10 Best Online Résumé Builders to Help You Get Hired

They’ll help you create a standout application.

Reviewed by Joanna Zambas

Best Online Resume Builders

Writing a résumé isn’t only about showcasing your work experience, skills, qualifications and accomplishments in an effective and persuasive manner.

No, there’s a lot more to it than just that.

It’s also about optimizing it for applicant tracking systems (basically robots that scan your résumé for preset keywords to determine if it matches the job’s requirements).

And it’s also about creating a well-structured and visually appealing document. Because, yes, when it comes to résumés, looks do matter.

That’s where résumé builders come in: they help you do all that — and more.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through what these tools are and whether they’re worth it, and reveal the crème de la crème of free résumé builders you should try out.

What is a résumé builder?

A résumé builder, also sometimes known as a résumé maker, is an online tool that you can use to quickly and easily create a résumé.

You start by selecting a pre-formatted résumé template, and then you fill it in with your contact details and professional and educational information. Once everything is ready, you can then download your résumé as a PDF (and often other file formats) or print it to send to potential employers.

What are the pros and cons of using a résumé builder?

There are pros and cons to résumé builders, just like everything else. If you’re considering using one to put together your résumé, the following factors will help you weigh your options.

The pros

First things first:

1. Time-saving

Putting together a résumé (and cover letter) from scratch can be a time-consuming process — typically anywhere between 2 and 12 hours, depending on the complexity of your work history and your familiarity with résumé writing, as well as your graphic design skills.

As résumé builders feature pre-made templates, they help speed things up for you by eliminating the design stage entirely.

2. Easy-to-follow templates

Writing a résumé can be a daunting task, especially when you’re staring at a blank document with no idea where to start.

But a good builder will guide you through the process, while their easy-to-follow templates often provide step-by-step instructions and insightful tips on writing each section, and even AI-generated pre-written bullet point and skill suggestions to help inspire you.

3. Accessibility

One of the best things about résumé builders is that, since they’re online platforms, you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection, be it your home, your local library or a coworking space — making it convenient for jobseekers on the go.

Many builders also come with an app version that you can download on your phone or tablet.

The cons

Of course, there are downsides to résumé builders too, including:

1. Possible lookalikes

When you use a pre-made template from a résumé builder (or even a template foundry), you risk creating a virtually identical document to what other applicants for the same position are submitting.

This means you end up blending in instead of standing out from the crowd, and your résumé could get lost in the sea of applications.

2. Limited customization capabilities

Although no two résumé builders are built the same, they all typically come with limitations in terms of layout, fonts and overall design. For example, if you need to create a skills-based résumé, most builders won’t let you create a skills summary — the core section of this particular résumé format.

You simply can’t customize templates fully according to your specific needs, goals and even personality that you otherwise could with a DIY design.

3. ATS-compliance issues

Not all templates featured in résumé builders are optimized for applicant tracking systems — even if they’re advertised as such!

In many cases, résumé templates are created by designers with little to no input from qualified résumé experts. Because of this, designers tend to focus more on visual appeal over anything else, which often leads to overcomplicated formatting — which then leads to your application being discarded prematurely.

The 10 best free résumé builders

Ready to shop around? Start with these 10 options!

1. Resume.io

Resume.io’s résumé builder offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of professionally designed templates, and various customization options to tailor your résumé to your specific needs. It also provides helpful tips and suggestions throughout the résumé-building process to ensure your document is effective and professional.


  • 31 ATS-optimized résumé templates
  • Automatic summary generator and AI pre-written phrases
  • 250+ résumé and 50+ cover letter examples for inspiration


You can use Resume.io for free, but you’ll only be able to create one résumé and one cover letter, and download your documents as basic TXT files (you can, however, share a link to your résumé to employers). Paid plans, starting from $2.95 for 7 days, feature unlimited résumés and cover letters, and unlimited downloads.

2. Kickresume

Known for its modern and visually appealing templates, Kickresume offers an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to customize your résumé’s layout and sections.


  • 4 free + 40 premium résumé templates approved by seasoned recruiters
  • Pre-written phrases for 3,200+ positions
  • More than 1,500 job-specific résumé and cover letter samples


Unlike many other résumé builders, Kickresume lets you freely download your résumé as a PDF (albeit in a basic template). Kickresume Premium plans feature all 44 templates, full customization options, AI résumé checks, 7 personal website templates, priority email and chat support, and the Kickresume app — starting from $19 a month.

3. VisualCV

VisualCV is another excellent choice, known for its focus on creating visually appealing résumés. It offers a wide range of customizable templates with modern designs, and allows users to add multimedia elements such as images, videos and links which can help showcase their skills and accomplishments in a unique way.


  • 3 free + 25 premium résumé templates
  • Generative AI content suggestions
  • 500+ job-specific résumé examples and samples


VisualCV is free to use, but you’ll need to upgrade to their Pro plan ($24 per month, or $60 per quarter) to download your résumé as a PDF or Word file. The premium version also includes a cover letter builder, unlimited downloads, and résumé performance analytics.

4. Novoresume

While résumé design can make or break your chances of landing an interview, Novoresume emphasizes the importance of content, offering suggestions and tips for crafting an effective résumé that highlights your most relevant skills and experiences.


