How to Write A Rockstar Crowdfunding Proposal

Crowdfunding provides anyone and everyone with a unique opportunity to raise funds for a product or project. Most people come to sites like Kickstarter because they want to invest in something that they want to see happen, but without any plans for financial gain. Their goal is to add a bit of value to the world by helping to make something great happen. If you have an idea for a project or product that will be great, crowdfunding could very well be the way to go. 

In order to be successful with your crowdfunding, you need to write a proposal that will grab the attention of those that read it. It needs to be catchy, and it needs to convey the passion you have for your idea.

So how can you write a rockstar crowdfunding proposal?

Make a Compelling Product Video -- This is only necessary if you're trying to raise funds for a product, though some projects can benefit from a video as well. The thing to remember is that you want to show people what you're going to do. Most of the people that will invest need to see what their money is going to, so make your video clear, concise, and professional.

Give People a Reason -- People aren't going to donate if there is no reason for them to. It's the reason that UNICEF is so much more successful than a charity that helps billionaires find good islands to buy. Your project or product needs to have a "Why I should help…" that will sink its fangs into your readers and get them thinking, "The world will be a little bit better if I help make that a reality."

Work Backwards -- Write your proposal like you're writing a novel. You know what the end goal is: getting people to donate. Now write the reasons that they should donate, and help them understand what problems the product will solve. It may sound counterintuitive to write backwards, but it can help you lay out your proposal more clearly.

Don't Offer Too Much Information -- No one wants to hear about how a water treatment product will balance out the pH of the water due to the chemical components of the blah blah blah. It's just too long and boring. Keep your product or project description simple, relevant and interesting. The less reading people are forced to do, the quicker they'll be able to make up their mind. You'll want to include any and all important details, but leave out anything the proposal could do without.

Be Direct -- Tell people what you need, why you need it, and why they should help you. Don't offer benefits to the world at large, but speak to the person reading your proposal. Most people hate long, drawn-out proposals, so make sure that your wording is as concise and direct as possible.

Open Strong -- The logline/pitch that you use is the most important part of your proposal. You need to boil down your entire idea into two or three short sentences in order to snag people's attention right away. The stronger your opening pitch, the better chance it stands of getting your readers to say, "Yes, I want that!"

There are many styles of writing, and there are many types of proposals written for crowdfunded projects. Some people use humor and witty writing to appeal to their readers, while others rely on the strength of the product or project. Regardless of your style of writing, keep the ideas above firmly in mind, and your proposal will stand the highest chance of success!




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