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Browse our collection of tips, advice and templates for writing your CV, résumé and cover letter – including ATS considerations and common mistakes to look out for – and learn how to effectively market yourself to recruiters as a viable candidate.

Close-up of a man working on a laptop
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / DEC 20, 2018

A lot of self-deprecating workers consistently sell themselves short when it comes to their professional triumphs. The common problem for so many employees today...
A smiling young woman holding a laptop and standing in front of a yellow background
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / DEC 14, 2018

When attempting to land a job, it’s no secret that most recruiters are primarily interested in your skillset. Indeed, it’s a simple truth that while personality...
Male teenage writing notes
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / NOV 30, 2018

When your weekly pocket money fund has come to an end, you need to find another way to make some income, and that income will often come in the form of a part-time job...
Close-up of a young man with a beard working on his laptop
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / OCT 17, 2018

Every few months or so, a new poll is released that shows 25%, two-thirds or even 80% of a particular age demographic thinks of leaving their current job for a career of...
Résumé with a female candidate's photo on a desk with a keyboard and smartphone
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / OCT 05, 2018

Your CV or résumé should fit onto two pages, max. It should never use colour. Your education section should always come after your work experience. Conventional wisdom...
Close-up of man's hand holding a resume on a desk with a laptop and books in the background
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / AUG 31, 2018

This article is brought to you by Enhancv, a web-based platform used by over half a million people which empowers you to create targeted and personalised résumés that get...
Graphic CV concept
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / JUL 09, 2018

It’s no secret that getting through the CV sift is the biggest hurdle of the job search marathon. Indeed, in a competitive market where desirable vacancies can attract...
Man sitting at desk and writing letter
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / JUL 02, 2018

Cover letters as we know them started gaining momentum in the early 1950s, and by the mid-1960s had become a regular requirement for job vacancies. But with the rising...
Creative young man working on tablet and laptop
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / JUN 27, 2018

Let’s face it: nobody particularly enjoys putting together a CV. You have to remember dates, make mundane responsibilities sound interesting and authoritative and – worst...
CV education section in job application
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / JUN 12, 2018

During the arduous process of putting your CV together (or résumé, for that matter), it can be easy to overlook the importance of the education section. Indeed, in many...
Concept of young man speaking foreign languages
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / MAY 28, 2018

In an increasingly globalised marketplace, the ability to speak another language is becoming a key skill for employers. Yet many bilingual jobseekers either underestimate...
Businessman reading resume
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / MAY 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered why Europeans apply for a job with a CV and Americans use a résumé? You probably thought it was just a play on words, that they’re both the same...
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