10 Best Tech Companies to Work For

Are you a tech guru? Discover the best companies to work for!

Best Tech Company

Less than 30 years ago, employees had jobs for life, a pension and a gold watch for when they retired. Out of nowhere, it all vanished, and workers are adapting to conditions by abandoning loyalty to corporations and paving their own path.

What’s old is new again – or, so it seems. And that means pensions, benefits and office perks for all. Well, at least if you are employed in the ever-changing and continuously growing technology sector. Silicon Valley is making work great again, and the top tech companies are doing their part to make your working life not so morose and unsatisfying.

But while it might appear to be all fun and games, the tech sector is still a demanding industry. You need to fulfil your part of the bargain by finding the right IT jobs, being astute in your position and ensuring you’re a reliable, dependable and incredible employee.

Here are the top 10 tech companies to work for, based on averages from rankings by Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Fortune.

10. Fast Enterprises

Location: Centennial Colorado, US

Average Ranking: 15.75

Colorado, the home of inflated batting averages, state-of-the-art software and information technology services is the base for Fast Enterprises headquarters. This tech company is quickly becoming the go-to software provider for businesses, governments and organisations across the US, thanks to its impressive list of software solutions including unemployment insurance, tax processing and motor vehicle administration. In addition, Fast Enterprises offers consulting, planning, management, installation and configuration services with its more than 300 staff members.

That said, a company is only as good as its workforce. Recognised by a myriad of outlets as one of the best workplaces in the country, employees can enjoy many perks and benefits, including health insurance, 401k and fully paid medical, dental and vision. Above that, staff members have the option of a bonus bank for additional vacation time or overtime pay.

9. Intuit

Location: Mountain View, California, US

Average Ranking: 15

Intuit is presently one of the largest business and financial management software companies in the world. Used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), financial institutions, accounting firms, and general consumers, Intuit makes tax preparation, payroll processing and personal finance management easier and more efficient.

Many tech companies have come and gone since 1993 – the year Intuit was founded – but it has been able to survive the dot-com bubble, the Great Recession and perhaps the next financial crisis for a reason.

So, if you are planning to become one of the 8,000 employees, the question beckons: ‘what perks and benefits don’t you receive?’ As part of overall employment compensation, staff members will get health stock options, travel support, remote options (work from home), maternity and paternity leave and even free food.

8. HubSpot

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Average Ranking: 13.25

HubSpot is a cloud-based marketing and sales software platform that offers award-winning and industry-recognised cloud management tools. The HubSpot service provides users with integrated applications that assist in the lead generation and social marketing process.

Since the tech giant is a leader in cloud computing, it makes the company an attractive place to work because it will succeed for many years to come.

Not only is the company family oriented, but employees receive maternity and paternity leave, unlimited time off, a strong benefits package and egg freezing compensation. The one downside, according to employees on Glassdoor, is that it provides a low match cap for 401k programs.

6. Cisco (tie)

Location: San Jose, California, US

Average Ranking: 12.5

Cisco Systems was around when Pong was the game to play. Cisco Systems was started when Mark Zuckerberg was getting his diaper changed. Cisco Systems was the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube combined back in the day. While it may not be an attractive tech titan, Cisco remains one of the biggest technology firms in the world with nearly 75,000 employees.

So, what does it do? It designs, manufactures and sells Internet Protocol (IP) networking services and products for sending data, voice and video in buildings worldwide. With Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins excited about 5G, it is only a matter of time before the company gets into this tech advancement.

The workforce enjoys across-the-board benefits and perks, ranging from tuition assistance to health benefits for full and part-time personnel. This alone makes it one of the best IT companies to be employed.

6. Ultimate Software (tie)

Location: Weston, Florida, US

Average Ranking: 12.5

In 1993, Ultimate Software was born and offered human resource management and payroll software called UltiPro. After experiencing a lot of competition, UltiPro was reintroduced to the marketplace as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for human resources. To say that it has become the software of choice for millions of offices worldwide would be an understatement.

Today, it has more than 33 million clients in the cloud and services nearly 4,000 customers and has companies across the globe, including the USA, UK and Singapore.

