You Can Call Yourself an Entrepreneur When…

The title “entrepreneur” is used rather casually these days. Anyone who has a potential business idea feels it’s their right to take on the title of entrepreneur, when in reality, they are an unemployed fantasist who has no real motivation or ambition to set up a business.

So, how do you know when you have earned the "entrepreneur" title ? Check out the list below to find out!

You can call yourself an entrepreneur when…

  1. You have random panic attacks every other week, thinking that you have forgotten to pay someone or turn up to an important meeting.
  2. You do a 100+ hour week and view those who do regular 48 hour week as lazy.
  3. You choose a dinner date with a potential client over dinner with your wife/date.
  4. You wake up at 3am wondering how you will generate the extra capital while keeping already impatient investors happy.
  5. You spend your “down time” thinking about how you can expand the business.
  6. Your main focus of the day is damage-control; sorting out employee arguments, investigating late payments by clients, and managing website problems in the fastest way possible.
  7. You freak out at least every 2 months thinking your business is going to flop and you should have come up with a better idea, only to realise that after your fit of despair, everything is actually going rather well.
  8. You question whether a surprisingly low price you have been offered is legal, but go for it anyway – your profit margins will love it!
  9. You respond “We can do that” to almost any question posed by a potential client.
  10. You apologise unreservedly to a disgruntled customer (remembering that one bad review is the equivalent to 100 good reviews)
  11. You cry when a tiny problem occurs at the end of a stressful day but always knock down big problems like a raging bull (nothing and no-one will come between you and the success of your business).
  12. You never allow yourself to be defeatist and always talk positively about your business to anyone who will listen.