20 Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2024

These companies are the crème de la crème of the tech industry.

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

Best Tech Company

The tech sector is among the strongest in the US alongside healthcare, retail and non-durable manufacturing. What makes the tech industry so powerful is the fact that it plays a role in most other sectors, from transportation to medicine and education to energy. Simply put, the more tasks we automate or assign to artificial intelligence, the more we eliminate human errors and reduce the need for hard and timely manual labor.

It's not surprising, then, that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that computer and information technology occupations will grow by 15% between 2021 and 2031, a much more significant rate of growth compared to the average for all occupations.

So, if you’re a graduate searching for your first role in the industry or a professional looking to advance your career, know that you’ve got plenty of excellent job opportunities to choose from. Here’s a list of the top 20 tech companies to work for, which we compiled by scoring various companies based on what they offer. [See our methodology]

The best tech companies to work for

Every professional has their own take on what being successful means. In this article, we picked the top companies for work–life balance, remote work, and pay and benefits. In addition, we identified some fast-growing newcomer companies worth knowing about.

The best tech companies for work–life balance

Work–life balance plays a huge role in people’s quality of life, as it’s crucial for both physical and mental health. If you’re looking for an employer who will respect your downtime, try applying to one of these companies.

1. LinkedIn


CareerAddict rating: 4.4

Founded in May 2003, LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social networking platform that currently employs around 20,000 people on a full-time basis. In 2022, LinkedIn saw a 26.2% increase in revenue from the year before, at $14.5 billion. This is no surprise, given that more than 950 million people use it around the globe to network and look for work, a number that seems to be on the rise.

As an employer, LinkedIn is known for its great salaries, benefits and culture, and for providing many growth opportunities to staff.

2. Adobe


CareerAddict rating: 4.4

Adobe is a multinational computer software company headquartered in San Jose, California. Founded in 1982 under the name Adobe Systems Incorporated, it currently has a market cap of more than $246 billion. Its products, which facilitate the creation and publication of different types of content, such as graphics and animation, are used by over 20 million people in the world.

Adobe employees get to enjoy great corporate culture, a healthy work–life balance, and high salaries.

3. Cisco


CareerAddict rating: 4.2

Cisco Systems Inc is an American multinational conglomerate that develops, manufactures and sells networking equipment and software. Since its founding in December 1984, the corporation has acquired multiple companies, including Linksys, WebEx and IronPort. Its annual revenue for 2023 was just under $60 billion.

Cisco pays its employees an average of $110,876 a year, according to PayScale. Its staff also enjoy good work–life balance, great benefits, and being part of a team that takes its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts seriously.

4. AMD


CareerAddict rating: 3.8

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Advanced Micro Devices Inc — commonly known as AMD — develops computer products such as central processors, motherboard chipsets and graphics processors, as well as software. At the end of 2022, there were 25,000 employees working at AMD.

Some of the benefits US-based AMD employees enjoy (aside from health and life insurance, and retirement plans) include adoption and surrogacy benefits, pet care, free counseling and an employee stock purchase program.

5. MathWorks

CareerAddict rating: 3.9

MathWorks is a privately held corporation specializing in mathematical computing software. Its best-known products include MATLAB and Simulink that support data analysis and simulation. The company’s first order, back in 1985, was, in fact, for 10 copies of MATLAB, placed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for $500. Fast-forward to 2022, and the corporation saw a revenue of $1.25 billion.

MathWorks offers its team good work–life balance, paid time off for volunteering activities, training and development days, and free museum and movie passes, to name a few perks.

The best tech companies for remote work

Some people love going to the office… But perhaps you’re not one of them. If it’s remote opportunities you’re after, these are the companies you’ll want to check out.

6. HubSpot


CareerAddict rating: 4.4

Founded in June 2006, HubSpot develops and markets software for inbound marking, sales and customer service. In mid-2022, the company had more than 7,000 employees, while its total revenue the same year was $1.73 billion. 2022 also saw HubSpot take second place in Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards among 100 US companies, the list having been topped by Nvidia.