Its workforce of approximately 5,000 employees are given a comprehensive benefits package including, 100% employer-paid health coverage (dental, prescription and vision), unlimited personal time off, tuition reimbursements, 10 weeks paid maternity or adoption leave, In Vitro Fertility coverage and $10,000 spouse life insurance.

Just going to the office is a treat because you can receive massages, play basketball, eat a free breakfast or lunch and be awarded rewards, trips and programs.

5. SAP

Location: Walldorf, Germany

Average Ranking: 11.25

Despite being just five years old, the German-based SAP has gone global. The multinational software giant develops e-commerce business and enterprise management software. It also provides consultation and training for companies that want to take full advantage of application software. With an incredible marketing team, SAP can be found in many markets.

So, just how immense is the company? It has 100,000 employees.

Despite this large number, SAP can offer an extensive benefits package to all of its full and part-time staff which includes life insurance, lifetime disability insurance, unlimited sick time, dental coverage and vacation time (it depends on the location of the office). And let’s not forget to mention the on-site perks, such as gyms and free lunches.


4. Google

Location: Mountain View, California, US

Average Ranking: 10.75

The name Google speaks for itself. It a tech tian that is involved in every aspect of our lives: search engines, cloud computing, advertising, software and even hardware (remember Google Glass?). Like McDonald’s, Google serves a billion customers worldwide. Google is its own ecosystem.

In recent years, there have been horror stories about working in Silicon Valley. Although the search engine juggernaut has received its share of bad press, tech experts still clamour to work for Google. But is it because Google is the crème de la crème of tech or because it has incredible perks and benefits?

Benefits at Google include flexible work schedules, free food, shuttle bus, three months of parental leave, gym package, health insurance and stock options among many on-site perks.

3. Adobe

Location: San Jose, California, US

Average Ranking: 9.75

Established at the beginning of the dot-com tidal wave in 1997, Adobe produces, supports and markets computer software products and technologies. Known for its impressive content creation products, Adobe offers an impressive line of applications that can help entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers create, distribute and manage information.

While some companies penalise lengthy holidays, Adobe values time off and will make you take it. The tech giant has a two-week mandatory vacation policy: 10 days in the summer and 10 days in the winter. And this is in addition to its standard vacation and paid time off policy. The company also provides comprehensive health benefits and will match up to 50% of your 401k.

2. Facebook

Location: Menlo Park, California, US

Average Ranking: 8.25

Like Google, you only need to say the name Facebook, and you just need to nod your head and move on.

Awarded as the Best Place to Work in 2018, Facebook’s benefits and perks for its more than 22,000 employees can only be described with one word: insane. As a Facebook family member, you can enjoy endless breakfast, lunch and dinner options, free valet parking, on-call doctors, parental leave, egg freezing, family benefits, relocation options and flexibility, and up to $4,000 for new parents (money just for having a baby!).

1. Salesforce

Location: San Francisco, California, US

Average Ranking: 4.75

Although Salesforce launched in 1999, it sometimes feels as if the enterprise software giant became an overnight sensation. Designing, developing and supplying customer relationship management (CRM) services, technology platforms, and business applications for customer service, sales and operations, Salesforce has found itself to be one of the biggest and brightest software behemoths around.

Ostensibly, Salesforce has struck the right balance between workplace innovation and traditional productivity standards. It may have to do with discounts (house cleaning, concerts and nanny services), commuter benefits, student debt refinancing, tuition reimbursement and generous pension plans (depending on your location).

You also get to enjoy fun office environments, parental leave and a company that does not stagnate.


Across the globe, the labour market is booming. Today, workers have more options than ever before, though it seems the best tech cities are concentrated in California. Employees are not tied down to one position and terrified to leave. So, to attract top-notch talent, businesses must present themselves as attractive places to work. And, as research has shown, companies need to do more than just offer high salaries. The younger generation of workers wants meaning, flexibility, educational assistance and a fun place to clock in and out.

But while other firms in different sectors are slow to adapt, the tech industry is listening, and the leaders have heard millennials and Generation Zers loud and clear. Do you want a free lunch (literally)? You got it. Tuition reimbursement? Here you go. Comprehensive health benefits? Sign here, please.

The corporate world is making work great again. Now that you know who is doing the legwork, you can find the best job for you and your family.