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Closeup of businessman holding piece of paper saying 'elevator pitch'
JOB SEARCH / JUN 14, 2018

If you’re hoping to find a new job, one of the things that you can definitely benefit from is learning how to craft the perfect elevator pitch. Commonly known as the...
Silicon Valley on map
JOB SEARCH / MAY 15, 2018

With the global tech industry booming, digital jobs are fast forming a vital foundation for the world’s economies. Indeed, as new enterprises make their mark and the...
Young man hitting head after making mistakes
JOB SEARCH / MAY 02, 2018

In such a highly competitive job market, even the savviest jobseekers are bound to make mistakes. Though some mistakes are easily forgiven, others can end up costing you...
Ticking refuse box
JOB SEARCH / APR 03, 2018

After having applied for job after job after job in your cut-throat job search, you’ve finally managed to bag yourself an offer but it just isn’t quite right for you...
Businessman jumping in air
JOB SEARCH / FEB 20, 2018

As a youngster, you were so sure of your dream job by continually telling people: ‘I want to be a famous singer and make lots of money’. Now you’re older and hopefully a...
job search guide
JOB SEARCH / FEB 15, 2018

Whether you’re straight out of university or a seasoned professional, job hunting is no walk in the park. Sometimes, you just don’t know where to begin looking, let alone...
Job search written in notebook
JOB SEARCH / FEB 12, 2018

Finding the right employment opportunities and making it through the screening process in today’s competitive job market is tough, to say the least. But whether you’re a...
google office
JOB SEARCH / NOV 30, 2017

By now, everyone is aware of all the cool stuff Google gives its employees. Free food, financial bonuses for new parents, on-site gyms, massages, haircuts and vehicle...
Billie Bob Thornton as Willie T. Stokes in the movie 'Bad Santa' (2003)
JOB SEARCH / NOV 24, 2017

As Christmas starts to get closer and the festivities start to ramp up a notch, money can start to become a little light in the pocket, what with all the gift buying, the...
choose between job offers
JOB SEARCH / NOV 21, 2017

Job searching, as I’m sure many of you are fully aware, can be a long and arduous process – so much so that career experts reckon it takes an average 90 days to...
best companies
JOB SEARCH / NOV 14, 2017

Everybody wants to work for a company that values their employees, and offers them security, progression and a favourable salary – but until you’ve passed that interview...
woman researching company on laptop
JOB SEARCH / NOV 02, 2017

Researching a company is an important step that many people overlook when applying for a job, preparing for an interview or contemplating a job offer. When you’re in any...
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