According to their careers page, the company has “always believed that results matter more than when or where they’re produced”. And so they offer their permanent employees fully remote work opportunities in more than a dozen countries, including 49 states in the US.

7. Intuit


CareerAddict rating: 4.4

Intuit has been around for 40 years and specializes in financial software. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and its products include accounting program QuickBooks, personal finance app Mint, credit monitoring service Credit Karma, as well as email marketing platform Mailchimp.

Intuit’s careers page features a long list of remote job opportunities the company offers, and also states their dedication to creating diverse, collaborative teams throughout the organization. While only 28% of all tech leadership roles are held by women according to DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast, women at Intuit hold 39% of executive roles.

8. Salesforce


CareerAddict rating: 4.3

Salesforce Inc is a cloud-based software company with headquarters in San Franscisco, California. In 2009, it became the first cloud computing company to reach $1 billion in annual revenue, and by 2022 became the world's largest enterprise software firm. In the same year, the company won the Great Place to Work certification, which recognizes their great company culture and how much they prioritize their employees.

Salesforce currently has open positions for on-site and remote workers in over 30 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Mexico.

9. Nvidia


CareerAddict rating: 4.1

For the tech professionals and the gamers out there, Nvidia requires no introduction. We’re, of course, referring to the Santa Clara-based multinational that’s famous for developing integrated circuits for PCs and video game consoles, particularly high-end graphics processing units.

Nvidia currently offers remote positions in more than two dozen countries around the world. Aside from the US, these include China, Switzerland, India and the Netherlands. The tech giant employs more than 26,000 workers as of 2023.

10. Red Hat

Red Hat

CareerAddict rating: 4.1

Enterprise open-source software company Red Hat Inc is a subsidiary of IBM, having been acquired in 2018 for $34 billion. Its services, infrastructure and solutions are currently supporting the operations of approximately 90% of all Fortune 500 companies.

One thing that stands out about Red Hat is its commitment to supporting local and global communities. So far, the company has donated more than $4 billion to charitable and educational causes around the world, and supported over 2,200 nonprofits. It also embraces workplace flexibility, allowing employees to choose from on-site, remote or hybrid environments.

The best tech companies for pay and perks

Let’s face it: life is getting more and more expensive with no signs of slowing down. If your goals in life include retiring early or putting your kids through university, then you’ll want to apply for a job in one of the Big Five.

11. Google


CareerAddict rating: 4.5

A market cap of $1.72 trillion. An employee count of over 190,000. Products with 1 billion active users worldwide. This is Google — and it makes total sense that they’d be one of the best-paying tech companies out there, doesn’t it?

As reported by Business Insider, leaked salary data showed that the Silicon Valley internet services giant pays (at least some of) its software engineers upwards of $300,000. But Googlers enjoy much more than that: “work from anywhere” weeks, a hybrid environment, growing family support, educational reimbursement, on-demand fitness and wellbeing… The list goes on.

12. Apple


CareerAddict rating: 4.5

As of 2023, Apple Inc is worth $2.93 trillion and has 164,000 employees. The computer and consumer electronics company pays its employees an average of more than $130,000 a year according to PayScale, an estimate that incorporates the pay of all members of staff regardless of position and seniority. In other words, if you’re an experienced tech professional, you can probably take home more than that.

And that’s not all; if you land a job at Apple, your mental and physical health will also get taken care of with flexible medical plans, free counseling, onsite doctors and nurses, and access to Apple’s fitness and wellness centers.

13. Microsoft


CareerAddict rating: 4.5

Microsoft is responsible for several software and hardware products that are loved all around the world, from the Microsoft 365 suite to the Xbox. In 2022, the multinational stood out as the largest software maker in the world by revenue, with sales surpassing $198 billion.

