10 Essential Job Sites for Creative People

Looking for a creative job? Here's where to start your job search!

Creative Job Sites

Every person looks for something different in a job, and creative professionals need to know where to look for one. Use these sites to help you out !

It’s not enough to use a popular job board when searching for a creative position. Niche job boards are more industry-specific than the general ones, and you are more likely to find the position you want. While many people think job boards are dead, they can still be very useful and could feature a number of jobs you might be interested in.

Indeed, lots of Fortune 500 companies still post jobs on these sites that offer good pay, a friendly work environment and many opportunities for career advancement. So why not try them out?

Niche job boards are for people who know what they want and have a clear idea of how they want their career to unfold. If you consider yourself a creative professional and are looking for a job in specialised areas such as art, graphic design, marketing, advertising, and animation, you may want to consider checking out the following sites.

1. Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs is a great place to start if you are looking for a design, programming or marketing position. This job board allows you to search for jobs across the globe and search for employers you are interested in. Since 2008 this service has been helping top recruiters such as Google, Sony, Nokia, DELL and LinkedIn find the best talent. Smashing Jobs is featured in the award-winning Smashing Magazine, which is currently one of the most important magazines for creative professionals.

2. The Creative Group

The Creative Group (TCG) goes one step further to offer a job board that has everything you need to search for your dream job. The site includes many search preferences and allows you to look for a job according to many criteria such as location (within the US), employment type, job type and the date the job was posted. If you are into online marketing, social media, graphic design, web development or writing this is the ideal place to look for jobs.

3. Coroloft

Coroloft is a job site that’s ideal for designers interested in specialities such as 3D modelling, animation, architecture, event design, illustration, typography and web design. What’s great about Coroloft is that it allows you to create your own portfolio for free. This boosts your online presence by allowing recruiters to see your work. It also offers a salary guide for designers and the ability to search for projects and other people in the industry. If you are a designer, it has a service that shows important statistics that track how many people are viewing, following and liking your work.

4. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs claims to be the leading job board for designers, hackers and creative pros. It’s a popular site amongst web professionals and it’s currently being used by The New York Times. In the past, the site has also featured job opportunities at Apple, Facebook, Estee Lauder, HBO, Sony BMG, HP and Electronic Arts. The site is easy to navigate and includes a job search engine that allows you to look for jobs based on the job type, your skills, location, employment levels, company type and salaries.

5. MediaBistro

The MediaBistro offers a number of creative job opportunities in the advertising, design, digital media, journalism, technology, web and video production industries. The service is specifically for those who want to work in the US since it allows you to search for opportunities and employers in the country. With MediaBistro you can also get job opportunities sent to you by email by signing up for job alerts, which makes job hunting a lot easier.

6. Creative Hotlist

Creative Hotlist is a service that every creative professional interested in visual communications would find useful. As a job site, it allows you to search for jobs by keyword, location, skills, experience, and industry and gives you the option to create and post your online portfolio. The site is pretty straightforward and easy to use and offers a dedicated service to students, who can create their own profiles and showcase their work.

 7. TalentZoo

TalentZoo specialises in advertising, marketing, design and all sorts of ‘geek’ and web jobs. It’s a popular job board that has almost 80,000 job listings posted by a range of different agencies, recruiters, corporate organisations and start-ups. With TalentZoo, you can create your profile, upload your resume and search for employers in your industry using important information such as who they are and what benefits they offer.

8. Behance

Behance offers a place where you can showcase and get discovered for your work. If you are a designer, this is a great site to start from because it can help you increase your chances of getting noticed by a range of employers worldwide. Behance isn’t just for designers, though. The site allows the modern jobseeker to look for job opportunities in many other creative fields such as interior design, makeup arts, motion graphics, jewellery design, photography and engineering. It also offers the ability to search for projects related to your field, people and teams you can join within your industry.

9. Krop

Krop is a creative job board that has been used by a range of popular recruiters including Facebook, MTV, Apple, Forbes, Google, Walt Disney, Nike, Gucci, ESPN, Netflix, Twitter and many others to find the right candidates. What’s great about Krop is that it allows you to build your online profile and portfolio and share it on the site. Creating your portfolio on Krop is easy, although it comes with a price. While there is a 14-day trial version, if you want your portfolio available on the site, it costs $8.25 per month.

10. If You Could

Even though If You Could, has quite an unusual name, it’s a great resource. It posts mainly design jobs and allows you to search for opportunities by discipline, the date the job advert was submitted and the application deadline. If you are into advertising, art direction, motion design or animation, PR and Marketing, project management or studio management, this is the job board that will help you land your next job.


Big job boards like Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn, can be an excellent tool for your job search. But, if you are looking for creative jobs, you have to be more inventive than that by checking out niche job sites that are more likely to have what you are looking for. As a creative professional, you have to find job boards that meet your needs as accurately as possible. This is a matter of site preference, ease-of-use, the benefits it offers as well as the quality of jobs it provides.

Have you found the best job board to use for your job search? If yes, which one is it? Let me know in the comments section below…