The 20 Best Career Development Podcasts

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Reviewed by Chris Leitch

Best career development podcasts

For years, podcasts have been all the rage. Many of us were slow to the punch but are now making a habit of listening to our favorite podcasts on a daily basis. From Spotify to Apple Podcasts, there’s also no shortage of platforms out there that you can browse to source new and interesting ones. Whether for entertainment, to learn something new or for a bit of background noise, there are plenty of benefits to listening to podcasts — including how it stimulates your brain.

But did you know there are also some that focus exclusively on career and professional development? In this article, we’ll be covering the 20 best career development podcasts for jobseekers and professionals.

Read on for the top career podcasts you should listen to for professional development!

1. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes is no stranger to greatness. Not only is he a New York Times bestselling author, he’s also a former all-American athlete.

Launched in 2013, his podcast The School of Greatness is one of the top-ranked podcasts covering topics related to business and self-development. To date, it has surpassed over 150 million downloads! It contains inspiring interviews with the world’s most successful people, from business leaders and CEOs to personalities in sports, science, literature and entertainment. Howes’ goal: to help you unlock your inner greatness.

2. Happen to Your Career

Find yourself miserable at work? Whether it’s due to a 90-hour workweek, a lack of weekends or simply a bad career fit, a lack of fulfillment at work can pose serious mental and physical health risks.

Happen to Your Career is the podcast of choice for those who are struggling to find fulfillment in their career. It encourages listeners to not just sit and wait for their situation to get better, but to actively take control of their careers. In its weekly episodes, you’ll be given the tools and inspiration you need to change careers and find one that suits your needs.

3. The Cathy Heller Podcast

Maybe you feel stuck but don’t necessarily want to quit your job. If that’s the case, then The Cathy Heller Podcast is for you! It can help if you do feel like you need a career change. But it’s geared more toward those who feel like they need to get unstuck in life.

Spiritual and business coach Cathy Heller’s show includes interviews from career experts, authors, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs and even celebrities. The Cath Heller Podcast is aimed at giving listeners the tools they need to direct their lives by being liberated from their fears and self-doubt.

4. Career Talk: Learn – Grow – Thrive

Stephanie Dennis’ Career Talk: Learn – Grow – Thrive podcast is dedicated to empowering individuals to take control over their careers. Featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Reader’s Digest and Business Insider, Career Talk is renowned as a fun and fresh approach to career-focused podcasts.

Described as a holistic approach to professional development and career navigation, the show provides listeners with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel at achieving their career goals. It covers a range of topics, including preparing for a job interview, finding a new career path and dealing with a tough day at work.

5. The Break

Plenty of professional and personal development podcasts boast a celebrity lineup of guests. So, you might find yourself thinking “What about the average Joe?” Well, The Break has you covered!

Work-life design expert and entrepreneur Michael Gardon’s mission is to inspire people to break away from the endless cycle of doing work that doesn’t work for them. The Break contains interviews with side hustlers, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who’ve made the choice to invest in themselves and pursue a meaningful life. If you need a jolt in the right direction or are on the fence about changing careers, The Break has something for you!

6. Your Next Move

Moving upward in your career doesn’t have to be about moving outward to a new one. It’s also about establishing yourself as a leader in your industry.

Career expert and author of Next Move, Best Move*, Kimberly Brown is out to teach people how to get ahead in the workplace. In the episodes of Your Next Move, Brown provides tips for career advancement that are both practical and specific. Her focus: to help listeners learn how to create strategies to avoid being overworked and confused about why they’re not being promoted.

7. Akimbo

To say Seth Godin is prolific would be the understatement of the century. Godin is the author of 20 bestselling books that have been translated into 37 languages. He’s also one of the most popular bloggers in the world, with over 8,000 posts and 1 million readers.

Akimbo is about culture. But it’s also about how culture can (and should) be changed. Godin uses a narrative style to ask some of the hard questions of the day and challenge the status quo. Akimbo is for all the disruptors out there who can’t stand idly by when they know something needs to change.

8. Chill & Prosper

Self-described money mindset mentor and coach Denise Duffield-Thomas has made it her life goal to help people improve their relationship with money. Duffield-Thomas’s weekly podcast, Chill & Prosper, is about making money — and making it easier.

Chill & Prosper provides helpful tips to overcome “money block”, a belief that prevents you from gaining wealth and living abundantly. Though relevant for individuals in every walk of life, it’s particularly valuable for entrepreneurs. So, if you’re looking to develop a healthy relationship with money and live a more financially fulfilling life, you’ll find answers in the episodes of this podcast.

9. So Money

Speaking of finances, financial expert and author Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money is the perfect starting place for anyone looking to simplify their finances.

Titled a Best Podcast by Time, the New York Times, MSNBC and Real Simple, So Money shares stories and strategies from entrepreneurs, financial leaders and bestselling authors. Torabi answers weekly questions about some of the most pressing issues of the day in finance. If you’re interested in saving money, building wealth and investing, then So Money has something for you!

10. Tara Brach

Financial freedom plays an important role in happiness, but psychological and spiritual freedom can also affect one’s ability to feel fulfilled. An unaligned life, or an unhealthy state of either of the above, can have detrimental effects on one’s career. Fortunately, Tara Brach is here to help listeners truly experience the world around them.

