You Will Never Be Good Enough, and That's Okay

One of the ideas we form early on is that we are going to be the best at whatever we choose to do. The issue is, there is always someone better. To be more specific, you are never going to be good enough if you truly want to be successful. You should never rest at a given point in your career or growth as an individual. You can always push harder and you can always find something extra to give you an edge. Essentially, you will never be at your best, you should always be striving to be at your best.

It Isn’t So Bleak

I have talked about success in the past but I never spoke about reaching a specific goal. In that article, the idea was simple. Do the best of which can every day. With that said, you need to have goals to reach for. Personally, one of my favorite ideas is shoot for the moon and even if you fail you will still hit the stars (Yes, I know it is wrong from a astrophysics perspective, but you get it). So, if you always strive for a goal that is essentially unattainable, or at least nearly so, then you will still go far beyond what you ever expected.

The biggest pitfall for taking up this idea and applying it to your life and your career can come from looking at it in a negative way. This is not a negative idea. Instead, it is just the opposite. By realizing that you will never be good enough, you hold yourself to a higher standard. This is a key to success. If you are always striving to improve, you are always moving forward and getting better. This is not just going to make you better at your job, but everything you do in your life.

Real World Examples

I’ve always been a huge fan of magicians, though I never had the talents to pull off intricate illusions I learned a bit, and when I watch a duo like Penn and Teller, this particular idea is reinforced. If you think they started off on top of their game you are sorely mistaken. Instead, they started with the simple stuff and slowly learned more about their particular field. Interviews pop up here and there in which they explain they are always trying to find new and innovative tricks. One interview even had them admit that there is one trick they want to do that they just can’t figure out. Even the one of the best magic acts out there will never be good enough for what they want.


So how do you stay motivated if you are never reaching your goals? This is the carrot on the stick idea. Always put your goals just out of reach. Once you do finally make it to that particular point, move the carrot farther away. Keep your goals at a safe distance, something that you know you can’t reach today, or this year, but something that, with enough work and passion you may just reach, and then move it to something more distant point.

The title here may seem discouraging, but that is not what is meant to be taken from the idea. Look at it as a way to motivate yourself to follow your passions and your dreams and you will achieve success. When you stop thinking you could get better, you stop getting better. Never let that enter your mind.


Image Source: The Therapy Booth