Your Success Guide to the KPMG Assessment Centre Test

Do you want to work for KPMG? Have you applied for a position yet? If you haven’t but are planning to, you will need to become familiar with the KPMG graduate and intern assessment centres, and help yourself be as prepared as possible! In this video, Green Turn provides you with the information you need to help you successfully pass the KPMG assessment centre test which consists of three parts:

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Part 1: Virtual Office

This consists of a laptop-based exercise which tests your ability to prioritise. For this exercise, you will be asked to deal with a series of emails within an hour’s time limit. To assess your time management skills, you will need to meet deadlines and refine your priorities as you go.

Part 2: Written Report   

This is the analysis exercise that involves a written exercise in which you have to produce a report from a booklet that will be given to you that has detailed information.

Part 3: Role Play Exercise

As part of the role play exercise, there will be two simulated meetings that intent to imitate the kinds of meetings you would have if you were working for KPMG, and consist of one with a ‘client’ and another with ‘colleagues’.

Since KPMG also uses psychometric tests, specifically Cubiks tests, it might be helpful to practice some before the selection day. You will have approximately two weeks to prepare, so visit CubiksPractice to familiarise yourself with the kind of tests you will be assessed.

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Also, check out the KPMG assessment centre success guide, which will help you ace the assessment centre test and ultimately get you the job!