The 35 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs You Can Do

Don’t care much for the 9-to-5 life? No problem.

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

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Freelancing is steadily becoming more popular among working professionals. With the desire for a healthy work–life balance playing a vital role in our career choices, working from home can be the ideal solution.

Whether you’re thinking of freelancing full time or part time, your choice of specialty is vital. It’s important to choose a job that you enjoy, and that will bring economic stability.

So, you want to know what some of the top freelance jobs are? Read on to see our list of the highest paying freelance jobs!

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35. Customer service support officer

Customer service support officer

What they earn: $17.75 an hour

What they do: Customer service support officers receive and deal with customer complaints and orders. They also act as a point of reference for a company’s goods and services.

How to become: In addition to a high school diploma, customer service support officers need to be good communicators and have excellent interpersonal skills. Freelance jobs in customer service are not as easy to find as others on the list, but opportunities are still plenty. You could be hired as a remote Apple tech support agent, for example.

34. Virtual assistant

What they earn: $19.08 an hour

What they do: Virtual assistants offer administrative services to both small businesses and large corporations remotely. Day-to-day tasks involve scheduling meetings and appointments, managing emails, taking phone calls, and making travel arrangements.

How to become: You can qualify for an entry-level position as a virtual assistant with a high school diploma. You should be comfortable using a word processor and spreadsheets.

33. Social media coordinator

What they earn: $21 an hour

What they do: Many businesses require an extra pair of qualified hands to manage their Instagram and other social media outlets. If you’re a social media manager extraordinaire, you can start making a decent income out of it.

How to become: You’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications. An active presence on social media, some understanding of SEO, and organizational skills are highly valued.

32. Transcriber

What they earn: $22 an hour

What they do: Transcribers create written records of audio and video recordings. They may also review and correct transcriptions made by voice recognition software.

How to become: A high school diploma, good typing speed, as well as listening, reading and writing skills are required to be a transcriber. Some positions require a bachelor’s or associate’s degree.

31. Translator



What they earn: $23.61 an hour

What they do: This is a popular choice among freelancers who are fluent in multiple languages. Translators adapt written and spoken materials from one language to another while trying to keep the original meaning and tone.

How to become: Becoming a translator is easy, as long as you’re fluent in two or more languages. In some cases, you may be required to show certifications confirming your language competency level.

30. Résumé writer

What they earn: $23.96 an hour

What they do: Résumé writing has become an increasingly popular job over the last decade. With today’s competitive job market, jobseekers often seek an experienced professional to write their résumé for them and highlight their best skills. As a freelance résumé writer, you can work for yourself or professional résumé writing services.

How to become: Résumé writers don’t typically require any formal education. Strong writing and editing skills and extensive knowledge in industry standards are a must, while professional certification can be useful.

29. Graphic designer

What they earn: $24.38 an hour

What they do: Graphic designers design web pages and create infographics and designs for print.

How to become: Successful completion of a bachelor’s in graphic design or a related field is necessary. As a freelancer, having a portfolio is key in demonstrating your abilities to potential clients.

28. Administrative support officer

What they earn: $25 an hour

What they do: Administrative support officers act as the point of contact for the employees of a company or organization.

How to become: To be a successful freelance administrative support officer, you’ll need previous experience in an office position. Basic entry requirements include a high school diploma and vocational training.

28. Photographer


What they earn: $25 an hour

What they do: Photographers travel for photo shoots. They work indoors and outdoors, in every season. Photographers also spend time developing photos in studios or labs.

How to become: A good understanding of photography is necessary. You can establish yourself in your field of interest by utilizing your social media or website to advertise your services.

27. Media buyer

What they earn: $25.05 an hour

What they do: Media buyers negotiate and purchase ad time and space for companies and organizations. This consists of analyzing target demographics, creating buying strategies, optimizing advertising budgets, and negotiating rates with media outlets.

How to become: Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, communications or a similar field. To start working as a freelancer, you should have a strong portfolio gained in an internship or previous work experience.

26. Legal services expert

What they earn: $26.85 an hour

What they do: If you have extensive legal experience but can’t handle the long hours, why not go out on your own? People are always seeking expert legal services regarding areas like corporate, criminal, property and family law.

How to become: As with any legal profession, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree, score well on the LSAT, complete law school, and pass a state certification exam.

25. Illustrator

What they earn: $27.67 an hour

What they do: If you have the skills to create logos, sketches and graphics, becoming a self-employed illustrator could be the path for you.

