How to Use X to Find a Job: 10 Tips for Job Search Success

Your dream job just might be a post away.

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

How to use X to find a job

When it comes to finding jobs on social media, candidates have plenty of choices, and one great option to consider is X.

Following Elon Musk acquiring X and its subsequent name change from Twitter in 2023, the site has continued to be popular with jobseekers, thanks in part to it being accessible across various operating systems like iOS and Android, a new dedicated job tool, and verified organizations using it to attract talent.

If you’re looking for work, then read on to learn how to use X to find a job, including why it’s useful and some tips for making your job search on X an effective one.

How is X useful for job searching?

X might not immediately seem like the obvious choice for job searching, but it does have several key uses when it comes to looking for work. Here are five ways X is useful for job searching:

1. You showcase your personal brand

X’s flexibility and ease of use means that jobseekers can showcase their personal brand in many ways, from writing a captivating biography to reposting the right things and using multimedia correctly to the way they post and communicate with others.

2. You can communicate directly with recruiters and employers

X is commonly used for professional communication in the same way LinkedIn is. Given that most recruiters and employers will monitor X accounts on a frequent basis (sometimes multiple times each day), this gives jobseekers ample opportunity to connect directly with them and have their communication reach their audience in a very timely manner.

3. You discover more job opportunities

Many employers and recruiters directly post jobs on X, but this isn’t the only way you can use it to find jobs. Links to jobs that aren’t on X can be reposted or retweeted, and employers might post about job opportunities in general, promoting their employer brand or linking to their job boards. You can also connect with fellow jobseekers and discuss opportunities.

4. You can access community support

Being such a collaborative site, X is perfect for bringing users together to discuss topics and share experiences. There are many X communities that are devoted to job searching, or a particular niche such as entry-level opportunities or specific industries. You can connect with these communities and support each other throughout your job search.

5. You can research potential employers

Organizations are typically very active on X and they use the platform to communicate not just with jobseekers but clients too, and also share general information about their purpose, missions, values and culture. As part of your job searching, research this information to find out more about organizations to assess whether you’ll be a good fit for each other.

Who should use X to find a job?

X is an ideal option for all jobseekers, as it contains plenty of accounts for every professional and level of experience, whether you’re new to the job market, a career changer or an experienced hire.

The site has proved its worth during the rise of remote working, and many different employers post open positions on its platform. X is especially useful for people employed in tech-related fields, such as website design and software engineering, as well as creative jobs like advertising, marketing and graphic design.

X can also be useful for jobseekers in competitive fields, as it can provide a different slant to finding work.

How to use X to find a job

It’s very easy to find jobs on X. There are different ways to do so, and they can all be used to high levels of success. When it comes to how to use X to find a job, here are five key methods:

1. Following company employer accounts

A great way to find a job on X is to follow verified organizations’ pages. Almost every imaginable organization has a presence on X, and they will periodically post jobs or post about career opportunities.

Selectively follow the companies you’re most interested in to find out more about their career opportunities. Don’t follow every company you can, as your feed will clog up with updates from companies that you’re not interested in.

2. Networking

With 619 million active users, it’s easy to interact with others on X. The site is popular for networking because of the concise communication it encourages, and the ability to reply both publicly or privately.

If you find someone who you feel can support your job search, tag them in a post about the job or contact them directly to introduce yourself.

3. Direct messaging

X’s direct messaging function is a great way to find jobs.

DMs are private messages between two X users, where conversations can be held in private, with the 280-character limit not applying. Once you have made an initial connection with someone who can support you in your job search, you can have more detailed and thorough conversations about the job via DMs.

4. Using the X search function

X has become a competitor to LinkedIn by introducing a dedicated job search function, with over one million jobs advertised. This job search tool acts as an aggregator for employment opportunities and redirects users to third-party websites such as company career pages and job boards to complete the application.

To use the search function, type in specific keywords (such as “finance” and “graphic design consultant”) or company names, and add your location in the applicable box. You can then sort the results by location, seniority, employment type or company.

5. Using the right hashtags

Using hashtags in X’s search function helps you discover job opportunities and connect with employers. The best approach here is to use commonly used job search hashtags like “#OpenToWork”, “#Hiring”, “#JobSearch” and “#CareerOpportunity”.

Combine these with hashtags relevant to your field or job, such as “#FinanceJobs”, “#DigitalMarketing”, “#HumanResourcesCareers” or “#Internships”. When you enter these hashtags into the search bar, a list of tweets containing them comes up. You can add additional parameters to a hashtag search in X’s “advanced search” function.

10 tips for your X job search

X might be an easy and effective site for looking for work, but it does need to be used in the right way to maximize its effectiveness. Here are 10 tips on how to use X to find a job:

1. Make your X profile more professional

You can ensure your X profile stands out to employers and recruiters for all the right reasons by ensuring your profile page looks professional.

