You Don't Have to be the Best to be Successful

There are plenty of books and articles available about how you can find what you are best at. This is often what individuals pursue throughout their career as they want to get into a career at which they know they will excel. Watch this video though, and you will quickly see that innovation and breaking the mold will overcome a lack of raw talent. That isn’t to say that Kenichi is not an incredible dancer, but put him up against other dancers (Michael Jackson for example) and he will likely not be the one that is watched.

Breaking with Innovation

Breaking into your chosen field is going to be what makes you a success or failure. Breaking, in this sense, does not mean finding a career. Instead, break what is expect. Do something truly unique that no one expected. If you haven’t watched the video yet, I encourage you to do so now. What makes him such a fantastic act? Is it because he has the greatest dancing skills ever seen? Not at all. In all honesty he probably wasn’t the best dancer on that season of America’s Got Talent. What he did was defy expectations. He did something no one expected, or had even seen before, and it let him be a very good dancer that won the entire season.

Don’t get me wrong, talent is key. Kenichi has talent when it comes to dancing. What he has more of is personality, understanding of his audience, and the willingness to try something new. Before he tried this for the first time, he couldn’t do market research, read books, or watch others, he had to try it and guess that people would enjoy it.

Putting it into Practice

So what can you learn from this video? It is going to vary by person. One individual example will not be of any help to anyone. Besides, if I knew how you could innovate in your field, I would be a rich man. I can give you one example from my personal experiences. As a freelancer I often had to compete with other writers for work. I did this through different websites that let freelancers bid by submitting a proposal. I found some work, but it was far from consistent. Then it clicked. I’ll make videos for every bid instead. I figured, if someone gets 50 proposals, they aren’t going to read every single one of them. If I past a link to a video, they will likely watch. The result; a huge increase in acceptance of my bids.

It seems simple when you look at what I did. Really, it probably is that simple for you as well. The hard part is figuring out that simple thing that is going to make you stand out and outperform those that may have more natural talent than you. You don’t have to be the best in your particular field, you just have to be the innovator.

Image Via: Mikes Daily Jukebox