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Everything you need to know about looking for a job, from writing a résumé to interviewing and networking!

Hand writing CV in notebook
CVS / FEB 23, 2018

Have you ever applied for a number of jobs and received nothing but rejection? It’s enough to make you wonder where you’re going wrong. Well, the answer can be quite...

Businessman jumping in air
JOB SEARCH / FEB 20, 2018

As a youngster, you were so sure of your dream job by continually telling people: ‘I want to be a famous singer and make lots of money’. Now you’re older and hopefully a...

Woman in waiting room

The big day has finally arrived: you’re going to interview for the job of your dreams. You’ve prepared your answers to the most common interview questions, picked out...

job search guide
JOB SEARCH / FEB 15, 2018

Whether you’re straight out of university or a seasoned professional, job hunting is no walk in the park. Sometimes, you just don’t know where to begin looking, let alone...

Young man working on laptop
CVS / FEB 12, 2018

Skills are a key component of a well-written CV. Although your work experience and your education paint a picture of your background and your overall qualifications, the...

Job search written in notebook
JOB SEARCH / FEB 12, 2018

Finding the right employment opportunities and making it through the screening process in today’s competitive job market is tough, to say the least. But whether you’re a...

CV contact details address
CVS / FEB 08, 2018

The job search process has changed greatly over the past decade; hiring managers and recruiters expect candidates to compact as much information as possible into a...

Young woman sitting on stairs reading map
CVS / JAN 31, 2018

Gap years are now as common as going on holiday, with thousands of people from all walks of life taking time out before or during full-time employment to achieve other...

Personal information folder
CVS / DEC 27, 2017

Many people – jobseekers and recruiters alike – will tell you that your CV’s employment history section is the hardest to put together. Others might tell you it’s the...

Man interviewing for job

Job interviews can often feel like boxing matches: your opponent (in this case, the interviewer) keeps swinging punches (questions) at you left, right and centre, and...

Bridging a gap

It’s all too easy to fall between the cracks when you’re job hunting, especially if you have a weak application. But what if those cracks are actually one giant gap in...

Grammar on wooden blocks
CVS / DEC 19, 2017

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t just scrutinize applicants’ CVs for their qualifications and experience. They’re also sticklers for grammar and spelling. So much so...

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