Top 10 Free Résumé Builder Websites

Want to build a great résumé? Here are the top résumé building platforms and websites to consider.

Free Résumé Builder Websites

Creating a résumé from scratch can take hours or even weeks to complete unless you are fully committed to it. But, if you are serious about finding a job, you need to be smart about it, and take the easiest and most convenient road to reaching your destination.

Making use of résumé templates and résumé apps, websites or builders can definitely make things a lot easier.

Here are the top 10 free résumé builders we found to help you out.

1. Novoresume

Novoresume provides a template building service that can help you make a personalised résumé, tailored to a specific job or situation. They have optimisation tools to help you match your skills to the job you’d like to apply for and offer useful tips to ensure your résumé is unique and engaging.

2. Resume Genius

ResumeGenius promises to help you build a professional product in just 15 minutes. If you don’t think that it’s possible, check out the classic and elegant looking templates that have managed to land thousands of people new jobs. Accuracy, simplicity in functionality and use, and professionalism are just some of the qualities of these templates. The best thing is that they are applicant tracking system friendly which means there is no way it is going to get rejected before it reaches recruiters.

3. SlashCV

SlashCV offers you the simplest way to create and share your résumé online. If you want to test it out, there is a video demonstration of the steps that you need to take to create one that shows exactly how it works. The service offers 28 different predesigned PDF templates that you can download for free. In fact, you can choose one and start working on yours with just a click. Also, it allows you to save your résumé to Dropbox which makes the whole process very convenient.

4. VisualCV

VisualCV has changed its ‘face’ and is committed in helping you create a standout résumé that can help you land the job. Forbes, Mashable, TNW, CNN and Wall Street Journal guarantee that VisualCV is doing a pretty good job. Browsing the gallery that showcases modern and eye-catching templates will convince you. What’s great about this service is that it allows you to track the results by looking at the analytics that lets you know when your résumé is being viewed or downloaded.

5. ResumUP

Do you want to boost up your chances up to 76 percent of landing a job? If so, ResumUP is just what you need. This service offers a wide variety of résumés such as the ribbon, functional, classic ‘clean and simple’. Apart from that, it also allows you to experiment with inforgraphic templates and other more interactive formats, which can give more emphasis on your skills, making you an attractive candidate.

6. My Perfect Resume

With My Perfect Resume you can get your résumé ready in just three simple steps. First you choose which design you want to use from the gallery, e.g. traditional, artistic, or modern. Second, you choose whether you want to upload it or create one from scratch. Finally you select one from their library of professional designs, build a résumé with industry-specific information, download it, print it and you are ready to go.

7. GotResumeBuilder

GotResumeBuilder offers a straight-cut format and an easy toolkit to work with. The service offers various tips, résumé templates with mostly classic designs as well as the option to share it on a website or social media. You also have to option to download it in any format you like, such as PDF, Word, ODT, Html or text.

8. CV Maker

CV Maker is another excellent tool that offers the possibility to create outstanding résumés simple, quick and absolutely free! It offers a wide range of templates to choose from, which you can use to create your own résumé just like you imagined. With more than 11,000,000 downloads and 4,000,00 saved résumés, this popular service allows you to not only create a résumé but also export to a document in various formats including PDF, HTML or TXT.

9. Visualize.Me

If you are applying for a creative position, this is your go-to place since Visualize.Me is the #1 infographic maker. Here you won’t find the traditional or classic résumé template but infographics that you can add a variety of features to. These include modern beautiful themes, language maps, experience timelines, skills charts and other information that are visually appealing and can impress any employer.

Update: this tool no longer exists.

10. Kickresume

Last but not least is Kickresume, which promises you a 60 percent higher chance of landing a job. This website offers a résumé and cover letter builder that allows easy customization for every profession and industry you are in. Apart from that, it also provides the possibility to build a personal website with a single click.

Even though writing a résumé may be the last thing you want to do, résumés are a necessary tool if you want to get a job. Using a résumé builder helps you create a professionally written one through an easier and more enjoyable process!

Which one(s) would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below…