Editorial Policy

Mission statement

We aim to be a trusted source of high-quality information and inspiration in the career growth and professional development space.

Expertise and authority

All articles published on CareerAddict are created and reviewed by qualified experts in their relevant fields. Our team of staff members, guest bloggers and contractors are carefully vetted for their credentials and subject matter expertise.

Fact-checking and sourcing

We take great care to fact-check and verify the information we present in our content. All data points, claims and facts are backed up by current and reputable sources, including government organizations, professional and academic institutions, and expert interviews, and we provide appropriate citations or references for readers to access additional information.

Editorial independence

We maintain complete editorial control over the content that we create and publish. Our editorial content is not influenced by sponsors, advertisers, stakeholders or third parties.

Transparency and disclosure

We are committed to transparency. Any potential conflicts of interest or affiliations that may influence our content will be appropriately disclosed, and any sponsored, promotional, partner or affiliate content will be clearly identified as such.


We value originality and creativity. All the content we publish is exclusively created for CareerAddict and is not duplicated from other sources. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism in all its forms.

Artificial intelligence

We do not publish AI-generated content. While we may use generative AI tools for research and brainstorming ideas, all our articles are written and reviewed by humans.


We give writing credit to all authors for their contributions in the form a byline visible at the top and bottom of each article, which includes a link to a biographical page. In cases where one or more additional authors have significantly contributed to the research and writing of an article, their names will appear at the end of the relevant article.

Anonymity and confidentiality

We strongly discourage the use of anonymous or unnamed authors or sources, as this can erode transparency. When anonymity is granted to protect a contributor from retaliation, harassment or discrimination, we will disclose the reasoning and provide the necessary context.

Corrections and updates

We routinely review our articles to ensure the information we provide is accurate, relevant and current. When we correct or update an article, we will publish a notification at the bottom of the relevant article, identifying the nature and extent of the amendment.

Please email [email protected] to report an error.

Reader engagement and feedback

We value our readers’ active participation and feedback, striving to create a community where readers can connect, contribute to the conversation and share their opinions. We welcome diverse viewpoints and constructive criticism.

Legal and ethical compliance

We adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and ethical guidelines in our content production processes. We respect copyright laws and give proper credit to original sources when necessary.

Privacy and data protection

We are committed to protecting our readers’ privacy and data, and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations. Read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we do this.

Last updated: April 2, 2024