30 Best Remote Side Jobs You Can Do Online

They’ll help you pad your bank account.

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

Online side jobs

So, you’ve got a full-time job, but you’re eyeing some extra cash or maybe even a new skill set.

Online side jobs could be your golden ticket!

In this article, you’ll discover what side jobs are all about and the types of gigs you can get into, ranging from freelance writing to graphic design. We’ll also touch on how a side hustle could be more than just pocket change — it could boost your career in ways you haven’t even considered.

What is a side job?

A side job is, essentially, work you do besides your main gig, akin to an appetizer accompanying your main course. These jobs vary widely, from remote side hustles to part-time positions in a local store.

Freelance work presents a flexible route with diverse options like data entry or social media management, much like the flexibility discussed in a recent Harvard Business Review case study on remote work policies. Gig-based work, on the other hand, entails undertaking individual tasks or “gigs” such as graphic design or short-term writing assignments.

This spectrum of side jobs demonstrates the evolving nature of work, which, as the case study suggests, requires adaptive organizational policies to foster inclusivity and operational efficiency.

How can you elevate your career with a side hustle?

Believe it or not, side hustles can be a game-changer for your career. First off, they’re a fantastic way to expand your skill set. Ever wanted to try your hand at freelance writing or graphic design? Here’s your chance. Side gigs also let you dip your toes into different industries. If you work in finance but have always been curious about tech, why not take on a data entry side job in that sector?

Your professional reputation gets a boost, too. You’ll meet new people and grow your network, which is always a plus. Side hustles from home, like being a virtual assistant or social media manager, show that you're organized and can work independently.

If you’re into remote jobs, your expertise in remote working could make you a hot commodity. This is backed by a recent CNBC article that lists in-demand remote side hustles, some paying as much as $100 an hour, underscoring the lucrative potential of remote work expertise.

Lastly, let’s talk money. A side job can be a financial cushion or fund your next vacation. Some online English teachers even turn their side gigs into a substantial income stream. Whether you’re looking to work part time or simply make better use of your free time, side jobs offer a lucrative path that complements your full-time job beautifully.

30 best online side jobs

Ready to stack some extra cash on top of your full-time job? Perfect. Whether you’re into creative gigs or more admin-type roles, this list has something for you.

With a focus on remote working, you’ll find a wide range of options to fit your skills and free time. So, let’s dig into 30 online side hustles that you can start today.

1. Virtual assistant

virtual assistant

Average hourly salary: $24.66

If working at an organization is your speed, and you’re comfortable juggling multiple tasks, being a virtual assistant might be right up your alley. You’ll manage schedules, handle data entry, and maybe even dip into some customer service. This is one of those remote side hustles you can do from home, balancing it easily with your full-time job.

2. Writer

Average hourly salary: $22.67

Love to write? The world is your oyster in freelance writing. Blogs, magazines and even corporate websites are constantly in search of fresh, engaging content. No matter your niche (be it tech, health or fashion), there’s a place for you. The cherry on top? Most of these gigs offer remote working options, so you can write from the comfort of your home or while traveling.

3. Graphic designer

Average hourly salary: $21.39

Got a knack for design and familiar with tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? Graphic design could be your calling. Businesses are always on the hunt for unique logos, eye-catching marketing materials, and sleek web designs. This side gig not only lets you flex your creative muscles but also adds a nice chunk of change to your income. Plus, many of these roles are remote jobs, offering even more flexibility.

4. Social media manager

social media manager

Average hourly salary: $21.91

Always scrolling through Instagram or Twitter in your free time? Why not make money from it? Companies need savvy individuals to manage their online presence. As a social media manager, you’ll plan posts, interact with followers and analyze engagement metrics. This role is key for businesses looking to enhance their brand online.

5. TEFL teacher

Average hourly salary: $23.26

If you’re a native English speaker and have some teaching or tutoring experience, you could become one of the many online English teachers. This job is especially high in demand in countries where English is not the first language. This gig often requires specific hours, so make sure it fits with your full-time job or other part-time jobs you might have.

