will have had to interact with other departments. Including details regarding your ability to work well as a project coordinator is helpful to your cause.
  • Skill Set/Abilities – Include content regarding your specific skill set as a sales director. For example, you can cite that you have excelled in interoffice communication throughout all stages of project management with regard to increasing sales. As a director, you should have proficient organizational skills, so include content about that as well as your excellence in communication and employee development.
  • Education – The final section to include should detail your educational and training experience. Include the university or college name, town and the year that you graduated. Additionally, you need to include the degree you received and if you concentrated in a specific field. For example, you can cite Bachelor of Arts, with a concentration in Marketing.

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When crafting your résumé, remember to focus on your specific field of expertise. If you follow the basic steps as outlined in this article, you will increase your chances of being called in for an interview.