Your 5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan [Infographic]

Do you want to be an All-Star LinkedIn user? If you are using LinkedIn, there is a way to expand your network on the platform in just 5 minutes. This of course comes down to marketing yourself and essentially promoting your personal brand using the professional network.

This infographic from BlueWire Media  provides you with the ultimate 5 minute LinkedIn marketing plan that suits the needs of every LinkedIn user. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced user who has been using the platform for a while, this guide can help you exploit LinkedIn to its full potential.

As a LinkedIn user, you should:

  • Request/accept connection requests and aim to connect with at least one person per day.
  • Send thank you notes to your new connections.
  • Check who has viewed your profile and connect with them.
  • Share content e.g. article, blog post, visuals related to your work or career.
  • Comment on the status or content shared by other connections.
  • Share a piece of content to LinkedIn Today editors.

Check the infographic to learn how you can expand your LinkedIn network and connect with more like-minded professionals within your industry!

Image courtesy of Lifehack




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