You Think You’re Dedicated to Your Craft? Think Again

The Urban Dictionary describes dedication as:

noun. extreme or uncommon commitment to a task, people, or an ideal.”

Here’s the example Urban Dictionary offers to explain the concept:

Mark has such a deep dedication to his work he once walked two miles in twenty inches of snow to open his office to customers (in a southern state with only a few snow plows).”

I’ve trawled through the internet to come up with a couple more examples for you. Here are a few of my favourite ones:

Dedication example #1

Grammar enthusiast Jeff Deck, aka “the editor with no off switch” was so frustrated by typos on billboards and other public signs that he set off on a three-month  mission to eradicate all the typos he could find. He even formed an organisation to help him with his task, called the “Typo Eradication Advancement League”. You can read more about the exploits of the TEAL here.

Dedication example #2

Bryan Henderson, a Wikipedia editor, is a man so scornful of the phrase “comprised of”, that since 2007 he has set aside numerous hours every Sunday to sniff out and exterminate all traces of “comprised of” found in Wikipedia content.

Get the picture? Good. Because I’d like to throw up another example of dedication, but this time not one of dedication to what some may describe as grammatical pedantry. This video example of dedication features the formidable neuroscientist Nancy Kanwisher, a professor in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research (MIT).

In the video, Kanwisher attempts to show her group of students where all the regions of the brain that carry out specific roles lie in relation to the human head. Except that she doesn’t merely ‘show’ her students. To make her explanation crystal clear, she goes to the most extreme lengths…

In an exemplary display of dedication that would put even Henderson and Deck to shame, good old Kanwisher grabs hold of a pair of scissors and begins to cut off all her hair. That’s right, all of it. She even gets help from one of her students to complete the job (way to get student engagement, Kanwisher!). By doing this, Kanwisher, with the help of her assistant, is able to ‘artfully’ replicate a ‘scan’ of her brain to show where the various regions are located.

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Having now watched the video, are you now suitably inspired to go ‘the extra mile’ for your craft? What do you think about the video? Share your comments in the box below!