What's included:

  • Reviewed by a professional résumé specialist
  • Optimised around your career goals and target role
  • Report of critical fixes needed to improve your résumé
  • Feedback on formatting and layout
  • Review is delivered within 2-3 business days
  • Option to hire your résumé specialist upon completion

TOTAL $44.95

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How it works

Getting your résumé reviewed by one of our experts is as easy as 1-2-3.


Upload current résumé

Simply upload your résumé, complete our short questionnaire and head to checkout


Résumé specialist assigned

A designated specialist gets to work, seeing how your résumé can be improved.


Review delivered

After 2-3 business days you'll receive a checklist of fixes to help you create a job-winning résumé.

You'll then have the option to hire the résumé specialist to do the work for you :)


  • Do you score résumés with the review?  

    Yes. We provide customers with a summary and report of which attributes are already in place, which need improving, and those which are missing.

  • Will I obtain a discount on your full résumé writing service?  

    Yes. All paying customers of our Résumé Review service are entitled to a 20% discount on our professional Résumé Writing Service. You will have the option to proceed with the full rewrite using the designated specialist who reviewed your résumé once your review is delivered.

  • Can I speak to my designated reviewer?  

    Our review service allows for you to upload your current résumé along with a brief questionnaire, which the designated résumé specialist will promptly receive and start reviewing. You will receive feedback, notes and recommendations from the writer via the PDF report, but you will only have direct communication with the writer if you proceed with our full Résumé Writing Service.

  • WIll you rework my résumé for me?  

    We will provide you with a brief report which outlines and lists all the necessary fixes and improvements you can make, along with notes from our résumé specialist. You would need to make those fixes yourself on your résumé, or, you can choose to retrieve your 20% discount at our Résumé Writing Service and utilise the help of your designated résumé specialist who conducted the review.

  • Why do you charge for a résumé review?  

    At this stage we have a select pool of professional résumé specialists, so we are not able to offer the service for free as witnessed on other platforms. Where our Résumé Review service differs from the competition, is that it gives customers an affordable way of getting one of our experts to directly and fully analyze your résumé, and provide customised feedback based on your current career goals and status.

  • Can you advise how to make my résumé ATS-friendly?  

    Yes. Your allocated résumé specialist will advise if the formatting and structuring of your document fits the standard required to pass common ATS requirements, as well as including relevant keyword ideas associated with the targeted job.

  • Do you guarantee I will land an interview/job?  

    We cannot make any guarantees that your résumé review will land you an job interview or any job offer. However, if you follow the expert advice provided and best practices from our blog on CareerAddict.com, you’ll ensure that your application has the best chance possible of getting attention. You can also hire the specialist to prepare and write your résumé for you, once the review is complete.

  • What is your refund policy?  

    Once you have paid and ordered your résumé review, we do not accept any refunds. If you are not satisfied with your review once it is delivered, please contact us on cv at careeraddict dot com with details and we will take a second look at your résumé and it’s review if necessary.

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