How to Write an Administrative Assistant Résumé

Working as an administrative assistant has become an increasingly appealing career move over recent years. This is quite understandable when you consider the opportunities to advance yourself in this role, whether that be for your career or financially. The only downside to applying for an entry level position or graduate schemes in this area is that it is incredibly competitive. Many graduates who have been unable to find work relating to their degree are looking for employment in this area to give their careers a jumpstart. This means that when you are applying for an administrative assistant job, you need to make sure your résumé is top notch to catch the attention of potential employers. Here’s how you do that.

1. Note your strengths

To start with, you need to figure out what skills you have that would be considered useful in an administrative assistant role. Have a look at a job listing for such a role and make a note of all the different strengths they are looking for. Once you’ve done that, write down a time during your career or everyday life when you have exhibited that strength. For example, if the job listing asks for someone who ’works on their own initiative’ you could use an example of when you’ve done this at work, or even when you’ve been at home. It doesn’t matter where or when you displayed this strength, as long as you tell them about it.

2. Write a profile

The vast majority of résumés that are submitted to prospective employers are simply skim read then thrown in the bin. This is because they receive such a large volume of submissions they only have time to read the entire résumé of someone who is a good fit for the role. So, how do you grab their attention? All you really need is an effective profile at the start of your résumé. Here you can use between 30 and 50 words explaining why you would be perfect for the job. Consider it a form of introduction that will then lead into the rest of your résumé. Here is a good profile example:

“An enthusiastic and friendly person who takes great pride in her work. Able to form strong working relationships quickly and use strong communication skills. Possesses excellent computer skills and would be ideal for an administrative assistant role.”

Not only are you selling yourself here but you’re also encouraging the reader to look at the rest of the résumé. That’s what a good profile should do.

3. Choose the right format

Choosing the right format for your résumé could be the only thing standing against you getting the job you want. It’s an area that is often overlooked, but the format of your résumé can dictate how well your skills and achievements are represented to employers.

The most common form of résumé is the chronological résumé. This is used by people who have been working in the same industry for some time and plan on staying there. It should be used if you have a lot of experience that you would like to show them or if you have worked for a company that has a big name.

The functional résumé is becoming more popular among people who have just left full time education or are looking for a career move. This format involves listing your skills and achievements and then including your work history in a small section afterwards. It’s a great way of cutting through the problem of not having enough experience by putting your strengths and achievements front and center.

4. Double-check everything

When it comes to your résumé, you can’t leave anything to chance. You have to make sure that everything has been checked and double checked. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or factual errors. Also, try to be critical of your résumé. Look at it and ask yourself, ’if I was an employer, would I hire this person?’ Don’t be too worried if you find errors. You can always go back and make all the changes you need.

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And there you have it! Once you have completed these simple steps, you should have a résumé to be proud of. Now all you need to do is start sending them out for administrative assistant roles and you should have the job you want in no time.