Your Attitude Hinders Your Chances of Success

What’s your definition of success? Determining what success means to you can really help you set high goals and achieve happiness and fulfillment. Perhaps this is the reason great influencers said that only when you can visualise your dreams you can achieve success!

While that’s true, you can’t expect to find success by just visualising that you are already there. Getting in the right mindset and constantly working towards your goal is going to help you conquer success. In this video, Marshall Goldsmith discusses the science behind success and failure, explaining how your chances of success are influenced by your actions – by what you choose to do or not. Even though you may have already identified the steps to success, there is something that holds you back from unlocking your true potential and realising your goals. These are your own inner beliefs that sabotage your chances of success by slowing down your progress.

Check out the video above to figure out what you might have been doing wrong along the way and find out what you need to do in order to reach success!

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