You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It!

New research shows the careers where you can earn loads, and still be happy!

What do you most want in a job?... High levels of pay or high levels of fulfillment?

It’s always put like this – as a choice – because according to experts, it’s highly difficult to have both.

In life, it seems, we’re doomed into having either one, or the other. Both is not only greedy, it’s nigh-on impossible. 

Or is it?

Earlier this week, new research was published about British workers’ sense of happiness with their jobs. On its own, it is of semi-interest. However, compare it to some research from earlier on this year, regarding the best paid jobs in Britain, and there is a surprising conclusion to be seen: You can, (really, you can), have both a highly paid job, and a high amount of job satisfaction.

Here’s how. When it comes to pay, apart from CEOs, the jobs with the highest salaries in the UK are the following: Aircraft pilots and flight engineers come top, where in 2012, these workers saw their incomes rise by 14% to an average gross pay of £78,736. Third are medical practitioners (with an average pay of £71,279), followed by marketing & sales directors (£68,245) and then IT directors, at £63,622. After this are legal professionals (£61,544) and then (perhaps surprisingly, as it’s the public sector), senior police offices.

Now let’s compare this with job satisfaction. According to the latest data, it’s well…pretty much the same. Job satisfaction was highest amongst IT workers (at 73%), followed in second place by miscellaneous professional services (legal and marketing), also at 73%. Nursing (also on the high pay list) also has higher than an average professional fulfillment, at 62%.

The research, carried out by Randstad, finds these professions have a much higher than average rate of job satisfaction. Overall, just 62% of the workforce describe themselves as ‘professionally fulfilled’.

So, can any conclusions be drawn from this?

Perhaps the biggest, is that the highest paid jobs are also the jobs where you need some verve to get into them in the first place; they’re needful of qualifications, and they’re also needful of passion. You don’t just ‘fall’ into law or medicine. Which means all this is thoroughly good news for those who know what they want to do, and want to follow their passion.

Work really can bring happiness if it’s what you really want to do. So, forget all the nay-says who still believe that following your passion won’t pay the bills. If your plan is to be a professional, here at least, there’s finally proof that you really can have your cake and eat it. Money, it seems, can live hand-in-hand with happiness.