Top 10 Companies that Hire Remote Workers

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

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The work-from-home boom has more than likely become a permanent trend in the global economy. Corporations are learning that many of the jobs that were done in a centralised location can be performed offsite and in somebody’s kitchen or living room. The idea is that as long as the work gets done, then nothing else matters.

But while working from home will inevitably be the new normal with a myriad of benefits, new remote employment opportunities will arise. As long as you have a good computer, a strong internet connection and the right qualifications, you may never need to step foot inside an office again. Even hiring could be done online. This is the flexibility you have wanted all along, although your competition may be greater and your job search tougher.

So, who is hiring, and should you be interested? We’ve compiled a breakdown of the top 10 companies that are hiring remote workers.

10. Williams-Sonoma

Have you ever wandered around Williams-Sonoma and looked at the old-fashioned telephones and thought ‘Gee! What a great place to work!’? While many people would think that it only offers retail opportunities to sell high-quality home products, it has become one of the top employers for freelance and remote opportunities.

The company offers remote work opportunities for the technical side of its brands, such as Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Mark and Graham, from supply management to customer service to information technology. The aim for work-from-home positions is to deliver the same stellar excellent customer service and products that you see in its stores in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and Puerto Rico.

9. Concentrix

If you’re in the communications industry, do you need to be stuck in an office? No, and Concentrix has learned that you can maintain a large corporation in more than 40 countries without having everyone congregate in a centralised location.

Concentrix, the world’s second-largest provider of customer engagement services, did the whole remote work thing before it became in vogue. It has an extensive work-from-home programme that allows employees to do their duties, like providing customer service and technical advice, remotely. What’s more, remote employees can choose day- or night-time shifts, as well as work full and part time. Or, if you need something passive, there are seasonal and temporary positions.


SYKES is a provider of customer contact management solutions. It offers remote jobs in the US and in countries around the world. Most of these at-home opportunities include bilingual, call centre and customer service positions.

The company provides its clients with global customer interaction management solutions which include several Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies, and it caters to several sectors including communications, financial services, healthcare, leisure, technology and transportation.

Put simply, you can work with some of the world’s largest companies in your pyjamas and on the sofa. (Just be sure to shower!)

7. EF – Education First

EF – Education First is a language training and educational travel company offering academic degrees and cultural exchange services. More than 15 million people have benefitted from EF’s language training programmes, and caters both business and individual clients

The company offers many part-time flexible and freelance opportunities both in the US and worldwide. It has remote job opportunities in education and training, information technology, human services, and non-profit and philanthropy.

This one is quite exciting because it is a booming field in today’s new normal. With more people inevitably going to take online courses instead of enrolling in a classroom in a brick-and-mortar building, students – adults and youth – will study in front of their computer in their home. You can facilitate this process, and with more supply in the market, the industry is going to need to meet the demand.

6. Kelly Services

Once again, you can connect with some of the biggest businesses on the planet without having to leave your home.

Kelly Services is a leader in the staffing industry and has connected numerous workers with top businesses and Fortune 100 companies. The company offers a range of flexible jobs, including direct-hire, part-time, freelance, temporary hire, remote and work-from-home opportunities, and has thousands of clients worldwide and provides employment opportunities to nearly half a million workers around the world.

Kelly Services is an equal opportunity employer and believes in promoting non-traditional workstyles for applicants who have the required skills and college degrees, which is something that many organisations are embracing. The company is an expert in screening and recruiting employees for its clients and, thus, has a good eye for those who can deliver while working remotely. So, if you ever wanted to be hired for your talent and not the colour of your tie or skirt, then Kelly Services is for you.

5. Working Solutions

Working Solutions serves the energy, retail, communications, travel, financial and healthcare industries. It has expertise in customer care, development, technology, security, recruiting and data analytics. It helps companies improve their customer satisfaction levels and customer experiences as well as increase closing rates and improve overall efficiency.

The company provides part-time, freelance, remote and flexible jobs, which is beneficial for anyone who is looking to supplement their income during these trying times. Over the years, it has become an industry leader in creating a virtual workforce, and regularly posts jobs that are specifically created for workers who are interested in flexible work arrangements or independent contracts.

4. Liveops

Liveops is one of the largest marketplaces for call centre workers. The company offers work-from-home jobs in customer service, medical and health, insurance, and sales. It works with more than 20,000 independent call centre agents with different businesses around the globe and has the world’s largest cloud contact centre.

The company is always on the lookout for candidates who have excellent customer service skills and the proper knowhow to communicate. It’s highly recommended that, if you apply for these types of positions, you have the latest and top equipment. It’s not going to be a successful proposition if you’re working on Windows XP!


It’s been said that the one industry that would lead the world to remote work is education. And, well, here we are.

VIPKID is a well-known online company that teaches English online. The company is routinely on the hunt for candidates that have excellent English skills and can teach ESL students. The minimum requirement for applicants is a bachelor’s degree.

All teaching sessions are conducted online, and teachers have the flexibility to choose the number of students, the hours and the shifts that are convenient for them and for their client students. The hiring process is straightforward and includes interviews, which are also completed online, while instructors are free to select as many students as they wish. As more people hop on the learn-from-home trend, there will inevitably be an enormous demand for instructors.

2. Lionbridge

Lionbridge provides localisation and data services to customers around the globe. Its products and services are offered in 350 languages, and the company partners with different brands enabling them to connect more effectively with their customers. The company has 55 offices in 26 countries and has many team members who work from home.

Lionbridge offers part-time freelance and remote jobs through its Global Crowdsourcing Community that is specifically designed to provide work-from-home opportunities for people around the world. It has several types of positions, including editing, research, eCommerce, translation and bilingual jobs.

This can be great for anyone who is making a career transition and desires to work independently. Indeed, it can be hard for someone to start from scratch and begin to build a portfolio of clients. Lionbridge, through its immense telecommuting infrastructure, does the legwork for you.

1. Appen

Appen is a technology services company with operations in 130 countries, employing more than 400 professionals and offering several work-from-home opportunities for those interested in a remote job. It’s an industry leader serving multiple Fortune 500 clients, and its goal is to empower nations with language and search technology. This is beneficial for somebody who wants more than just a paycheque (or PayPal earnings) since you’re contributing to the development of populations.

The company provides reliable training data that can be easily deployed using artificial intelligence. The company boasts of providing services that work for all users regardless of their age, gender, location, race or language. The major industries that it offers products to include automotive, financial services, healthcare, retail and government. Imagine working on a government project in your bedroom? Who could have envisioned this 50 years ago?

The so-called new normal in 2020 – and beyond – has opened a diverse array of fully remote career opportunities for those either interested working from home or being self-employed.

With more companies worldwide adopting work-from-home policies, you’re going to witness businesses provide a more flexible schedule, better pay and more challenging and productive work. This is something that scores of employees everywhere have demanded and dreamed about.

Businesses no longer need to save face and maintain an office environment to look busy. They can be some of the top brands in their industry by adapting to our evolved landscape. As the kids say: ‘The times re a-changin’.’

Can you think of any other great companies that offer remote jobs? Join the conversation down below and let us know!