Chris Leitch

Chris Leitch

Editor-in-Chief & Résumé Expert

Chris joined CareerAddict in 2014 and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief, where he oversees our content strategy and editorial operations, and regularly contributes to our blog by sharing his advice on résumé, job search and recruitment topics. When not helping writers hone their craft, eliminating stray apostrophes and debating on the use of the Oxford comma, he enjoys traveling, gardening, collecting Céline Dion records, and taking (often unflattering) photos of his 5 rescue cats.

Professional Memberships

National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA)

Career highlights

Authored 250+ and proofed 3,000+ blog articles for CareerAddict.

Promoted to Managing Editor and subsequently Editor-in-Chief in 3.5 years.

Published his first short story at just 8 years old.