Brach is a meditation teacher and bestselling author. After living at an ashram for 10 years, she went on to earn a PhD in clinical psychology. Her eponymous podcast’s weekly episodes reflect an approach that blends the principles of Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practice. It covers issues like mindfulness, meditation, intimacy and dealing with anxiety.

11. Bouncing Forward

Few people demonstrate as well as Amy Purdy how to bounce forward. She’s on the list of Oprah’s top 100 thought leaders. On top of that, she’s a New York Times bestselling author, a runner-up on Dancing with the Stars, and a world-renowned motivational speaker. She also won three Paralympic medals after losing both legs at 19 years old.

Bouncing Forward is not just about inspiring listeners. It’s about challenging them. How? By asking them one question: How can you not just survive challenges, but thrive as a result of them? She believes it’s not just about “bouncing back”, but about bouncing forward and using challenges to your advantage.

12. Business Accelerator

Hosted by father-daughter duo Michael Hyatt and Meghan Hyatt-Miller, Business Accelerator provides practical advice on success at work, business and life. The duo explores the factors that lead to lasting success at the meeting point of current research and established wisdom.

The show’s topics are as diverse as are the paths to success. Covering areas like personal development, team leadership, influence and personal productivity, Business Accelerator has something for anyone who’s searching for success.

13. WorkLife

A large part of our lives is spent at work. Because of this, achieving happiness means not only enduring work, but also enjoying it. WorkLife helps listeners understand both that they need a better work life and how they can create it.

Hosted by bestselling author and organizational psychologist Adam Grant, WorkLife takes listeners through the process of discovering the key to unlocking an improved work life. Grant explores the minds of successful professionals to help reframe how we think about work and live more authentically at work.

14. Switch, Pivot or Quit

Transitioning careers is no easy task. But for many, it’s a necessary part of developing personally and professionally.

Switch, Pivot or Quit is hosted by Ahyiana Angel, who knows a thing or two about successfully switching careers. Angel has transitioned from being a sports entertainment publicist to an author, and now an owner of a podcast production company, Mayzie Media. Considered one of the top business podcasts, Switch, Pivot or Quit is for those looking for advice and motivation on changing careers.

15. The Terri Cole Show

Licensed psychotherapist and transformation coach Terri Cole is all about achieving freedom. Not financial or career freedom, but rather personal freedom. Cole believes that from personal freedom comes freedom in other areas of life.

The Terri Cole Show is for those who want to know more about practical psychology and how to apply its principles to their life. The show covers topics like self-improvement, mindfulness and intentionality. It’s packed with episodes that feature discussions, interviews and listener Q&As, with the goal of giving listeners strategies to create personal freedom.

16. The Angie Lee Show

For those who left academia in the rearview mirror to become an entrepreneur, The Angie Lee Show is for you! Lee’s message: “Own your weird”.

Lee is a college dropout who also dumped the corporate world to become a serial entrepreneur. Part comedy, part career advice, part motivational, Lee’s podcast is completely unfiltered (warning: every episode is rated explicit). So, if you’re looking for a candid approach (note: REALLY candid) to issues like motivation, work–life balance and building a brand, then The Angie Lee Show is for you.

17. Side Hustle School

Looking to start a side hustle? Then Side Hustle School is a great starting point for some inspiration! Hosted by New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau, Side Hustle School is dedicated to showing listeners that side hustles are necessary.

In manageable episodes, Side Hustle School takes listeners on a daily trip to hear stories from professionals who have built successful side hustles. Every episode contains inspiring accounts from people around the world who share their success stories, the challenges they overcame, and the result of their efforts.

18. The Vine Resources

Though it’s devoted to talking about issues relating specifically to recruitment, David Lawrence’s The Vine Resources podcast is also a valuable resource for jobseekers. Released twice a month, the show covers a range of issues, from navigating a hiring freeze, the value of LinkedIn recommendations, and résumé-building tips.

Have a listen for an extra hit of inspiration while on the job hunt!

19. Career Coaching with Jessness

Career Coaching with Jessness is the place to be if you’re looking to advance your career. The best part is it’s hosted by a Silicon Valley tech recruiter — meaning you’ll get an insider’s perspective! Don’t worry: it’s helpful even for those who aren’t in tech.

The episodes of Career Coaching are jam-packed with tips and tricks on how to work in a meaningful way. Jessica Smith (aka Jessness) covers issues like staying competitive in today’s job market, personal branding and interview preparation.

20. How to Get a Job

This one’s for all the college students out there! Graduating without a job is a serious fear for many recent or future graduates. Hosted by bestselling author and career coach Daniel Botero, How to Get a Job is all about, well… how to get a job.

Botero helps listeners, particularly recent and future college graduates, successfully navigate the job market and land their dream job.

Final thoughts

From unlocking your inner greatness to securing your first job as a graduate, there are plenty of podcasts that cover career development from a wide range of angles.

The sheer number of podcasts out there can be overwhelming, so try to look for a specific niche or area you’re interested in exploring. With the above list, you’ll be on your way to taking your career to the next level!

Got a favorite podcast that’s not included in the list? Let us know in the comments section below.