How to Write a Résumé as a Sales Professional

Writing a résumé which is specific to your area of expertise and the field that you are seeking employment in is important. When you tailor your résumé to suit your specific career field, you increase your chances of getting that interview for the job you’re applying for. This article will share some steps on how to write a résumé as a sales professional.

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1. Focus on Sales Experience

Since you are trying to find employment as a sales professional, it is important to craft a résumé that focuses on your sales experience. Every facet, such as education, employment and achievements, is vital. However, make your sales experience shine as a focal point. As a sales professional, you know how to effectively persuade opinions. Tap into that ability when writing your résumé and showcase your professional sales accomplishments in the beginning of your document. Don’t list every achievement, but hone in on your top five and showcase them at the beginning of the résumé. First impressions count. You want your résumé to stand out from the rest of the applicants. Sharing your top sales accomplishments in the beginning will set the tone for the rest of the résumé—and show that you have prominent experience in the sales industry.

2. Be Results-Oriented

Sales professionals need to be results-oriented in order to succeed in this industry. If your work efforts are not resulting in an increase in sales, then you are not acting as a successful sales professional. In order to shine as an excellent candidate for a sales position, you need to toot your own horn (in balance) and showcase your sales results. These results should be integrated into the work experience section of your résumé. For example, an individual who is seeking a job as an administrative assistant will need to include more details in this section regarding job tasks, responsibilities, and skillsets. However, a sales professional needs to really “sell themselves” in this section and incorporate positive sales results that they have achieved at each place of employment. Some of the factors that will showcase your results are as follows: sales awards, new client base, increase in client base, increase in actual sales, and your sales ranking.

3. Showcase Awards and Training

You need to have a specific section for any rewards you have received as well as any sales-specific training you have completed. Don’t be shy about referencing any sales awards you have received. In the sales industry, the best of the best receive awards. It is a way of honoring those who have accomplished great things. As you advance in your sales career, you will receive various sales awards and they should gain prominent attention in your résumé. An award symbolizes concrete evidence of your skillset as a sales professional. Additionally, it is important to list any training courses that you have completed or certifications received. The sales industry operates under many of the same sales “theories” that have been used for decades. However, the market climate and consumer base has drastically changed throughout the years, especially with the advent of the Internet and advancing technology. If you have completed any sales training or received certifications, proudly list them on your résumé. A sales professional who is professionally trained will stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

4. Research Target Market

A sales professional should treat their résumé as they would treat completing a sales pitch. It is important to ascertain your target market and know who is buying your products. Translate this theory of marketing to crafting your résumé. Ascertain the types of companies you are applying to and hone your résumé to that specific target market of employers. For example, if you are applying to work at a corporation, you must showcase skillsets that they are looking for in an employee, such as excellence in leadership and team building. However, if you are applying to a smaller company, you must show that you know how to succeed in sales in a smaller work environment.

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Remember that as a sales professional, you have the ability to effectively persuade others. Use that capability to your advantage when crafting your résumé. Focus on your sales experience and specific results-oriented success factor. Showcase your awards, certifications and trainings that you have received.