The 25 Highest-Paying Jobs for Artistic Personality Types

Are you quite artistic? Turn your love of the arts into a career you love.

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

Artistic personality career options

People with artistic personalities often come to find that they are not cut out for the monotonous 9-to-5 work routine, which rarely offers any creative outlet. Luckily, there are numerous career paths, across a range of industries, that are suitable for creative individuals considering their professional options.

Not only will these jobs allow your mind to run free and think outside the box, but they also have the potential to develop into amazingly rewarding careers.

So, if the thought of a gray cubicle gives you the shivers, take a look at our list of creative careers suited for every artistic personality.

1. Hairdresser

Average annual salary: $27,630

If you’re a people person who’s talented at re-styling, coloring and cutting hair, this profession is right up your alley. The joy you’ll get out of transforming a client’s look will be worth the hours spent on your feet all day.

2. Music producer

Average annual salary: $52,250

This job requires you to tune up your acoustic artistry and possess an ear for young talent. As a music producer, you’ll need to be a strong networker, while having the technical nous to mix and produce tracks that appeal to your target market.

3. Art director

Average annual salary: $97,270

Are you always thinking of new ideas and want to lead a pack of like-minded employees to bring your vision to life? If so, being in charge of creating and executing creative visualizations for companies could be the perfect job for you.

4. Graphic designer

Average annual salary: $53,380

This artistic role is best suited for the inventive introverts. With the ability to design and produce graphics and pictures for any industry, you can make a real contribution within the workplace. Graphic designers are more in demand than ever before, with many businesses moving to an online platform.

5. Animator

Average annual salary: $77,700

Can you bring creative ideas to life via animation, like the popular Disney movies? If so, you’ll be high in demand with movies, games and advertising moguls. You’ll need knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (or similar programs), Maya or 3D Studio Max.

6. Game designer

Average annual salary: $66,894

Are you a console fan that also has a creative trait? If so, you could be one of the creators behind the next hot video game to hit the market. What’s better than designing and playing your favorite game all day?

7. Interior designer

Average annual salary: $57,060

Do you get excited about fabrics and textures? Being an interior designer allows you to tap into your creative outlet and decorate people’s homes for a living. You’ll need to consult with your clients, figure out what their style is and redesign their living space into a masterpiece that they’ll love.

8. Video editor

Average annual salary: $61,900

If you have a creative eye and a knack for video production, being a video editor could be the ideal profession for you. You can be the brains behind a big blockbuster or get involved in advertising or freelance jobs.

9. Photographer

Average annual salary: $41,280

If you have a calm and warming temperament and a keen eye for capturing imaginative photographs, then a career as a photographer may be for you. Many photographers choose to go freelance as they can manage their own schedule and develop an individual style.

10. Writer

Average annual salary: $67,120

If you’re better at expressing yourself through words and can create interesting and captivating stories, becoming a writer would be ideal for you. You could go down a number of routes, including content and technical writing.

11. Advertising manager

Average annual salary: $141,490

Advertising managers get to work in a creative field that also combines business know-how. This is another career where artistic individuals can flourish. They have the opportunity to create content for ads, brochures, websites, as well as radio and TV commercials.

12. Social media specialist

Average annual salary: $46,660

Working with social media will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll be in charge of creating your company’s profile and branding by using a number of different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. As new trends emerge, you’ll be responsible for identifying them and keeping your company relevant.

13. Fashion stylist

Average annual salary: $55,968

As a fashion stylist, you’ll need to select the correct accessories, clothes and props for the given occasion. Your role can differ slightly depending on the industry you’re working in, but the basics are the same. You’ll need to have a creative eye and the flair to create memorable pieces.

14. Visual merchandiser

Average annual salary: $34,550

If you have an eye for style and love all things fashion, being a visual merchandiser could be your dream job. You’ll be involved in creating 3D displays across retail stores in order to maximize sales. This can range from high-street to high-end stores. To receive full job satisfaction, pick a brand you love to receive staff discount, too!