Microsoft employees (now exceeding 221,000 people in 190 countries) get to enjoy excellent pay, bonuses and stock awards, as well as flexible work schedules, generous vacation and financial education assistance.

14. Meta


CareerAddict rating: 4.4

Meta Platforms Inc, formerly known as Facebook Inc, is an American tech conglomerate based in Menlo Park, California. Among its famous acquisitions are the 2012 Instagram acquisition, which cost Meta around $1 billion, and the 2014 WhatsApp acquisition for $19 billion.

Bypassing the various scandals and controversies involving Facebook, we have to give Meta a bit of credit for the following: they pay their staff well. Well into the six figures, that is.

15. Amazon


CareerAddict rating: 4.4

Formerly Cadabra Inc, Amazon.com Inc (as probably everyone under the sun knows) focuses on eCommerce, cloud computing, online advertising and digital streaming… And, as of more recently, artificial intelligence.

Besides the high salaries, some of the benefits that come with working for Amazon include advanced cancer care for employees and their families, free counseling sessions, and something called the Amazon Anytime Pay. The latter allows employees to access money they’ve earned before actually receiving their paycheck, in case something comes up. More specifically, 70% of their next paycheck is made available to them anytime in advance.

The best newcomer tech companies

Everyone has heard of Google, Microsoft and Apple. However, there are several fast-growing tech companies that may be smaller in comparison yet a delight to work for. Let’s look at five of them below.

16. Gainsight

CareerAddict rating: 4.4

Gainsight is a privately held, enterprise software and network solutions company, founded in 2009. Since then, it has opened offices in 6 countries around the world, employing 1,200 people and earning the trust of 20,000 customers.

Gainsight take pride in their human-centric approach to business, greeting potential candidates with the following slogan: “[At Gainsight], the work you and the real you are same.” They’re committed to offering a healthy work–life balance, career development coaching, and fun events and activities to team members. Gainsight currently holds first place in Glassdoor's 2023 Best Places to Work list.

17. Box

CareerAddict rating: 4.2

Founded in 2005 and based in Redwood City, California, Box Inc develops and markets cloud-based tools, such as content management and file sharing tools, for businesses. Its client base includes 97,000 companies, with 68% of Fortune 500 companies using their products.

Box Inc’s COO Stephanie Carullo says that the company’s success stems from a work environment that promotes diversity and nurtures, trust, collaboration, and deep respect between team members.

18. Slalom


CareerAddict rating: 4.3

Slalom Consulting is a business and technology consulting company founded in 2001 that currently employs 13,000 people in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Since 2015, the firm’s name has appeared in multiple “top employers” lists, including those published by Forbes, Fortune magazine and Glassdoor. It’s also been given perfect Corporate Equality Index scores for eight years in a row and recognized as a Best Workplace for Women by Great Place to Work six years in a row.

19. CrowdStrike


CareerAddict rating: 3.8

Founded in 2011, CrowdStrike Holdings Inc is a cybersecurity technology company based in Austin, Texas. Since then, it’s been involved in multiple high-profile cyberattack investigations in the United States.

CrowdStrike’s corporate culture consists of practices such as an open-door policy, flexible work schedules and unconscious bias training to promote trust and wellbeing among employees. Other office perks include commuter benefits, company-sponsored outings and happy hours, and continuing education made available during working hours.

20. ServiceNow


CareerAddict rating: 4

Santa Clara-based enterprise software company ServiceNow Inc has a workforce of over 20,000 people and a market cap of $120 billion. In 2018, 15 years after its founding, it ranked first on a list of the world’s most innovative companies by Forbes magazine.

ServiceNow employees enjoy a flexible work model, access to career development resources and programs, and a healthy work–life balance to name a few. The latter is reflected by the Best Workplaces for Parents recognition by Great Place to Work; if working parents at the company are satisfied, then ServiceNow must be doing something right.

How to choose a tech company that suits you

The global information technology market is currently worth around $8.9 trillion. As such, there are virtually endless choices in terms of companies you could be applying for. Let’s see how you can narrow down your options.

