How to Write a Resume for a SEO Specialist

How to Write a Resume for a SEO Specialist

Are you a SEO Specialist? Do you want to find out how you can make your resume fully represent you as a great candidate? If yes, this article will help you highlight your skills, knowledge and work experience in such a way that it convinces employers to give you the job. With this being said, you want to give emphasis on those elements that describe you as a successful SEO Specialist and which make your work experience differ from others.

Here are 5 tips on how to write your SEO focused resume:

#1 Highlight your web experience  

Take some time to decide what you want to include in your personal summary. It’s important to tailor your statement so that it presents what you have to offer to potential employers. Focus on your web experience and more specifically on your knowledge of SEO techniques and other web design tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and MS Word. Perhaps you could say that your career objective is to help the company grow and you can do that with your experience as a SEO Specialist.

#2 Create an online SEO portfolio

Since your work is essentially based online, make sure that you keep an online portfolio to go along with your resume to showcase your interactive design skills and previous work experience. Perhaps you could create a website where you explain what kind of engine marketing services you can offer to employers and how your work differs from others.

This will definitely work to your advantage as this will ensure your profile comes up amongst the higher ranked search results and it will also help employers to verify the fact that you are putting your skills to practice.

#3 Make use of keywords

Employers expect you to have an in-depth knowledge of keyword research. Since you will be an expert in using keywords as a SEO Specialist you have to prove that you can do that through your resume. Read the job description carefully and take the necessary keywords to display that you have the work experience they need. If you convince employers that you can use keywords effectively then you definitely increase the chances of convincing them to give you the job.   

#4 Show awareness of industry trends

Make sure that you refer to your overall background experience and knowledge on emerging industry trends. Refer to best practices and currently evolving strategies and how important this is to you in terms of helping businesses improve their sites performance in search of results. Additionally, demonstrating and staying up to date with the latest developments in the SEO field and marketing opportunities in social media is vital.

#5 Refer to relevant SEO competencies

For a SEO Specialist position, it’s not enough to refer to generic competencies or basic skills. Within your resume include the most relevant skills to your work and provide examples for each one. While searching for a job you may find that most employers want their SEO Specialist to possess:

  • In-depth understanding of E-commerce
  • Knowledge on video search, blogging, twittering, web usability, site design and geo targeting
  • Knowledge on Email Marketing, E-newsletters and campaigns
  • Strong sense of design composition and typography
  • Commercially aware and good business insight
  • Content writing skills
  • Knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Content Management System (CMS) 

In order to increase the chances of finding a job as a SEO Specialist, ensure that you make the necessary changes to your resume and that you demonstrate to employers that your skills and knowledge are both relevant and practical by showcasing your work online.

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