You Are Given Three Career Options: Which One Will You Choose?

Many people struggled to choose the right career when they were seventeen and they are still wondering if they made the right choice. Even after they got themselves a job, they appear to be indecisive by job hopping, which has started to become the new norm. According to research, the average person is likely to make a career change approximately 5 to 7 times during their working life, and by the time they are 42 they will probably have had about 10 different jobs.

Essentially, the majority of people need to jump around until they find what they really want to do. This is because people are basing their career choices on false assumptions and unrealistic expectations.

So, how do you know the career you have chosen is your dream job? Well, you don’t, and the truth is you will never know until you find what truly motivates you to work.

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According to Penelope Trunk - Founder and CEO of Quistic and a career writer - each person builds their career based on three things: achievement, affiliation and competence, which in simpler terms she translates to winning, friends and craft. Considering what you regard as most important, your career will be driven by them, and you are more likely to depend on one element more than the others.

As Trunk argues these motivators can help you predict the life you will get as well as identify the three possible paths to becoming successful at what you choose to do:

  • The path to ruling the world
  • The path to creating a career based on relationships
  • The path to mastering your craft

Do You Want to Change the World?

If you are interested in starting your own business, it means that you are a high achiever and you dream of becoming a leader. Perhaps you want to become an entrepreneur to be able to provide for yourself and your family, but you also hope that you can create something that could change the world. There are many signs to tell whether you are going to be a good entrepreneur or not. Looking up to big personalities such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates is one sign you should become an entrepreneur.

Do You Want to Work With People?

This career path would be perfect for those who care about other people and find joy in interacting with them on a day-to-day basis. Whether they do it through social media or face to face in customer-service environments, these people want to be around others and feel most motivated and inspired when they are using their knowledge to benefit other people. As such they work at developing healthy relationships.

Do You Want to Work on Your Craft?

In this case, your ‘craft’ refers to your special skills or the area in your field that you feel strongly about. This is also the thing that you love doing the most, so whether you have a talent for dancing, playing music, imitating, drawing or even creating stuff using a range of materials, this is where you belong. Trunk refers to these people as individuals who need to work with data; with all they have available, and can’t see themselves in the corporate world or working with people, for the people.

While you might say all jobs involve helping people one way or another, the real difference in every career path is found in the reason you are interacting with them. Finding out how you want to work with them and why can help you determine the type of profession you would feel most comfortable in.

For example? If you want to introduce a new product or a service that will help people simplify their lives, then the first career path may be for you. Do you like teaching? Perhaps you would fit well into the second career path as you would be working with people on a personal level. However, if you like inspiring others using art, then the third career path is probably your best choice.

In any career, your aim will be to help other people. But that can’t be your sole response to someone who asks you why you enjoy a particular profession. For that, you will need facts and actual reasons on why you should insist going into a career. It’s all about what you are hoping to get out from it.

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Trunk’s alternative career paths can help you see your career differently by looking at the big picture. The concept encourages you to explore what a career means to you as well as what you want to get out of it.

While finding your true calling is difficult, the process can be simplified when you narrow down your options. Thinking of your career as the sole motivator to progress in life is vital as it determines how happy you are going to be in your chosen profession. This can also show you what is going to be the one thing that would give you the inspiration to succeed. As Trunk says, this concept can give us “the power to know what we want for ourselves”.

So, what is it the one thing that you are good at and would love doing for the rest of your life? Let me know in the comments section below…