6. Data entry clerk

Average hourly salary: $18.04

If you’re a fan of task-based work, data entry is a solid choice. It’s straightforward: you input data into a system. The best part? You can easily do this as a part-time job, and it’s one of those remote jobs you can do from home. Attention to detail is crucial here, so if that’s in your skill set, you’re good to go.

7. Customer service representative

customer service representative

Average hourly salary: $17.61

Got a friendly voice and enjoy helping people? Consider becoming a customer service representative. You’ll be the front line in solving customer issues, usually over the phone or through live chat. Most of these roles offer remote working options, making it another one of those great side hustles from home.

8. Remote working consultant

Average hourly salary: $47.77

If you’ve got expertise in setting up remote work environments and managing virtual teams, consider becoming a remote working consultant. Companies in transition to remote working are looking for advice on everything from tech setups to virtual team-building. This gig allows you to share your know-how and could be a lucrative way to increase income. Plus, the nature of the job means you can often work from home.

9. Proofreader

Average hourly salary: $22.39

If you’ve got an eagle eye for errors and typos, proofreading is a no-brainer. You’ll review and correct content for publications, websites or even students. It’s detail-oriented work that you can usually do from home. It can serve as a great complement to freelance writing if you’re looking to expand your side gigs.

10. Content writer

content writer

Average hourly salary: $20.19

This is a bit different from freelance writing. As a content writer, you’ll often focus on a specific niche or industry. Whether it’s tech, travel or fashion, you’ll delve deep into subjects to create compelling content. It’s a mix of creativity and expertise, and it’s yet another job you can do remotely.

11. Photographer

Average hourly salary: $18.70

Got a knack for framing the perfect shot? Photography is a lucrative side gig that lets you flex your creative muscles. All you need is a decent camera and editing software. It’s ideal for those looking to work part time and from remote locations. Plus, it’s an opportunity to turn your passion into cash.

12. Job board manager

Average hourly salary: $34.88

If you have tech skills and an understanding of the job market, consider becoming a job board manager. This role involves creating and maintaining a digital platform that connects employers with potential hires. It’s a job that not only requires website management skills but also a knack for spotting relevant job opportunities. This side gig offers a unique way to blend tech know-how with a dynamic employment landscape.

13. Bookkeeper


Average hourly salary: $21.50

Love crunching numbers? Being a part-time bookkeeper could be your ideal side gig. You’ll manage financial records for businesses, tackling tasks like invoicing and payroll. This is a versatile job that lets you work from home, easily fitting around your full-time job commitments. All you need is a computer and specific accounting software to get started.

14. Online survey taker

Average hourly salary: $25.48

Online surveys might be the answer. All you need to do is find a reputable site, sign up, and start sharing your views. You won’t become a millionaire, but it’s a decent way to add to your income without eating up your free time. Ideal for anyone looking to put a bit more into their savings account.

15. Affiliate marketer

Average hourly salary: $32.40

Got a blog or a solid following on social media? You might want to look into affiliate marketing. You’ll be promoting products or services, and for each sale made through your unique link, you earn a commission. It’s a great way to generate passive income and it pairs seamlessly with other side gigs like freelance writing. It’s about leveraging your existing online presence.

16. eCommerce seller

Ecommerce seller

Average hourly salary: $23.57

Ever thought about selling your handmade crafts or vintage finds? Platforms like Etsy and eBay make it easy to start your own mini-business. All you need is a product to sell and a bit of marketing savvy. It’s a great way to work from home and bring in some extra cash.

17. Web developer

Average hourly salary: $33.10

If coding is your strong suit, web development offers a sea of opportunities. Companies constantly need experts in front-end, back-end or full-stack development. The only must-haves are a good grasp of coding languages and an updated portfolio.

18. SEO specialist

Average hourly salary: $29.22

Got a knack for keywords and search engine algorithms? Becoming an SEO specialist could be your next move. Your job is to tweak website content so it ranks better on search engines like Google. Demand is high, as companies are putting more emphasis on their online footprint. To start, you’ll need a basic understanding of SEO tools and maybe even some certifications.

