We occasionally accept one-off guest posts from outside contributors that match our tone and fit seamlessly within our main categories: Starting Your Career, Finding a Job, Work Life, Succeeding at Work, and Management.

Our contributors are experts and thought leaders within their relevant fields, and include CV/résumé writers, career coaches, training and development specialists, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

What we publish

We’re looking for exclusive, original, informative and engaging articles that offer thoughtful analysis and authoritative advice, and that align with our audience’s needs and interests. These include:

  • How-to guides offering step-by-step instructions through a process or workflow
  • “Ultimate” guides providing comprehensive coverage of a specific subject
  • Listicles of bite-sized tips, strategies or techniques
  • Personal stories about professional experiences and challenges

Most of our articles range between 1,500 and 2,000 words in length, although longer word counts (3,000+) are sometimes necessary for more complex topics.

We do not publish company-specific news, press releases, interviews, case studies, or articles that are otherwise promotional or commercial in nature.

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What you get

We don’t pay for guest posts, but if your article is engaging to read and useful to our audience, we’ll actively promote it on our homepage and share it with our 1.5+ million social media followers and 40k+ newsletter subscribers.

We’ll also set up a dedicated author profile for you, under which your article will be published. This includes a headshot, a short bio, and links to your website and social media pages.

You’re also welcome to include one text link to a contextually relevant page within your guest post (subject to prior editorial approval). We do not accept links to landing pages, product pages, registration pages, testimonials, contact forms or social media accounts; links that automatically initiate file downloads; or links to webpages that are otherwise designed to promote, market or sell something.

How to pitch

You can pitch your article by submitting the form below.

Please don’t pitch articles that we have already written, unless you can bring new value or viewpoints to the topic.

Due to the volume of pitches that we receive, we’re unable to respond to all inquiries. If you don’t receive a response within 2 weeks of submitting your pitch, it’s safe to assume that it was not accepted. Feel free to pitch your article elsewhere or to send us a different pitch.

What to expect if we accept

If we accept your pitch, you must sign a contract before we can proceed. Be prepared to provide proof of qualifications and a scanned copy of a valid photo ID for verification purposes.

We’ll work closely with you to iron out the technical details of your article before you begin writing. You’ll receive a content brief outlining detailed instructions regarding length, target keywords, linking requirements and more.

Do expect editorial revisions to be part of the process. We may ask for edits, additions or clarifications to your article.

Note that acceptance of your pitch and its subsequent commission and submission does not guarantee its publication on the CareerAddict website.

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