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Business woman touching a futuristic virtual touchscreen
WORKPLACE / DEC 12, 2018

The world is constantly changing and always evolving. The workplace, on the other hand, is taking its time to adapt to modern times. Offices continue to employ the same...
Young business woman meditating and ignoring her colleagues
WORKPLACE / NOV 27, 2018

Mindfulness – the act of being more focused and aware, and a term that you’ve probably heard 1,000 times over the past year, as more and more people are adopting new...
Overhead view of a group of business people eating lunch
WORKPLACE / NOV 22, 2018

A business meeting can make or break your reputation as a professional, depending on how you handle yourself and what you discuss. It’s not a time to indulge in good food...
Close-up of a businessman writing an email on a laptop and drinking coffee
WORKPLACE / NOV 16, 2018

The art of the email is lost. We have embraced autocorrection, exclamation marks, emojis and poor writing skills, abandoning our correct spelling and elementary school...
A restaurant server walking and carrying plates
WORKPLACE / NOV 07, 2018

With one of the most diverse employee compositions, the global consumer food service industry is a significant part of the world’s economy, with a value of over $1.85...
Group of young people attending an office meeting
WORKPLACE / OCT 30, 2018

Being assigned as the designated minute taker of a board meeting can be a daunting prospect, especially if you haven’t done it before. After all, given the responsibility...
Group of people in costumes having fun at a Halloween party
WORKPLACE / OCT 24, 2018

It’s that time of year where things get a little crazy – from spooktacular costumes to magic potions, it can be hard to maintain your professional persona, especially if...
Close-up of a man's hands holding cash
WORKPLACE / OCT 16, 2018

Picture the scene. Under increasing pressure from the boss, your workload stacking up and your stress levels dangerously rising, you’ve snuck out the fire exit for an...
Stressed businessman covering his head on desk
WORKPLACE / SEP 28, 2018

Made a mistake at work and not sure how to handle it? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s something small like jamming the printer or something worse like...
Young businessman riding his bicycle
WORKPLACE / SEP 24, 2018

Many consider the bicycle as a hip, new way to get around, but this trusty old invention has actually been around for more than 200 years. Due to today’s booming...
School teacher wearing blue dress teaching classroom of students
WORKPLACE / SEP 18, 2018

Picking the right outfit for work when you’re a teacher can be a very tricky task: you don’t want to look too formal or overly casual, and you definitely don’t want to...
Fired employee holding box of belongings and being supervised by a manager
WORKPLACE / SEP 11, 2018

There’s not one word that can fully describe what it’s like when you find out you’ve been let go: anger, disappointment, sadness – it’s a rollercoaster of emotions that...
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