How to Write a Resume as an IT Developer

IT developers work in planning, designing and implementing IT systems. For example, your work might be to integrate a number of different client applications to one platform that can be used via different hardware within the business. IT developers work together with software engineers, and other IT professionals within a company.

There’s always a high demand for developers across many different industries, such as public service organisations, finance houses, health services and government departments. IT developers often work for specialist IT consultancy companies or as self-employed contractors. Although there are plenty job opportunities out there, it’s a very popular industry sector to get into and consequently, the competition game is fairly strong.

Your resume must clearly illustrate that you have what it takes in terms of proven, relevant skills and abilities if you’re to make it onto a recruiter’s shortlist.

One important thing to remember when you begin to construct your resume is that many recruiters now use screening software to sift through the many job applications that they receive. You can make sure your resume stands out by studying the job advert and using the keywords that you see there. IT developer roles usually ask for experience and expertise in using specific programming tools. It’s vital that you refer to your talents in these areas early-on in your resume if you’re to be picked out by the screening software.

Here’s how to create an outstanding IT developer’s resume.

1. Education and Qualifications

As well as your general qualifications, it’s very important to show that you have a relevant degree or post-graduate qualification in one of the following subjects:

  • computer engineering
  • computer science
  • IT management systems
  • business information systems
  • software development
  • mathematics

A common route into an IT developer career is to start as a graduate programmer and climb the ranks via internal promotion.

The IT industry is forever evolving and you’ll need to demonstrate to a recruiter that you’ve kept pace with new technology and developments in your field. Make a point of mentioning any courses or online studies that you’ve undertaken in your own time.

Employers will expect you to have experience in different frameworks, processes and programming languages. A few examples of what’s desirable are:

  • C# and C++
  • J2EE and Java
  • .NET
  • SQL server
  • MS Exchange
  • Sharepoint
  • Cloud services
  • SAP business software applications
  • Oracle

As you will often be working as part of a project team, knowledge of project management methods are useful, such as PRINCE2. You’ll also need a working knowledge of information management and project development practices like ITIL and Agile.  

Always put the qualifications and experience the employer has asked for at the beginning of your resume, front and centre.

2. Employment Background

Potential employers don’t have time to trawl through reams of irrelevant experience. Always start with information about your most recent or current job first. If you perform a role that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for, be sure to highlight this.

Remember to illustrate your experience through storytelling. Explain exactly how your expertise was important in solving a particular problem. Focus on high-profile projects and pieces of work that really added tangible value to your position with your current company.

It’s common for IT developers to work on short-term contracts, especially if they are employed by a consultancy. Make sure you tell the recruiter this in your resume. If you leave this important piece of information out, it can appear that you can’t hold down a job and might even have been sacked!

3. Personal Skills and Abilities

As well as your technical experience and qualifications, recruiters look for particular personal attributes in their IT developer candidates. Again, don’t merely list what you think you’re good at; illustrate your assets by giving examples.

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

Employers look for IT developer candidates with:

  • good communication skills
  • team-working skills
  • good problem-solving skills
  • strong time-management abilities
  • broad knowledge of relevant technologies and applications, and a willingness to keep up to date with new developments
  • project management abilities

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An impressive resume will get you noticed by a recruiter and will ensure your place on the shortlist for interview.

Make sure you bring out the experience and qualifications that the recruiter has mentioned as desirable in the job spec and advert.  Remember to mention any additional programming and development tools you have experience in using, and always put across your passion for your work and for the industry in general.

Are you an IT developer and looking for a job? What other qualities did you mention in your resume? Let us know in the comments section below.




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