Your Guide to the Perfect Business Lunch

Business engagements are not unlike romantic engagements. You need to take it slow, let the other person get to know you and hopefully fall in love with you. So, when you try to have the perfect business lunch keep that in mind, splurge a little, get some vintage vino to accompany the charcuteries.

Here is your guide to the perfect, sensuous business lunch.

(soft jazz plays in background as a deep baritone voice narrates)


Every perfect business lunch needs a pleasant, engaging and entertaining conversation. Make your business partner laugh, and they will be putty in your hand. Be charming by occasionally offering to refill their glass with wine. The more euphoric they are from libations the easier it will be to seal the deal…the business deal that is.


No one likes a tightwad so just splurge on your business partner- it’s going on the expense account anyway- and if that isn’t sexy I don’t know what is. Splurge on yourself, too, you deserve to be pampered. A nice steak with a bottle of expensive vintage wine will make your liaison memorable, I mean, wouldn’t you look pleasantly back on a meal that cost your boss hundreds of dollars? Of course you would, until you get called into the office.


People love gifts; buy that special business someone a bouquet of flowers or tickets to the latest Broadway show and this will begin your perfect business lunch in a perfect way. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, everyone deserves flowers and everyone appreciates flowers, even if they use them to beat you like a fragrant billy club.

Meal Etiquette

Take your time eating, like I said, the perfect business lunch needs a pleasant conversation, camaraderie and wine. So, what if you have to be back at the office in 15 min? The longer it takes the better; you want to make your business partner feel like you gave them the appropriate attention, you don’t want them to leave feeling unsatisfied now, do you?


You always must try to keep things professional; show some skin but just a little, just to tantalize the person sitting across from you. Stretch your arms out so your sleeves ride up just enough to show your bare wrist- nothing says I’m all about business than an exposed wrist with an expensive watch dangling from it. Yeah, business the crap out of that lunch meeting. Although ankle socks really don’t look that good with business suits, coyly showing some ankle might actually help make your business lunch memorable but unfortunately, not for the reasons you might want it to be memorable for.

The Touch

Under no circumstances should you touch your business lunch partner. I know, you have a hard time distinguishing when touching should be appropriate (as indication of the numerous sexual harassment suits levied against you) but you should never, ever touch anyone (yes, even yourself) during a business lunch. Again you want your lunch meeting to memorable for the right reasons.

Do you have any other recommendations to help make your business lunch perfect? Let us know in the comment section below.