How to Write a Summary of Your Skills


Employers receive hundreds of job applications for a single job posting.  Due to the limited time employers have to go through every resume, they only spend less than a minute on each one. For this reason, it is important to write a summary of your skills to give you a better chance of being shortlisted. A summary of your skills allows you to document your accomplishments in few statements that are easily noticeable and enticing to a reader. Observe the following instructions when writing a summary of your skills.

Examine Your Ideal Job

Before you start writing a summary of your skills, conduct research on the ideal job you are looking to get. The information you will collect will give you a hint of what the employer is looking for in an employee. Check out the job’s requirements and the ads for ideas and qualifications wanted. The requirements will help you in assessing your credentials and picking the right one.

Evaluate Your Credentials

Based on the findings of your research, assess your credentials and see how they fit the job. Remember, your skills and credentials should show relevance to the job. Write down your skills as many as you can and narrow them down as you match them with the job requirements. In addition, find out how your strengths will boost you and how you will counter your weaknesses.

Review Your Credentials

Subsequently pick your top skills relative to the job position and summarize them. Keep in mind that your summary of skills is what will make the hiring manager shortlist your application. Compare your list to your work experience. Ensure the summary captures your best skills for the job and career achievements that will boost your chances.

Include a Headline

As with any summary, a headline is important in your summary of skills to increase its noticeability. After noting your best skills include a headline that includes your job target. In addition, you can include the benefits of hiring you to the employer in a short phrase. A thoughtful headline should give your summary of skills the attention it deserves.

Proofread and Polish

First impressions last for quite a while. After preparing your summary of skills go through it and make changes where necessary. Check it for typos and grammatical errors. Proofread and make sure it is perfect to land you an interview with the hiring manager. Polish it and avoid empty general statements.

When writing a summary of your skills use bullets or short, precise paragraphs that reflect your generalized career goals. It should have a clear format of only three to four lines of statements. Resist the temptation of writing a lot even if you possess several skills and accomplishments because industry employers brush over long statements. In addition, do not write it in first person pronouns. The skills summary should come directly after your general summary at the top of the resume.