Firstly, pick a professionally taken headshot, or use a smart head and shoulders photo of yourself. Include a couple of phrases about yourself, such as your career aims and goals. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile or your portfolio if you have it. You might also want to attach your résumé.

Ensure any other images such as your background photo are also professional, and check your X handle: if it’s inappropriate or a cringy relic from your childhood, you might wish to update it.

2. Interact with people you follow on X

Networking with people that you follow on X is important. If you follow accounts of people and they follow you back, treat this as a courtesy and contact them to say “Hi”. Similarly, if you strike up a professional relationship with people on X, then sustain these connections through regular check-ins to see how they are, tagging them in relevant posts and forwarding links you think they might find interesting.

Consider setting up a networking group on X where likeminded users can communicate directly with each other. Sustaining connections means that if a job opportunity arises, you will be top of mind when an X user considers suitable candidates.

3. Post appropriate content

X is a great thought-sharing tool, as it makes posting and disseminating information quick and easy.

Ensure you periodically post content and updates to your X feed. This can include jobs that you’ve seen and you want others to as well, blogs or advice about job seeking, or articles and statistics relevant to your industry or role.

As you post these updates, use questions or polls to get your network interacting. Be sure not to over-post information, as some people might consider this spam, while X’s algorithms might hide your content.

4. Use X as part of a wider strategy

Another good tip on how to use X to find a job is to use the website as part of a wider, more holistic social media strategy.

For example, link to your LinkedIn profile on X, or use LinkedIn to apply for jobs you find on X’s job search page. Post articles and updates relevant to your job search from other sites like Facebook on your X page.

Then, ensure that your social media presence is synchronized and connected. This has the added benefit of keeping you visible and consistent: major attractions for hiring managers and recruiters.

5. Use multimedia

X embraces many forms of multimedia and content, which tends to perform better in terms of its algorithms. Some multimedia, like polls, can create interaction, but other forms are more visual and simply draw attention to your posts and content, helping you to build your personal brand.

Some ways to use multimedia could include attaching a photo to a post or embedding a video résumé through a site like YouTube. Even reposting posts can be catchy, as this displays a little differently on X’s feed. Remember to be respectful and professional at all times when using multimedia, and consider the old adage of “less is more”.

6. Leverage X management tools

There are lots of third-party tools that can take a lot of hassle away from using X to find jobs, and it’s worth using these to ensure your job search is both effective and efficient. Some apps will allow you to schedule posts for certain days and times, meaning that you can set up a regular post when you’re busy at work or perhaps where time zones make timely interaction challenging.

Other functionality can include services to DM groups of people at once or targeted X campaigns, all of which can be used to simplify the sending of job applications and to raise your profile as a media-savvy jobseeker.

7. Be professional in your interactions

X might be a really useful tool for job seeking, but it’s used for all kinds of conversations. Ensure every interaction you have on X is professional, as employers and recruiters can see your posts and retweets.

Be careful about what you like and interact with, and refrain from sharing polarizing or marginalizing views about sensitive topics such as religion or politics. In DMs and other direct interactions, be respectful, polite and courteous, and if someone doesn’t reply to you about a job opportunity, chase them once, but after that, it’s best to move on.

8. Follow job search accounts

While there’s no end to what job- or work-related accounts you can follow and interact with on X, some of the best are accounts run by recruiters or individuals that exist solely to post jobs, share job listings, and offer advice about job searches.

Some of these accounts have a generic focus, whereas others are geared towards specific industries or roles. Others will focus more on the type of employee, such as job search advice and postings applicable to interns, entry-level employees or senior hires.

9. Analyze your impact

X has in-built analytics built into its webpage which can be turned on in your profile. These analytics can tell you a great deal about how your posts, retweets, likes, links and clicks are performing.

You can assess what times people engage with your content, the frequency of this and what kind of content is the most popular. When looking at how to use X to find a job, you can use this information to tailor your job search and interactions with employers and recruiters for maximum impact.

10. Use X regularly

X’s algorithms are geared towards those who frequently use the website and app. Therefore, to ensure your content reaches employers and recruiters and has the best potential impact, you need to use X regularly and frequently.

Establish a routine to post content such as links, and ensure that you log on to X daily and interact by liking posts, retweeting posts where appropriate and engaging in other activities that will keep you an active user. Ensure your activity is professional and appropriate, as X’s algorithms favor content that it regards as high quality and engaging.

Final thoughts

When it comes to finding a job, X is very useful and is frequently used by employers, recruiters and other professionals, with plenty of opportunities posted on its job search feature.

If you’re looking at how to use X to find a job, ensure you interact with others professionally and with a focus on what you are looking for. Use the full breadth of X’s features, such as postings, retweets, DMs and multimedia to ensure your job search activities have maximum impact. Finally, ensure you frequently and consistently engage with others on the site to boost your performance according to X’s algorithms.

By following these tips, you can leverage X’s power to land your perfect role.

Got a question or perhaps a tip of your own you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

This article is a complete update of an earlier version originally published on September 7, 2017.