19. Virtual fitness coach

virtual fitness coach

Average hourly salary: $28.35

Passionate about fitness? Why not become a virtual fitness coach? You’ll be remote working, guiding clients on their fitness journeys from workout routines to meal plans. It’s a great way to capitalize on your expertise while also making a meaningful impact. To get started, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, some basic fitness certifications, and the ability to market yourself online.

20. Pet sitter

Average hourly salary: $15.32

Pet sitting might be your perfect side gig. People are willing to pay you to look after their pets, be it dogs, cats or even exotic animals. It’s an enjoyable way to work part time, and you get the added perk of animal cuddles. Just make sure you’re familiar with basic pet care, and perhaps get some recommendations to kick-start your new venture.

21. Translator

Average hourly salary: $22.12

Translation could be your ideal remote job if you know multiple languages. It’s a versatile gig covering sectors like legal, healthcare and entertainment. To get started, you’ll need a solid grasp of grammar and syntax in both languages you’re working in. A portfolio can help, so consider volunteering initially to build one.

22. Voiceover artist

voice over artist

Average hourly salary: $28

If you love to sing or have been complimented on your voice, this could be a career path to consider. From advertising spots to audiobooks, there’s a wide range of gigs that need that special vocal touch. Basic recording equipment and editing software are essential for this gig.

23. Tutor

Average hourly salary: $24.15

Thinking about turning your expertise in a subject into a side gig? Tutoring could be your answer. Whether it’s math, science or something else, platforms like Tutor.com and Preply are a good place to start. A reliable internet connection is your main requirement, and you can even schedule sessions around your free time.

24. Event planner

Average hourly salary: $16.07

A knack for organization can be your ticket to a profitable side hustle: event planning. Whether it’s organizing corporate shindigs or smaller, intimate gatherings, clients are willing to pay for a seamless experience. Consider brushing up your skills with an event management course, and the best part? You can kick off most of your planning work remotely.

25. Stock photographer

stock photographer

Average hourly salary: $25.43

Snapshots to dollar bills, how does that sound? If photography is your game, stock photography is an avenue worth exploring. You can upload your high-quality photos to platforms like Shutterstock and iStock. The key to this part-time job is a good camera and an eye for detail. Your creativity can help you earn some extra income, even while you sleep.

26. App tester

Average hourly salary: $51.40

Ever thought about capitalizing on your app addiction? As an app tester, it’s your job to check out new apps and deliver feedback. Attention to detail and a knack for tech are your tickets in. Most opportunities are remote, so you can work from your favorite chair. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at upcoming apps before the general public does.

27. Personal shopper

Average hourly salary: $15.14

Turn your shopping sprees into a money-making venture. As a personal shopper, you’re the go-to guru for fashion or home style. This part-time gig requires a good eye for detail and a strong sense of style. The beauty of it is the flexibility; you can easily juggle this job with your full-time commitments. And, hey, you’re making someone’s day just a little bit brighter.

28. Résumé writer

Resume writer

Average hourly salary: $18

Ever find yourself critiquing résumés for friends? Why not turn that skill into cash? As a résumé writer, you’ll help jobseekers showcase their best selves on paper. Whether it’s helping a college grad or a professional on the move, you’ve got the skills to make their résumés stand out.

29. Podcast editor

Average hourly salary: $30

Got some tech skills? Podcast editing might be up your alley. You’d be surprised how many people are looking for editors to clean up their audio and make them sound like a pro. Again, you can do this work from home, fitting it into your free time.

30. Crafts seller

Average hourly salary: $26.50

If you’re handy with crafts, consider selling your creations online. Websites like Etsy are a great platform to start your side hustle from home. From custom knits to hand-painted artwork, the possibilities are endless.

How to find the right side job for you

Excited about online side hustles like virtual assistant roles or freelance writing? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, here are five key tips:

1. Evaluate your strengths

Start by taking a good look at what you excel at. Maybe you’re a powerhouse in graphic design? Well, companies are perpetually searching for captivating logos and groundbreaking marketing content.

Leverage these strengths. Use the skills you’ve honed in your full-time job to gain an edge in your side hustle. It’s all about making your existing skill set work for you in new ways, broadening your opportunities for extra income.

