Your Ultimate Guide to a Career in Art and Design [Infographic]

The world wouldn’t be the same without creative people such as artists and designers. Their imagination and creativity gives birth to unique ideas and allows beautiful pieces of art and products to come to life. In that sense, their contribution to society is powerful and unparalleled.

If you consider yourself the creative type, why not check out all of the career choices you have in the art and design industry? You might be surprised by the possibilities that this field offers!

This infographic from Photoshop Plus allows you to explore the opportunities that exist in the field of art and design as well as think about the skills that you possess that could match the requirements of each career. This should help you decide which occupation might be the ideal one for you!

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It seems that there are many opportunities to look out for in the art and design industry. Which one are you going to choose? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below…




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