The 20 Most Amazing Jobs for Introverts

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As an introvert, you might think that your personality traits will go against you during your job search, assuming that all hiring managers want loud and outgoing characters that will be the life and soul of the office.

But, luckily for you, you’re wrong!

You don’t have to push yourself to the limit to fit into a career that isn’t right for you! Instead, there are hundreds of other opportunities where you can thrive in the workplace, ensuring your best qualities are used to the fullest extent.

And to help you find the ideal role, we’ve listed the 20 best jobs for introverts below.

1. Microbiologist

If you’re a science lover who wants to focus on studying microscopic life forms and processes, becoming a microbiologist could be perfect for you. To succeed in this role, you’ll need great attention to detail and a degree in biology, biomedical sciences or microbiology.

Average salary: $52,130 / £23,000

2. IT Technician

Aside from answering troubleshooting requests from your colleagues, you’ll spend most of your working day with just your computer screen (and your IT pals, if you’re part of a larger team). The plus side? Most of the problem-solving can be resolved from the comfort of your own desk!

Average salary: $43,460 / £18,850

3. Photographer

Introverts tend to be the best photographers as they have the ability to sit and reflect on their surroundings. They have the patience to analyse and often see the world through a different lens to extroverts. If you are skilled in this department and want to hide behind a camera, you can make a decent living off it, too!

Average salary: $43,470 / £20,760

4. Veterinarian

Working with pets can be far better than humans! Your furry friends won’t annoy you, and they’ll make your day a whole lot better! To succeed as a vet, you’ll need to spend years of studying to ensure you understand the anatomy of different animals.

Average salary: $76,700 / £31,080

5. Mathematician

If you’re a fan of numbers and you like solving complex problems, you should consider a career in mathematics! To secure a job, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and a master’s or a PhD in mathematics; you’ll also need to learn computer modelling software.

Average salary: $74,340 / £31,070

6. Web Developer

Web development is a great job for any individual that enjoys solidarity. You could work on a freelance basis or within an office and will not need to interact much with clients or members of the team. You’ll spend most of your time writing code and developing webpages.

Average salary: $58,320 / £24,900

7. Artist

If you like working independently and have a craft that you’d like to share, you can consider becoming a fine artist. To be successful, you’ll need a lot of creativity and imagination, and some help from a commissioner to get your work featured in local galleries and art exhibitions.

Average salary: $46,920 / £19,840

8. Video Editor

The work of a video editor often goes unnoticed, but it’s a job that’s very much in demand in such a digital age. From editing short clips for marketing purposes to entire TV series and films, the work of an editor can be far from boring!

Average salary: $45,720 / £24,030

9. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you’ll have the opportunity to work alone and get stuck into your creative artwork. Although you’ll occasionally have to deal with clients, you will get to recharge your batteries when you’re working on new designs.

Average salary: $42,720 / £21,880

10. Social Media Manager

If you’ve got a bubbly personality and can keep up with emerging trends, you could consider becoming a social media manager. In this role, you’ll be responsible for establishing social media marketing strategies, ensuring the company or companies that you work for have a strong brand ethos and online presence.

Average salary: $49,000 / £25,260

11. Physicist

As a physicist, you’ll spend your days cooped up in a lab exploring the structure and behaviour of matter and energy. There are many subfields you can venture into that are perfect for introverts who are passionate about all things science.

Average salary: $89,680 / £34,610

12. Fashion Designer

It may come as a great surprise that some of the world’s best fashion designers are quiet and antisocial. Take the iconic Tory Burch, for example, who has often been recognised for her introverted personality. However, that hasn’t stopped her from building a brand and focusing on the design side of the business!

Average salary: $62,850 / £25,360

13. Lab Technician

As a lab technician, you’ll help diagnose patients through thorough analysis of their results. And the best part is that you won’t have to speak to the patient directly! Instead, you’ll be studying fluids, blood, tissue and other substances collected from the patient.

Average salary: $42,100 / £18,530

14. Paralegal

When you think of a legal job, you assume that you’ll be based in a courtroom fighting for the life of your (innocent or not) client. But as a paralegal, you can work from the safety of your own office, conducting research or drafting contracts, without interacting with a large group of people.

Average salary: $46,550 / £18,900

15. Actuary

Another great introvert job for number crunchers is that of an actuary. In this role, you’ll analyse statistical data and create forecasts for future risks. What’s great about this job is that you can do it remotely and get paid a hefty salary!

Average salary: $85,410 / £55,400

16. Accountant

Are you a number cruncher who enjoys sifting through financial statements? If so, becoming an accountant could be ideal for you. The good thing about this job is that you know what’s expected of you every day, and you can earn a decent living once you’ve qualified.

Average salary: $50,220 / £28,630

17. Translator

If you have a passion for languages and are a skilled writer, being a translator is perfect for any shy person. You will mainly interact with clients by email and spend most of your time translating documents from one language to another.

Average salary: $46,260 / £22,600

18. Chef

Have a passion for food? Why not consider becoming a chef? As a chef, you won’t have much interaction with customers (unless you’re requested to pay a special table visit), and you’ll get to spend most of your time creating unique and mouth-watering dishes.

Average salary: $44,780 / £25,780

19. Writer

Do you communicate your thoughts and feelings through written words? And do you get sucked into the pages of a good novel? If you’re anything like myself, a career as a writer could be ideal for you! What’s great about this profession is that you can freelance and write for a variety of different industries, ensuring that no two days are the same.

Average salary: $48,670 / £22,440

20. Pilot

Having a career as a pilot is not only high paying and extremely rewarding but also perfect for shy personalities. Being safely locked away in your cockpit, you’ll only be interacting with your copilot and will spend the rest of your working day focusing on flying the plane.

Average salary: $100,600 / £61,240

As with any career, the ideal job for you will depend on your personal interests and level of introversion. But it’s important to identify what you’re comfortable with and you’ll find the right position for you in no time.

Which career is the most appealing to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Salary information is based on data compiled and published by PayScale.