2. Identify your goals

So, what’s the end game? Are you hunting for some quick cash to pad your wallet, or are you eyeing this as a potential exit ramp from your 9-to-5? Knowing your ultimate goal is crucial for picking the right side hustle.

Say you’re into data entry — it might be an easy way to make extra bucks, but don’t expect it to morph into a full-blown career. Align your side gig with your longer-term plans, and you’ll find yourself on a much clearer path.

3. Browse job boards

Don’t jump in blind. Take some time to explore job boards focused on remote jobs and the current state of gig economy jobs. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer are treasure troves of opportunities, featuring roles from social media manager to remote consultancy gigs.

These platforms can offer you a wide range of options that match your skill set and goals. It’s not just about finding a gig; it’s about finding the right gig. Carefully read through the skills and experience required in each posting to make sure it’s in line with what you can bring to the table.

4. Create a plan

Alright, you’ve scoped out the landscape; now it’s time to make a plan. Block out specific chunks of time dedicated to your side hustle. This could be evenings after clocking out of your full-time job or maybe weekends. Be mindful of the time commitments some side gigs require.

For example, if you’re thinking of teaching English online, you’ll need to align with international time zones. So, double-check that the side gig you’re eyeing fits well with your existing schedule to avoid unnecessary stress.

5. Start small

Hold on, no need to hand in that resignation letter yet. Start by dipping your toes into the side gig pool with small, manageable tasks that won’t monopolize all your free time. Get a feel for the workload, the pace, and how it fits into your life.

As you gain confidence and a better understanding of the time commitment, you can slowly increase the scale of your projects. This gradual approach minimizes your risk and makes it easier to manage multiple gigs without burning out.

How to avoid side hustle burnout

Hey, kudos for juggling a full-time job and eyeing some extra dough through a side gig. But how are you planning to maintain productivity working from home? It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Burnout is a real issue when you're grinding away at your 9-to-5 and then freelancing in your free time. So, let’s get you set up to avoid that pitfall, shall we?

1. Set boundaries

First things first: you need well-defined boundaries. If you’ve been eyeing data entry or remote jobs as your side hustle, that’s great! But be cautious. Don’t let your side gig interfere with your day job or personal life. Allocate specific blocks of time for each commitment. Your work calendar should be a patchwork of tasks, not a flood of endless responsibilities.

2. Know when to say “no”

It’s great to be ambitious, but you’re not a machine. Maybe you’re already a social media manager and thinking of becoming an online English teacher in your free time. But hold on; you can’t just keep adding tasks like they’re toppings on a pizza. There comes a point when you have to decline new opportunities because you’re nearing your breaking point.

3. Utilize remote working

The beauty of most side gigs is that they let you work remotely. Remote working can be your best friend in these situations. No commute means more time to focus and less stress overall. So, if you’re tackling remote side hustles, make sure to capitalize on this perk. Create a dedicated workspace to get in the zone and knock out tasks effectively.

4. Keep free time free

When every minute counts, it’s easy to cram work into every nook and cranny of your schedule. But let’s get real: you need downtime. Don’t surrender your free time to the side hustle gods. Rest is not just a gap in your schedule; it’s essential for your wellbeing. Binge a show, take a walk, do some yoga — whatever helps you recharge.

5. Seek variety

Monotony is the enemy. Don’t get stuck doing the same freelance writing or graphic design task over and over. The beauty of side hustles is the vast array they offer. So why limit yourself? One day you could be a virtual assistant, the next you could teach English online. A variety of tasks will not only keep you engaged but also diversify your skill set.

Final thoughts

A side job can be a full-time job, part-time contract or freelance work. But whichever route you take, remember:

  • Choose a side hustle that’s right for you. Evaluate your strengths, identify your goals and start small.
  • Consider your options. From writing to pet sitting, you’re spoiled for choice.
  • Do your research. Make sure the side job you’ve chosen is both enjoyable and practical.
  • Be mindful of burnout. Set boundaries, keep your work separate from your personal life, and know when to say “no”.

Side gigs are a fantastic way to supplement your income and maybe even develop new skills. But they should enrich your life, not make you wish you had a clone. So go ahead, start that side hustle — but be smart about it.

Got any other side job ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

Originally published on June 15, 2020.