How to become: Ideally, you should have a bachelor’s in design or visual arts. A portfolio of previous illustrations and proven experience in a role as a designer or illustrator are crucial.

24. Tutor


What they earn: $28 an hour

What they do: Do you love teaching but hate the early starts that come with a school job? If so, you can become a private tutor and give students after-school lessons online.

How to become: Tutors should have a qualification or diploma in their chosen subject area and ideally previous teaching experience. At a minimum, previous coursework in your field is required.

23. Recruiter

What they earn: $28.29 an hour

What they do: Recruiters help suitable candidates find roles they’re qualified for and help companies find talent. If you’re an experienced recruiter and want to span off into a one-man band, you certainly can! However, you’ll need to establish a network of professional contacts before you can get started.

How to become: Recruiters often have a bachelor’s degree in human resources and business management. A degree in psychology, sociology or communications are also assets.

22. PR consultant

What they earn: $30.19 an hour

What they do: Many PR Consultants are self-employed. PR consultants work to build and maintain the public image of clients. These may include organizations, professional associations, and individuals.

How to become: A bachelor’s degree is typically required to be a PR consultant. Previous experience is essential in demonstrating that you have the skills and experience to take on this role. Before you start freelancing, it’s a good idea to build a strong online portfolio that shows your previous work.

21. Sales representative

What they earn: $30.24 an hour

What they do: It’s no longer necessary for sales representatives to be full-time employees of one specific company. Many companies have started hiring freelance sales representatives on a contractual basis. They sell products and services on behalf of wholesalers to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

How to become: Beyond a high school diploma, freelance salespersons should have good communication skills and the ability to generate leads.

20. Editor


What they earn: $30.46 an hour

What they do: Editors plan, revise and review content for a wide variety of publications, in print and digital format. They normally work in an office, either on-site or remotely. The work of an editor can be stressful, usually requiring adherence to tight deadlines.

How to become: The steps to become an editor normally include successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in English, communications or journalism. Proven experience in writing and proofreading are essential.

19. Article and blog writer

What they earn: $30.79 an hour

What they do: Article and blog writers create content for various channels, including websites, blogs, corporate communications and newsletters. If you’re a skilled writer and enjoy being your own boss, why not write for others or start a blog? There are several freelance websites where you could find writing opportunities.

How to become: While there are no official requirements for becoming an article and blog writer, a college degree in English, communications or journalism is generally expected. Experience gained through internships or writing a personal blog will help to get your freelance career started.

18. Makeup artist

What they earn: $31.44 an hour

What they do: Makeup artists alter the appearance of clients with makeup and other accessories according to individual features, lighting and setting.

How to become: Makeup artists normally undergo professional programs in cosmetology, followed by a state licensing exam. The career offers the freedom to work as a freelancer. To increase your clientele, you’ll need a great online presence and portfolio to showcase your skills.

17. 3D modeler

What they earn: $31.56 an hour

What they do: 3D modelers digitally create and detail 3D characters, props and environments. This in-demand skill is needed in many different industries, including virtual reality, video games, 3D printing, marketing, TV and motion pictures, scientific and medical imaging, computer-aided design, and manufacturing.

How to become: 3D modelers normally have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, fine arts or animation. Employers look for strong technical skills and a substantial portfolio of previous work.

16. Marketing consultant

Marketing consultant

What they earn: $33 an hour

What they do: As a freelance marketing consultant, you advise on and oversee the creation of marketing materials, from email campaigns to social media promotions.

How to become: At a minimum, marketing consultants need to have a bachelor’s in marketing, communications or business. A master’s in these fields is a plus. To freelance as a marketing consultant, you’ll need to build an impressive portfolio that showcases your work.

15. Copywriter

What they earn: $33.42 an hour

What they do: Copywriters are different from content marketers. They produce written content for websites and descriptions for products and services. Rates will depend on your level of experience and skills.

How to become: There are no formal education requirements for freelance writers, but a degree in English or communications is helpful.

14. Videographer

What they earn: $34 an hour

What they do: Freelance videographers capture live video content and edit footage for projects. This may include short clips, documentaries, live events or training videos.

How to become: Videographers need a comprehensive understanding of video hardware and software. It’s important to decide which industry you want to work in, and acquire skills and education relevant to that industry.

13. SEO specialist

What they earn: $35 an hour

What they do: With companies competing to secure a high ranking on Google and other search engines, freelance SEO specialists are in demand. To get a steady influx of clients, you’ll need to have a proven track record of previous work.

