Zombie Shmombie - The Real Threat is Unvaccinated Germ Cesspools (Kids)


In irony that the biggest cynic in the world would giggle gleefully to (if he wasn’t scared for his life and browsing the Internet to purchase hazmat suits), the happiest place in the world, Disneyland has become the epicenter of the latest measles outbreak in the United States. At the moment, the outbreak has spread to 14 other states with a total of 102 cases reported. Measles seems like a laughable threat until you hear the complications that are associated with the disease: dehydration, ear infections, severe diarrhea, encephalitis (an infection that causes brain swelling), blindness, and severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia. I’m not even joking here, that is information directly from the World Health Organization’s website.

Why is it a problem?

Did you not read the intro? Two of the complications include blindness and severe diarrhea, which are the worst combinations of symptoms I can think of. There is also no specific antiviral treatment for measles, again according to the W.H.O. Oh, right, there’s that death thing, too. Another complication is what health officials are calling clustering. Basically, unvaccinated kids have a high probability of living and going to school with other unvaccinated tykes – which, last time I checked, is a great recipe for an epidemic.

Who would expose their children to that?

The people that are most likely to not vaccinate their children are wealthy, college-educated, white, and health-insured. Surprising, huh? The reason these people don’t immunize their children is primarily because of mistrust towards the government. I let you ruminate on that for a second. The reason these people are exposing their children to deadly diseases is because they’re afraid they (purposefully) cause autism and add harmful preservatives to the vaccine. 

Why is this happening?

The main reason these children are not being inoculated is because many states allow exemption on philosophical and religious grounds. So, this not only becomes an argument about public health, it also carries a loaded shotgun of civil liberties, too. On the one hand, local governments want to keep their citizens safe; on the other, they don’t want to lose voters… I mean, take rights away from their citizens (that are voters). Of course, the danger is not just losing power in the State… I mean, taking rights away from their citizens. The danger is the resurgence of diseases that were considered eradicated – diseases such as polio, which shuts down your body part by part, and can even results in paralysis. Oh, and that death thing.

What diseases are children not being inoculated for?

Well, here’s an abbreviated list of diseases and symptoms that vaccinations protect against:

Diphtheria – A throat infection which can result in airway closure. That means no breathing; no breathing means death.

Tetanus – A nerve disease. Nerves are in charge of everything in the body; problems with nerves most probably means death, also!

Meningococcal disease – These bacteria cause meningitis, which has symptoms that range from fever to brain-swelling and seizures. Oh, and death, of course.

Do you think it’s the right of the government to enforce mandatory immunization for the protection of all its citizens’ or do you think that it can create a slippery slope? Let us know in the comment section below, and if you don’t have your shots, please wear a surgical mask while doing so. I don’t want my computer to get a virus (wah, wah, waaaaaah).