20 Social Platforms for a Complete Professional Presence

Professional social media platforms

It’s essential for all professionals to have a strong online presence. According to reports, 92 per cent of recruiters are now using social media to find strong candidates. This demonstrates just how important it is for jobseekers to be present on social media platforms. Of course, it’s not only jobseekers who need to be concerned with their online presence; professionals looking to expand their careers can also gain a lot from having a complete online presence.

From sharing their expertise and boosting their brand to connecting with other professionals in their industry, there’s no reason to stay away from social media. Finding the right platforms to join is essential as it will help you improve your social media presence so make sure you check out the list of social media platforms below.

1. Linkedin

linkedin profileLinkedin

Linkedin is the king of professional networks as it offers a centralised service for everything career-related. It provides free online space for your résumé, helps you connect with other professionals and it also allows you to showcase samples of your work. Of course, to maximise your experience on this channel you need to maintain your account and share content on a regular basis.

2. Facebook

professional facebook profileFacebook

Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s important to recognise its potential in the professional world. Using Facebook to find jobs is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many other features that you can use to increase your professional impact. For example, you can start a page about you and your work to increase your following.

3. Twitter

Twitter profileTwitter

It’s especially important to maintain a regular presence on Twitter, especially if you are in the writing business and you want to showcase your wit and brilliance. Of course, apart from offering you a chance to gain exposure, Twitter is also great for job searching.

4. Google+

Google+ LogoGoogle

Although Google’s venture into the social media world was not as big a success as people had originally anticipated, it’s slowly gaining momentum, and it has become quite popular for small business owners. Its circle's feature shows much promise in reaching potential clients, so if you are thinking of starting a business make sure you build a presence on this network.

5. Youtube

Youtube LogoYoutube

Youtube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. This demonstrates just how potent this network is and what it can do for your career. Having your own vlog will not only help you increase your income, but it will also help you gain a following and exposure.

6. Instagram

Instagram ProfileInstagram

Whether your goal is to get a new job or boost your online presence, Instagram is a great tool for engagement. In fact, posting original content and engaging with others will help you make quite a name for yourself, so don’t forget to visually represent your career goals.

7. Pinterest


Data has shown that this channel is much more popular with women than with men, so if your audience is female, then it’s a very good option. Pinterest is also a great tool to use as online portfolio as it offers excellent organisational features.

8. Tumblr

Tumblr logoTumblr

A great social media platform for jobseekers and career professionals, Tumblr has been helping people advance their career since it launched in 2007. What’s great about this channel is that it essentially offers much the same benefits as a blog, but is much simpler to use. Quick tip: always share your accomplishments and follow brands and leaders to maximise your potential.

9. Meetup

meetup logoMeetup

Although Meetup is not as well-known as other platforms, it offers fantastic opportunities for your career. It’s a great way to meet new and influential people with similar interests in your industry. The networking potential of this platform should not be underestimated as it allows professionals to form strong bonds with one another.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat logosnapchat

Snapchat is believed to have the most engaged social following which is why it should not be missing from your online presence. Using its stories feature, you can create any kind of message you want to share, whether that is your résumé or anything else you fancy.

11. Reddit


Reddit is one of the ten most visited websites on the planet which demonstrates the network’s power. Although it does not seem to offer the kind of exposure that other social media platforms do, it gives you the chance to participate in open discussions around shared interests, which can be a great way to share knowledge and gain influence. It’s also a great way to learn new industry-related information.

12. Flickr

flickr logoflickr

Flickr is used for photo-sharing, organising and archiving and it’s ideal for photographers and creative people. Content shared on Flickr is extremely shareable which makes it easier for people to establish their online brand and increase awareness. As there are over ten million groups to join, it’s easy to find people with the same specific interests which can be a great way to find professional connections. What’s more, Flickr users are extremely active and engaged; in fact, over one million photos are shared per day on the site, which will help you build your following.

13. Yik Yak

yik yakyik yak

Yik yak is a location-based app that allows location-based users to share content anonymously. As such, it’s very popular amongst the 18-24 demographic. Although the anonymity feature might seem counter-intuitive when it comes to connecting with other professionals, it can actually be very useful as it allows you bounce ideas off other people and see how it goes.

14. Periscope


Twitter’s live video streaming mobile app can be extremely beneficial for your career as it allows you to engage with your audience in an authentic and genuine way. Followers receive a notification on their device whenever you start broadcasting which means that at a moment’s notice you can engage with clients, recruiters, and receive feedback. This makes Periscope a great tool when it comes to sharing your expertise and examples of your work.

15. Medium


Medium is a free publishing platform that allows you to publish content. Its community comprises of professional who are open to building connections that can make finding other professionals very easy.  Unlike LinkedIn, the key to successfully connecting with others on Medium is to share engaging content on the platform. This also makes it a great way to build up credibility as a thought leader.

16. Blab

blab logoBlab

Blab is video streaming platform and much like Periscope it allows professions to engage with other people in the community about a variety of topics. What distinguishes Blab from the rest of the video streaming platforms is that it only allows up to four people to stream at the same time. This will make your streaming feel more like a conversation, especially because audience members can ask questions in the chat box provided. Even if you start with a small following, it will start to grow as soon as you start hosting conversations about topics that are important in your industry.

17. Xing


Xing is often considered the European response to LinkedIn and it’s in fact a great tool to use if you are thinking about relocating for professional purposes. The majority of its users are German speakers, and it’s an essential tool to use if you are thinking of moving to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Of course, it can also be used for connecting with other professionals back home as well since it’s recently begun increasing in popularity in the UK.

18. Data.com Connect

Data.com ConnectData.com Connect

This platform gives you access to all levels of business contacts. The data is contributed by the millions of community members. To find business contacts that will be of use to you, you can use the search functionality that is designed to match your contact and company search criteria.

19. Visual CV

Visual CVVisual CV

Visual CV is essentially a CV/résumé maker, but it offers so much more than just building an online version of your résumé. By offering a variety of templates that are appropriate for every stage of your career it allows you to focus on skills that really matter and guarantees that you will always make the right first impression. It also allows you to create multiple profiles, which means that you can tailor your résumé to different types of positions available.

20. Quora

quora logoquora

Quora is the perfect place to demonstrate your expertise. It’s essentially a space where you can provide useful content to others and promote your brand. To effectively do that you need to treat every answer as a marketing opportunity, so be as professional as possible, provide information and don’t shy away from including links in your answer as this will allow your answers to be more comprehensive.


As social media platforms are becoming more essential to our day to day lives, it’s important to find ways to use them for career development. Identify ways to boost your brand and make sure that you have a strong professional presence across all social media platforms.

Do you use any of these social media platforms? Let us know…