How to become: SEO specialists can enter the field through experience gained at a marketing agency, optimizing a personal website, or taking a certification course in SEO optimization.

12. Accountant


What they earn: $37.14 an hour

What they do: Accountants examine and prepare financial reports for companies, individuals and organizations, especially for tax season.

How to become: A bachelor’s degree in accounting, economics or a related field is required. You can improve your job prospects by completing certification to become a Certified Public Accountant.

11. Technical writer

What they earn: $37.53 an hour

What they do: Technical writers create documents that show target audiences how to use products in simple terms. These may include instruction manuals, software documentation and user guides.

How to become: Technical writers typically need a bachelor’s degree and knowledge of a technical field, such as engineering. First, decide which field you want to write for before starting your training.

10. Voice actor

What they earn: $39 an hour

What they do: If you have a distinctive voice, consider working as a voice artist. This could involve adverts, TV shows, radio productions, tech companies or retail stores. As the working world is moving towards video advertising, voice actors are becoming even more in demand.

How to become: There are no formal education requirements to become a voice actor, but classes or a degree program from a university that specializes in acting is an asset.

9. Business consultant

What they earn: $39.97 an hour

What they do: Business consultants work with clients to propose methods and techniques for improving an organization’s performance and productivity. They analyze a company’s processes to identify issues and provide solutions that help the organization reach its goals.

How to become: In addition to a bachelor’s degree in business or social sciences, business consultants often complete an MBA.

8. Web developer

Web developer

What they earn: $40 an hour

What they do: If you’re qualified in building and coding websites, you could be in business! Everyone wants a webpage, but they don’t have the skills or time to figure it out — this is where you step in with your expertise.

How to become: Web developers need to have coding skills, normally gained through a degree or certificate granting program.

7. Software consultant

What they earn: $41.51 an hour

What they do: Software consultants are experts in software and programming languages who provide consultancy to third parties in these fields. They analyze current software use, advise businesses on software use, and assess the technological needs of companies.

How to become: As experts in software design and function, software consultants usually have a degree in IT, software development, computer science or information security.

6. Internet security specialist

What they earn: $44.90 an hour

What they do: Internet security specialists track and discover risks in networks and data centers. If you’re a skilled internet security specialist, you could tap into this lucrative market by freelancing your services.

How to become: Most internet security specialists have a bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science or a similar field. Relevant training in cybersecurity is a requirement.

5. HR advisor

What they earn: $45 an hour

What they do: HR advisors collaborate with in-house HR teams to help them with training and provide guidance and solutions to common workplace issues. As an HR advisor, you work with a range of different organizations, either remotely or face to face.

How to become: HR advisors generally have a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Alternatively, a certificate granting program and relevant professional experience can land you a career.

4. Financial consultant

Financial consultant

What they earn: $45.27 an hour

What they do: Financial consultants work closely with their clients to evaluate their financial status, including income, assets, debts and expenses. They design and implement financial plans to pay off debts and save money.

How to become: A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or economics, and customer service skills are necessary to become a financial consultant.

3. Data analyst

What they earn: $48.52 an hour

What they do: Many businesses rely on data to make organization decisions and create effective strategies. This is when they turn to data analysts. Essentially, your job will be to gather data, input it into different databases, and maintain these data systems.

How to become: At a minimum, data analysts need to have a bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics or computer science. Some employers require a master’s or doctorate.

2. Game developer

What they earn: $55 an hour

What they do: If you love video games and have a solid knowledge of different programming languages, a freelance gig as a game developer could be the perfect fit!

How to become: Employers prefer developers with a degree in computer science or software engineering. It’s essential to have a strong background in math and physics.

1. eCommerce manager

What they earn: $56 an hour

What they do: eCommerce managers oversee the operations of an online site. This includes the design, development, content and marketing. Since many companies have moved to a remote workforce, it’s a career that you can easily do as a freelancer.

How to become: eCommerce managers need strong experience in sales, particularly leading a sales team. Employers often look for candidates with a degree in marketing or business.

Final thoughts

Freelancing has steadily become more popular over the years. Indeed, in 2019, 57 million people were doing freelance work in the US alone. Companies are always looking to outsource talent that can help them meet their business goals.

As a freelancer, you don’t need to rely solely on job boards to find work. All you need to do is put yourself out there, build a strong personal brand and search for the right opportunities to start earning.

Have you considered going freelance before, or are you currently self-employed? What advice can you give to others? Let us know in the comments section below.


Originally published on February 2, 2018. Contains contributions by Joanna Zambas.