Time to move to Zurich? ✈️

Year after year, Google has ranked among the top employers on Earth. As the multinational tech giant states: “We strive to provide Googlers and their loved ones with a world-class benefits experience.” And they do!

Apart from “the usual”, such as health plans (which not everyone can take for granted), Googlers benefit from onsite wellness centers, 1-on-1 coaching on their finances, backup childcare, and massage programs. Plus more!

But it’s not just the employee benefits that make working at Google a joy. It’s also the spaces themselves! Just look at Google Zurich, for example, made by Evolution Design. As the firm states, the space was designed to “stimulate creativity, and elevate energy and productivity levels.”

In their words, they achieved this by making the working spaces functional and personalizable, and the communal areas entertaining. There’s even a presentation room that looks like a cinema. And a room with bathtubs, filled with pillows, to relax in! There’s even a wine cellar — and a band rehearsal room. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

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