Your Lunch Break Is Hurting Your Productivity

Let me get this out of the way first, this is not an article about skipping lunch to get more work done. This is an article about how your choices at lunch time are likely making you less productive. We all face that huge energy dip around the middle of our work day and it generally comes an hour or so after lunch. Why is that? It is probably because you are eating foods that are not giving you long lasting energy to help you make it to the end of the day. When you are fighting to keep your eyes open, you aren’t working at your full potential.

Try These Options

Instead of running to the local fast food joint or picking up a burger or something less than healthy at the cafeteria, consider bringing a lunch, or buying these items while you are out and about.


Eggs are portable, easy to cook, and can last in a lunch box until lunch time rolls around. Hard boil them to make it a perfect part of your meal, or easily chopped up and thrown onto a salad. It is key that you eat the egg with the yolk attached, don’t worry, plenty of science is showing that you aren’t hurting your cholesterol, otherwise you lose out on a great deal of the nutritional benefits that the eggs provide. B-vitamins and D-vitamins are rich in the yolk and provide energy as well as maintaining a healthy body.


This is another perfectly portable thing to bring to lunch and can even be snacked on at the desk. Throw in a steamer bag in the morning, bag the soybeans up and use them as a snack as you need. The B-complex vitamins that are found in the beans help to break down carbs into glucose for fuel. Energy up, health up, productivity up. Personally, I would throw a little salt on them to keep them from getting to bland.

Trail Mix

Depending on the mix, you can find a number of great energy solutions in a bag. As long as it isn’t a bag full of chocolate, chocolate-covered nuts and chocolate powdered sugar bombs you are likely good to go. Look for nuts, raisins and other proteins in the mix to ensure you are getting a great deal of fuel from the snack. Avoid the sweet or salty mixes. Try to stick with something with as little extra flavoring as possible.

Drink Tons of Water

Water actually keeps you feeling full and energized throughout the day. It isn’t a replacement for food, but it will help you get to lunch without feeling famished. In addition, it helps your body put your breakfast to good use in the morning, and does the same for the foods you eat during lunch. Coffee is fine and has some benefits, but make sure water is your go to drink.

All the Fruits

It doesn’t matter what fruit you dig the most, just bring some as part of your lunch. Hard boiled eggs and fruit is a natural, very healthy and energy boosting lunch. Fruit also helps fight off those craving for sweets as it brings a natural sweetness with it. It is also portable and easy to pack a pretty big amount into a small lunch bag.

Brown Rice

Use this simple to cook food as a base for a number of different meals. It is packed with complex carbs that will give you energy for the rest of your day. If you exercise during your lunch break it is even more important as it gives your body more fuel to keep going through the day. Add whatever you like to it to really spice it up and make it an easy daily choice for lunch.

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Final Thoughts

This is far from an exhaustive list of power foods that can work as a lunch alternative (including them all would be a book at the least), but use this as a starting point for making smart choices at lunch. While all of these choices are easy to prepare, the hardest part is the will power required to actually do it. It is much easier to throw a frozen meal in the microwave or run to McDonald’s than to plan out lunches for a week, but the results are staggering. Spend the extra time and you’ll save money in most cases. You will feel better, live a healthier life and be much more productive at work.

What power foods do you use for your lunch? Do you prefer something simple and quick or something that requires more preparation? Do you snack at your desk throughout the day to keep the energy levels high? Comment below and follow me on this site for more articles about success at work and in life.




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