The 20 Best Work-from-Home Jobs

Discover the highest-paying remote jobs and earn money while working from home!

Reviewed by Melina Theodorou

Work-from-home jobs

In our increasingly digital world, working from home has never been easier! Whether you need to stay at home to look after your family or you just hate your daily commute – you have the opportunity to do a wide array of jobs from the comfort of your own home.

We aren’t talking about get-rich-quick schemes or survey taking either; here, we uncover 20 high-paying online jobs to make a full-time career while working from home. All you need is a good WiFi connection, a laptop and a great work ethic to get yourself up and running!

1. Telecommunicator

Average salary: $20.63 (£16.67) per hour

If you don’t mind answering calls all day and assisting those on the other end of the phone, then you’re likely to get a job as a telecommunicator. To make the work more exciting, try finding a home-based role within one of your favourite companies. For example, if you’re tech-savvy, you could get a job as an Apple Genius employee and offer customer support from home.

2. Digital marketer

Average salary: $18.95 (£15.31) per hour

With the rise of online content and digital communication, digital marketers are in high demand. These skilled professionals are needed to help grow a business’s online presence and audience. For this reason, many companies are outsourcing this position. This means that if you fit into the bill of a digital marketer and have some impressive statistics to show, you won’t struggle to find a remote role with a handful of businesses, even for part-time gigs.

3. Beauty and fashion seller

Average salary: 20–35% of sales in commission

If you have a passion for makeup and skincare, you can become a seller by signing up for some schemes. You’ll need to have high spirits, a big social network and excellent sales skills (though if you believe in the products that you’re selling and are inspired by the brand, this should come as second nature to you.) Brands like Avon and Mary Kay all offer beauty representative partnerships so you can sell your favourite brands.

If, on the other hand, you prefer clothes and accessories, you could consider opening an online store. And with the rise of shoppable posts on social media, you won’t even need a well-developed website. You can simply promote your products via Instagram and Facebook to make money.

4. Virtual assistant

Average salary: $15.75 (£12.72) per hour

Are you super organised, like to take charge of schedules and enjoy managing simple office tasks? If so, you could become a virtual assistant where you’ll perform general office duties from home. Your daily tasks will typically include responding to emails, making travel arrangements and organising calendars and meetings.

That said, the competition is fierce, and you’ll need a great freelancer profile to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

5. Transcriber

Average salary: $15.12 (£12.22) per hour

If you’re looking for a flexible job that requires minimal experience, transcribing may be perfect for you. It mainly involves listening to audio recordings (from college lectures to medical notes and press clippings) and typing them out word for word – easy-peasy!

6. Voiceover artist

Average salary: $23.50 (£18.99) per hour

If you have a distinctive voice and excellent pronunciation, you could consider becoming a voiceover artist, recording clippings for videos, advertisements and audiobooks. All you need is a well-equipped home studio, a few audio samples and a presentable freelance portfolio.

7. Website tester

Average salary: $26.76 (£21.62) per hour

If you have excellent attention to detail and are an expert web surfer (who isn’t in today’s digital world?), then you can get paid to test websites for a living, making sure everything works properly and keeping user-friendliness in mind. If you’re unsure of where to start, once you get the gig, you’ll typically be sent a manual with complete instructions on what to test.

8. Bookkeeper

Average salary: $17.35 (£14.02) per hour

Bookkeepers update statements and record all financial transactions for clients. Virtual bookkeepers will usually work for several small businesses that don’t have in-house accountants to take care of their finances.

That said, bookkeeping is a specific part of finance and lucky for you, you need little to no experience to get a job as a virtual bookkeeper. You will simply need to prove that you’re reliable, organised and are good with numbers!

9. Editor

Average salary: $20.23 (£16.34) per hour

If you follow all the grammatical rules, have a way with words and a keen eye for detail, then you could become an online editor. Depending on your skills, knowledge and interest, you could work proofread short blog posts, books or medical studies. To succeed in this role, you’ll need the right credentials and experience on your CV.

10. Online medical assistant

Average salary: $15.05 (£12.16) per hour

If you’re a registered nurse but don’t enjoy the busy feel of a hospital, you could consider working from home in the telehealth industry. You could work for a 24-hour healthcare emergency line advising clients over the phone based on their symptoms or even via web chat by giving clients an online consultation and treatment plan.

11. Coach and consultant

Average salary: $31.19 (£25.20) per hour

If you’re a qualified coach or therapist, you could start an online business by offering Skype sessions. You could gain certification in your desired field, whether it’s nutrition, fitness, life coaching or even career advice, and offer your services over the internet.

To be successful, you’ll need a well-established online profile and some great testimonials to prove that you offer a helpful service.

12. Customer service representative

Average salary: $14.07 (£11.37) per hour

If you enjoy talking to people and providing them with assistance, you could become an online customer service representative and work from home. You’ll usually receive the same benefits package that an office employee would get, such as paid annual leave and insurance cover. It will give you the stability of a full-time job, minus the horrific commute – a perfect scenario!

13. Online tutor

Average salary: $17.64 (£14.25) per hour

If you’re a seasoned teacher and prefer working one-on-one rather than in a typical school setting, you could consider online tutoring. You’ll carry out the same syllabus via a video conference site, and you’ll get to manage your own hours so that you can lead a more flexible lifestyle.

14. Web developer

Average salary: $20.60 (£16.64) per hour

All you need is the right programming skills, an internet connection, a text editor, a computer, and you’ll be well on your way to making money by developing websites for a variety of clients. Once you build a good network, you’ll often get repeat business from the same clients.

15. Content writer

Average salary: $18.14 (£14.66) per hour

One of the best, if not the most, in-demand home-based job is that of a skilled writer. You’ll need excellent writing skills and a passion for the particular field you’ll be working in, like fashion or sports, for example, and you’ll soon be on your way to building a portfolio and a name for yourself in the industry.

16. Translator

Average salary: $19.92 (£16.09) per hour

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you could earn a high income by translating documents at home. The good news is that you can choose what type of work you’d like to translate, and there are many online services out there that can make it happen.

17. Social media manager

Average salary: $15.57 (£12.58) per hour

As social media has grown as an important business tool, so too has the need for experienced social media managers to handle a company’s online presence. This is where you come in, keeping track of an organisation’s public profiles and ensuring they’re following a logical social media marketing strategy.

18. Graphic designer

Average salary: $17.42 (£14.07) per hour

Many businesses need a skilled designer to create an image, logo, video or visual ad for their website but usually can’t afford to keep one employed on a full-time basis. This paths the way for freelance graphic designers or animators like yourself, allowing you to work on a broad range of projects for different clients.

19. Travel agent

Average salary: $15.50 (£12.52) per hour

If you’ve been in the travel business for a while, you would have built all the connections you need to establish yourself as an independent travel agent.

As a travel agent, you’ll get paid to help clients make all the necessary arrangements for their holidays and advise them on the best places to visit in their destination.

20. Recruiter

Average salary: $17.82 (£14.40) per hour

Working as a freelance recruiter is the same as any in-house position with the difference that you get to work from anywhere you want. With the rise of video interviewing, there really is no need for a recruiter to be in an office. That said, to be successful, it’s advisable to work for a large corporation that will give you access to a vast pool of clients and applicants.

According to FlexJobs, remote work has risen by 91% over the last ten years. Based on this information, flexible or 9-to-5 remote jobs will be a lot more accessible than they were in the past!

Which work-from-home job is the most suitable for you? Join the conversation below and let us know!

Salary information is based on data compiled and published by PayScale. Currency conversions are based on rates supplied by on 6 May 2020.

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 23 May 2018.