  • 8 free + 8 premium résumé templates
  • Real-time feedback on résumé content
  • Fully customizable design and layout


Novoresume lets you create and download a one-page résumé for free, and includes 3 fonts and 30 color themes. The premium version, however, gives you access to all of the platform’s features starting from $19.99/month.

5. Zety

Zety is another popular choice for résumé building, offering various templates and features to create a professional résumé. Its easy-to-use platform guides you through the process, step by step, and provides pre-written phrases and bullet points to help you articulate your skills, experiences and achievements effectively.


  • 18 résumé templates across 25 color options
  • Job-specific content suggestions generated by AI
  • 1,500+ CV, résumé and cover letter examples


Like most other résumé builders, Zety is free to create a résumé, CV and cover letter, which you can download as a TXT file. For Word or PDF downloads, you’ll need to buy a subscription plan, starting from $2.99 for a two-week trial.

6. MyPerfectResume

MyPerfectResume not only offers a user-friendly résumé builder, but also dedicated CV and cover letter builders. And that’s not all: the platform’s Career Center offers hundreds of expertly written articles on maximizing your job search and career.


  • 40 résumé templates across 28 color options
  • Content suggestions written by résumé experts
  • Searchable database of résumé and cover letter examples


MyPerfectResume is free to use, but joining their Full Access plan unlocks all of the platform’s features, including unlimited Word and PDF downloads, grammar and spell checks, and tailoring recommendations. The 14-day trial plan costs $2.95 and the monthly plan $5.95.

7. ResumeGenius

One of the best things about ResumeGenius is its personalized résumé-building guidance based on your industry, experience level and career goals, helping you create a tailored, relevant and impactful résumé.


  • 25 customizable templates, available in 7 different color schemes
  • Bullet point suggestions and automatic formatting
  • 3 free downloadable and printable templates


ResumeGenius’s free plan will let you download your résumé as a TXT file, while its premium plan (starting from $2.95 for a 14-day trial) unlocks all of the builder’s features.

8. LiveCareer

LiveCareer offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create a professional résumé without technical expertise. It provides a wide range of templates and customization options, allowing you to tailor your résumé to your specific needs and preferences.


  • 30 résumé templates, available in 24 different color variants
  • Professionally written content suggestions
  • Unlimited cloud storage


Like most other builders on our list, LiveCareer is free to use, and you can download a TXT version of your résumé. The premium version includes unlimited templates and cloud storage, starting from $2.95 for 2 weeks.

9. CakeResume

CakeResume is another popular platform for creating résumés, and it’s especially praised for its modern and visually appealing designs, interactive element capabilities, easy customization, collaboration features, and analytics.


  • 50+ multimedia résumé templates
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality
  • Free résumé examples, guides and resources


One of the great things about CakeResume is it lets you create your résumé and download it as a PDF for free. Two premium subscriptions are available: Advanced (which removes CakeResume branding from your documents) for $10/month, and Pro (includes Google Analytics) for $15/month.

10. Resume.com

Resume.com’s intuitive résumé builder is trusted by 6 million professionals from companies like IKEA, Deloitte and Tesla, and walks you through the process with tailored tips and content suggestions. It even recommends available jobs on Indeed that match your experience and industry.


  • 15 data-driven résumé templates
  • PDF and TXT downloads, and unlimited email/social sharing
  • Over 100 HR-approved résumé samples


Resume.com is completely free — in their own words: “no gimmicks, no freemium features, no joke”.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions about résumé builders? We got answers!

Q: Can I use a résumé builder to create a CV?

Yes! A CV is essentially another name for “résumé”, at least in countries like the UK and Australia, so you can use a builder to create a résumé or a CV.

Even if you’re looking to create an academic CV, most résumé builders include templates specifically geared towards jobseekers within academia and research.

Q: Can I create an online résumé with a builder?

No. An online résumé is basically a webpage version of your résumé. Think of it as a website featuring dedicated pages or sections for your work experience, education and skills, as well as your portfolio and sometimes even a blog.

You’ll typically create an online résumé with a website builder (like Wix or WordPress, for example), not a résumé builder.

Q: Should I use a résumé builder?

That decision is entirely yours to make. But a résumé builder can be useful if you’re strapped for time or you lack the basic graphic design skills needed to create a résumé from scratch.

Another option is to hire a professional résumé writer who will craft a personalized résumé that is not only visually appealing and ATS-optimized but that also effectively markets your top skills and achievements to employers. Our own résumé writing service comes with 30 days of free, unlimited revisions, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, too!

Final thoughts

The 10 résumé builders listed above are just a fraction of what’s available online. Indeed, a quick Google search will return thousands more results — and we suggest checking some of these out too, as they could be a better match to what you need.

Whichever builder you ultimately choose to use, though, remember these pointers:

  • Always check the fine print, especially in terms of pricing, before spending hours putting together your résumé.
  • Review previous customers’ testimonials, as their experiences (good or bad) can help you make a more informed decision.
  • Tailor your résumé to every job you apply to, incorporating important keywords from the job description, to better stand out.

Have you tried any of these résumé builders? Share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section below.

This article is a complete update of an earlier version originally published on June 1, 2017.