Yo! Have You Heard About This New App?

Yo. That’s it. Yo. In light of the new Yo app and its basic mobile messaging stance this article should have ended already, but since we are operating within the contrasts of this blog - there’s just a little bit more text for your reading pleasure. The Yo app is the latest app to hit the market and there’s something a little different about it, something delightfully distinctive. This app works by just simply allowing users to send the word “yo” to each other.

No seriously, that’s how it works. Surely an app such as this one isn’t poised to break any records right? Well, it literally served Facebook its dignity on a platter by beating the social media network’s recently released Slingshot app on the Apple App Store chart.

The media buzz that now surrounds Yo is the stuff of pure legend, but what’s the story behind this news worthy app and what could the future possibly hold for this trending messaging craze?

The Hype

The story behind the app goes a little something like this. The CEO and founder of Mobli Moshe Hogeg came up with a simple idea of keeping in-touch with his employee. He approached the now fellow cofounder and CEO of Yo, Or Arbel, and pitched the idea to him. Arbel initially did what most of us would’ve done - had a bit of a giggle and then got on with our lives.

Upon reflection, Arbel who previously worked at Mobil was persuaded to develop the app after getting positive feedback from a tech blogger who adored the concept of Yo. After seeing a primitive form of the app he came up with in eight hours being used around the office, there was clearly no stopping Yo from that point.

Image credit - Yo.

The app has been downloaded over 50,000 times and a grand total of more than 4 million yos have been exchanged amongst the app’s users. This app is not a one trick pony. This ladies and gentlemen is the epitome of mass market appeal. Yo has attracted $1 million in funding courtesy of Hogeg’s angel fund which demonstrates that the creators of the app are investing in its continuous commercial value.

What Does the Future Hold?                                                              

Yo has certainly raised the bar for app developers everywhere who spend hours racking their brains trying to come up with the next hottest app that the general public can’t live without. The app’s rise to notoriety has stunned many in the tech industry, annoyed a few, and outright boggled the minds of every tech enthusiast with an ounce of street cred.

The interactive framework of Yo is so simple that it’s almost criminal. The app demonstrates that mobile app users are not completely concerned about apps that deliver on exploiting their personal interests or lifestyles. They crave something a little bit more bare to the bone and humble. With that in mind, the creators of the app are looking at various ways to expand the app taking full advantage of Yo’s over-night success.

Maybe we’ll see Yo sold off to the highest bidder in the not so distant future or perhaps it will fall off the grid entirely when another dazzling app pops up. Whatever the outcome, this app is what everyone is currently talking about and that’s the only thing that counts in the competitive world of the app market.

Is this app an interactive sensation? Yes. Is this app going to revolutionize mobile messaging? It’s too early to say but one thing is for certain, Yo just changed the game in the realms of app development as we know it.

Main article image credit - rvlsoft via Shutterstock/Salon