You Won't Believe What These People Can Do!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an unusual talent only you had the privilege to possess? No, I am not talking about becoming a superhero, although that would have been awesome as well! Apart from basic talents such as singing and dancing, you could do some extraordinary things with your special talents just like these people.

Check out who are these talented people who possess the most incredible and unnatural superpowers:

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1. Dean Karnazes: The unstoppable runner

American ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes doesn’t seem to get tired, ever! His incredible talent was discovered when he was still at school where he ran 105 laps, in contrast to other students who only ran 15. Unlike other people, Karnazes’ body is not affected by lactic acid, a chemical compound which is created by glucose and lactate that forces it shut down. This means that he can run forever! He once even managed to run 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days.

2. Thai Ngoc: The man who never sleeps

Thai Ngoc, a farmer from Vietnam, hasn’t slept for over 42 years since he lost his ability to fall asleep after he overcame a fever in 1973. Despite this unusual phenomenon, Ngoc is in good health with only a few liver problems. This rare condition is explained due to microsleep, a temporary episode of sleep that occurs when the human brain is tired that can last from a fraction of one second to 30 seconds. The rest of us might have experienced this through falling asleep while driving.

3. Elisabeth Sulser: The synesthesia girl

Elisabeth Sulser, a musician from Switzerland, possesses an extraordinary talent that became obvious due to her condition, synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon otherwise known as ‘union of the senses’. As weird as it sounds, this mixture of senses affects Sulser’s sight, hearing and taste as she’s able to taste and see colors in music through colorful sound waves. While this helps Sulser compose beautiful songs, she often experiences bad headaches as she gets distracted in noisy areas.

4. SM: The fearless woman

This woman, SM as she prefers to be known as, is not afraid of anything. A rare disease called Urbach–Wiethe disease controls major parts of her brain including memory, decision-making and emotional reactions, and doesn’t allow SM to feel fear. As strange as this sounds, SM also tested her fearing abilities through a study that showed she wasn’t the slightest afraid to even touch a snake’s tongue. But perhaps the weirdest of all her experiences was when she was child she came across a man who put a knife to her throat. Without showing any sign of fear, she told him he would have to go through her guardian angel first, the fact which freaked him out and made him walked away.

5. Natalya Demkina: The X-ray girl

A Russian woman claims to be able to see inside people’s bodies. This is the case for Natalya Demkina whose x-ray eyes allow her to see organs and tissues that helped her make medical diagnoses for other people. In order to test her abilities, Dr. Ray Hyman carried a test for which Demkina had to identify the type of illnesses six patients had just by looking inside them. Although she got four out of the six right, which was pretty impressive, researchers came to the conclusion that she didn’t show any evidence of this ability.

6. Orlando Serrell: The math genius

In his greatest misfortune, Orlando Serrell acquired a unique skill. The brain damage he got after a baseball landed on the side of his head gave him a special ability through the savant syndrome, a condition that triggered his mathematical capabilities to exceed the average. Serrell and many other people who suffer from head traumas experience this and are often referred to as ‘acquired savants’.

7. Miroslaw Magola: The magnetic man

Miroslaw Magola, the man who moves objects with his mind, possesses some incredible psychic powers that allow him to lift anything using his body through psychokinesis. This kind of ability allows him to manipulate lifeless objects so that they fly in the air, make them spin around or shake using mind control. Magola or otherwise known as the Magnetic Man, explains that he manages to do it loading himself with energy that creates a force that keeps the object in the air. Despite possessing this paranormal skill, Magola thinks of himself as an ordinary individual.

8. Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson is the man who predicts the future through his dreams. This mysterious ability came up to light in 2001 after he dreamed of a plane crashing on a building and a few weeks after there was the plane going through a tall building in New York. Through his special ability, Robinson can wake up when he wants and still remembers what he saw in his dreams as to record them down in a journal.

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These were some of the world’s most gifted people who seem to possess a special talent that’s unique to the rest of the population! Now, if you could choose to possess any of these special talents, which one would you go for? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below…