Step 1: Consider your needs

Every person has different needs and aspirations regarding their career. Some people define success as having a lot of money, while others measure success by how much free time it gives them, how much peace of mind, or how much flexibility.

To work out which company could help you thrive professionally, therefore, you must first know what your expectations are out of your prospective employer. Do you value personalized perks more than a high salary? How much do you care about their social responsibility efforts? Do you prefer remote over onsite work? Consider what things matter to you carefully.

Step 2: Look at top employer lists

Great Place to Work, Fortune magazine, Glassdoor, Forbes, USA Today… Many, many websites and publications compile annual lists of the top employers in the US based on multiple criteria.

Once you’ve considered your own core values as well as your needs at this stage in your life, go through a few of these top employer lists and see which ones appear over and over. Then, to narrow down your options a little bit, do a quick search to see what each company does and if you’re interested in joining.

Step 3: Visit company websites

While you could, in theory, send out applications to dozens of companies at once, “rage applying” to get out of your current (awfully stagnant) role might not necessarily work in your favor. The more time you spend handpicking the companies that interest you and tailoring your résumé and cover letter, the better the chances that you’ll make a good impression on the hiring manager.

So, if you’ve arrived at a dozen companies you could potentially see yourself working at, visit their websites, read their “About Us” sections, learn about their culture and mission, and be honest: do you see yourself making a great fit?

Step 4: Look at employer ratings

Glassdoor, Indeed and Comparably, to name a few, give you access to company overviews as well as ratings and comments left by people who’ve worked there. Although not everyone will be looking for the exact same type of work environment, compensation or work hours as you, it’s good to find out what people on the inside are saying about an employer. Any issues that catch your eye in multiple reviews can be an indication of red flags you’ll want to steer clear of.

Step 5: Turn to your network

It’s one thing to read employer reviews online, and it’s a whole other thing to speak to people who have had a first-hand experience with a given employer. If you’re on LinkedIn or have another professional social media account, reach out to your network and ask. If no one in your own connections has any inside information to share, they might be able to pass on the message to their network and find someone who can.

The highest-paying jobs in tech

Roles within the tech industry make up a big chunk of the world’s highest-paying professions. Here are the 10 most lucrative occupations you can pursue in the field, according to the BLS Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics.

10. Web and digital interface designers ($101,740)

9. Database administrators ($102,530)

8. Computer programmers ($102,790)

7. Software quality assurance analysts and testers ($105,750)

6. Computer systems analysts ($107,530)

5. Information security analysts ($119,860)

4. Computer network architects ($129,490)

3. Software developers ($132,930)

2. Database architects ($136,540)

1. Computer and information research scientists ($155,880)

Key takeaways

The tech sector has, in recent months, gained notoriety for the mass layoffs imposed on its workers. Computerworld reports that more than 227,000 jobs have been cut in 2023 alone. However, given the role of technology in almost every aspect of our lives as well as the industry’s faster-than-average growth projections, tech professionals can still enjoy some of the highest job security rates out there.

To summarize, before you go polish off your résumé and cover letter, these are the key points we touched upon in this article:

  • The tech sector is growing faster than most other industries and provides some of the best salaries on the market.
  • Although many companies are retracting their work-from-home policies, hybrid environments and flexible work hours are still widely offered.
  • The Big Five tech companies in the US are (unsurprisingly) the ones able to pay the most, as well as provide some of the best perks. Not to mention they have some of the coolest offices!
  • Although less known, there are many more recently established companies that make for excellent employers, treating their staff equitably.

Can you think of any other great tech companies to work for? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

Methodology: To compile this list, we evaluated how different tech companies fared against one another in five categories: pay and perks, workplace diversity, work–life balance, corporate culture, and flexible working. Each company was given a rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible score, and, at the end, an average was calculated for all five categories.

Originally published on August 10, 2019.