How to Write a Resume for a Receptionist Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, receptionist jobs are projected to see a growth rate of 13.5 percent by 2022. That would be an increase in approximately 135,900 jobs in the field. Even though there may be an increase in job opportunities for receptionists, it is important to create a resume that enables you to stand out from the competition. There are a variety of factors to consider when writing your resume for a receptionist job.

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1. Understand Your Focus

The first part in the resume crafting process begins with understanding your specific focus. You need to know your objective as a receptionist in order to effectively translate that information into your resume. For example, one of the main goals of a receptionist is to be the “face” of the organization and effectively create that first impression for clients and visitors through that initial phone, online or in-person contact. Additionally, receptionists generally answer phones, complete data entry, organize schedules and sometimes even assist with managing office events and projects. To craft the best resume specific to a receptionist job, you need to demonstrate that you are effective in managing all such employment duties.

2. Basic Content Format

The second part in the process involves developing the basic content format. Include your name and contact information at the top with receptionist as your title. You should include content for three basic headings: key skills, professional experience and education information. With regard to your skillset, be certain to include skills pertinent to office duties as well as computer technology. When you include content regarding your professional experience, make sure that you include the company name, your title, dates of employment, along with your specific workplace tasks and abilities. For your education, include the name of the college you attended, along with the dates, degree or any certifications.

3. Demonstrate Your Skillset

The third part in the process is where you can shine as you figure out ways to demonstrate your specific skillset as a receptionist. There are several factors to consider when implementing content that showcases your skills.

  • Multitasking – One of the most important skills a receptionist is the ability to multitask. For example, you need to answer the phone (many times even multiple lines), handle deliveries, deal with visitors, as well as complete other clerical duties. Make sure that you demonstrate that you can multitask in a productive and effective manner.
  • Organization – Receptionists are often unsung heroes in the office as they often need to organize their own daily job tasks as well as handle filing and scheduling for management. Demonstrate on your resume that you have excelled in organization.
  • Communication – Additionally, receptionists also need to know how to communicate effectively, with clients, visitors and all office staff. This communication is verbal, non-verbal and written. Demonstrate your customer service skills in this section.
  • Prioritizing – Many times receptionists are inundated with multiple tasks and responsibilities at one time. It is vital that these individuals know how to effectively prioritize each task so that things are completed in the proper order of importance. Demonstrate your skills in prioritizing multiple job tasks and work projects.

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Being a receptionist is an important job and you need to demonstrate in your resume your understanding of your viability to the company. Understand your focus and then the necessary basic content format. Demonstrate your skillset as you carefully consider each of the four factors regarding receptionist’s skills.




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