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CareerAddict’s distinguished status as one of the leading online career advice sites in the industry provides marketers and agencies with an exceptional opportunity to reach their ideal audience though a variety of avenues.

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Sponsored Posts

Promote a product, service, or even an event and increase your brand’s exposure. One of our talented writers will work with you to create an article that will engage our audience and promote your brand to its full potential. All sponsored posts will be featured on our homepage, shared across our social pages, and you will get a full company profile page.

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Custom Posts

CareerAddict can produce an informative and in depth article for you, which will appeal to our career focused audience. Our team of dedicated writers will create a Custom Post that fits in with the style, standards and content published on CareerAddict and it will be tailored towards your brand.

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CareerAddict Writing Service

Have your article professionally written by our in-house team. Our team have produced 1,000s of informative career and job based articles. Let one of our writers get your post mocked up and skip the editorial queue!

Available with ‘Sponsored’ and ‘Custom’ posts.

CareerAddict Newsletter

Have your article featured on the CareerAddict weekly newsletter. It is sent to over 150,000 subscribers and we get healthy open and click rates. We offer only 6 spots on our newsletter, so contact us today to see if your article is eligible

Available with ‘Sponsored’ and ‘Custom’ posts.

Homepage Feature

Feature your article on the CareerAddict homepage for additional exposure. There are 3 featured spots on our homepage, right at the top and right in the spotlight. Contact us for more information

Available with ‘Sponsored’ and ‘Custom’ posts.

Social Sharing

Promote your article across our popular social pages with a total following of over 1.2 million fans. Consult with our social media team to schedule and share your article across all our social pages at a time that best reaches your target audience.

Available with ‘Sponsored’ and ‘Custom’ posts.



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CareerAddict doesn’t just engage audiences – it engages the right audience, the kind of audience advertisers want to attract.


Statistics are based on Google Analytics reports from 2016

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