15. Chef

Average annual salary: $53,380

If you like getting creative in the kitchen by mixing a number of ingredients and spices, you could really excel — artistically and financially — in a high-end kitchen. As a chef, you can not only get imaginative with flavors but also can make a dish look appealing through presentation.

16. Florist

Average annual salary: $29,140

Looking after a plant is hard for most of us, let alone trying to match a pretty bouquet of flowers. After all, arranging flowers and knowing which families go together is like putting together a puzzle that requires creative juices.

17. Teacher

Average annual salary: $62,870

Teaching is another option for artistic individuals, especially for those who teach music, art and drama. However, teachers in other fields can also cultivate their artistic sides through creative teaching methods and finding innovative ways to help students grasp and retain knowledge and apply it to their lives.

18. Landscape architect

Average annual salary: $70,630

Do you love being outdoors and have a passion for pretty gardens? If so, this career could be perfect for your personality type. Landscape architects bring the outdoors to life with their artistic visions. You could be involved in a number of different projects, including parks, airports or public buildings like museums.

19. Makeup artist

Average annual salary: $99,990

Makeup artists have the ability to make anyone’s features stand out and look their best. Although many believe that playing with makeup all day is easy, you need the skill and talent to be able to work with different face shapes, skin textures and features. Many artists are also involved in theatrical work where they completely transform actors into other people or animals using special effects makeup.

20. Event planner

Average annual salary: $51,560

Throwing a big bash or a function involves creative chemistry, while you need to make sure every last and minute detail is taken care of to ensure the most enjoyable day. If you thrive on creating and designing parties, you can gain real satisfaction through this line of work. As an event planner, you’ll need to be an outgoing person who can make vital connections to suppliers to ensure cheaper rates and good-quality products.

21. Set designer

Average annual salary: $60,984

Set designers are responsible for designing and creating the sets used in TV programs, movies and theaters. The job involves producing plans and models of each set and overseeing their construction and production. If you have a flair for designing and decorating, but are also passionate about the film, music and performing arts industries, this could be an ideal role for you.

22. Marketing manager

Average annual salary: $141,490

While this might be a more business-oriented role, marketing managers need to come up with creative and innovative ideas to produce successful marketing strategies and campaigns. They play an integral role in every organization, and their day-to-day duties involve guiding creative teams, managing content, and overseeing marketing initiatives.

23. Curator

Average annual salary: $52,140

If you have an eye for detail, then consider this career. Curators work in museums and art galleries where they create collections that are then displayed for the public. They use objects, archives, artworks and audio-visual content to put these collections together but are also responsible for arranging artefact restoration, cataloguing acquisitions, maintaining records and raising funds for the institution they work for.

24. Web designer

Average annual salary: $77,200

In this increasingly digitalized world, the demand for web and app designers is skyrocketing. For someone with a creative personality, this is a lucrative career option.

As a web designer, you are tasked with creating the layout and aesthetics of a website; this involves coding webpages, designing buttons, coming up with a fitting color scheme, testing its functionality and maintaining the website once it goes live. Overall, this is a great job role for those who are both tech-savvy and artistic. 

25. Industrial designer

Average annual salary: $71,640

Do you find yourself coming up with innovative product ideas? An industrial designer’s job involves creating visual design ideas, creating virtual models on computer software, producing prototypes and optimizing their function and design. From cars to home appliances to toys, you would combine art, business and engineering to develop new product concepts.

Final thoughts

Whether you are looking for a full-time position or a freelancing gig, these career paths are not only great options for creative individuals but also provide an ideal work-life balance. If you’re business-savvy, you could go one step further and pursue your own entrepreneurial endeavors that will allow you to combine your creativity with your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Which of these creative careers grabbed your interest? Let us know in the comments section below.

Salary information is based on data compiled and published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale. This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 30 January 2018 and contains contributions by staff writer Melina Theodorou.