How to Write Your Cover Letter Like a Love Letter


When you write a love letter, you pore over every word to make sure that it’s just right: you pour your thoughts and passions into it, and you work at it until you’re 100 percent certain that you have perfected it. If only your cover letter got the same attention…

If you’re going you write a cover letter, why not write it like you would a love letter? You’ll find that the two letters can be quite similar!

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1. Get it Just Right

When you write love letters, you don’t just slap it together and hope that it’s good enough. No, you spend a long time thinking of what you want to say, crafting a letter in such a way that it will appeal to your love.

Your cover letter should undergo the same process. Spend time thinking about what you want to say, and make sure that each word counts. Pore over the phrasing and construction, check the spelling, and be certain the punctuation is just right. A poorly written cover letter is MUCH worse than a love letter with mistakes!

2. Show Your Intimate Knowledge

What do you include in a love letter? You often talk about the little things that make them special to you, or their character traits that you love. This intimate knowledge of the person is the foundation upon which a solid love letter is built.

The same is true for a cover letter. You may not have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the company, but it’s worth studying up on them, what they do, and how they operate. It makes it much more personal, showing that you cared enough to do your research.

3. Declare Your Affections

Your love letter is being written for one purpose: to declare the way you feel for the person. Your cover letter should be written with similar intentions.

What is it about the job that makes it "ideal" for you? Why have you "fallen in love" with that job opportunity? Make sure the interviewer knows what it is about the job that you love so much.

4. Tailor It to Your "Love"

When you write a love letter, you write it in the way that your "one true love" likes it. It may be in the form of poetry, long-winded purple prose, or a simple list of all the things you love. It’s about telling them how you feel in a way that will resonate with them.

The same goes for cover letters. Craft the letter in the professional template that will snag the reader’s attention, using words and explanations that will interest them.

5. Show Why You Are the "Knight in Shining Armor"

It feels wonderful to have someone love and want to protect you, a sentiment commonly shared in love letters.

In your cover letter, feel free to expound as to why you are the "knight in shining armor" the company has been looking for. Don’t oversell yourself, but do make it a point to show what makes you ideal for the position.

6. Include the Call to Action

Every good love letter ends with something like "Will you be mine?", "Be my Valentine", or "Tell me how much you love me".

Every good cover letter also has a call to action, including, "I’d love to discuss it more with you via email", "I look forward to your call", or "It would be my pleasure to arrange a meeting and talk about the job". These calls to action are a subtle way of manipulating the interviewer into responding positively.

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CV Writing Services

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Write the cover letter like a love letter, and you have a much better chance for success!

Do you have any tips about writing a great cover letter? Let us know in the comments section below!